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NFL Favorite Sport / Madden Least Favorite Video Game Sport

Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on how you would rank the four major US sports versus their video game counterparts and where Madden ranks.

Here is mine.

Real Sport: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL
Video Game: MLB The Show, NBA2K, NHL EA, Madden

I absolutely live and breathe NFL football. Played it in high school, manage multiple fantasy football teams, buy NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV every year and have built a man cave in my basement filled with NFL (mostly Detroit Lions) memorabilia. Sadly, Madden ranks dead last in video games.

I loved 2K and Madden on Xbox but Madden never recovered from the brutal mess of Madden 06 for the 360/PS3 generation. The game turned into an arcade mess of sliding/warping/psychic players, zig zag running, QBs running back 20 yards behind the line of scrimmage and throwing an accurate pass with their back turned, terrible OL blocking (took EA 9 years until M25 to somewhat create a basic QB pocket. Unbelievable!!) and WR & DB interaction, etc... (could go on and on for pages). I vowed never to support EA and buy Madden new until EA could produce a game that somewhat resembled real NFL football (streak still going). However, M15 may push me to purchase Madden new for the first time since M06.

I like what I'm reading and seeing from EA this year. They seem to be truly committed to creating a game that would employ basic football strategies, concepts and fundamentals. I want to be rewarded/punished for my play call decisions, with the occasional great play from top rated players to overcome a bad decision, instead of exploiting cheap tricks and using my stick skillz to score 80 points every game. The YouTube videos of those type of players, make me want to vomit. If I want an NFL Blitz type game, I'll go buy an old copy of it.

What MLB The Show and NBA2K (to a lesser extant lately) do well, is provide a game that attempts to create a simulation of what we see on the field/court, with options/sliders to make the experience more arcade like, if the user wishes. I hope that eventually we get a Madden game just like this.

I'm not a Madden [email protected], which many call you whenever you express negative opinions about the game. I'm just the opposite, I'm a full supporter of EA to make a great Madden game, where I would gleefully plunk down $60 annually. Let's hope this development team can make a great Madden game, as I've run out of patience for the never ending "3 year cycle" rhetoric.
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Re: NFL Favorite Sport / Madden Least Favorite Video Game Sport

I would rather see OS members post the best series title they've played in each sport and then rank those 4 individual games against each other.

I also believe a post like this is not right for a football forum.

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Madden 15 Dynasty: The NFL Reborn...
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Re: NFL Favorite Sport / Madden Least Favorite Video Game Sport

Not an appropriate thread for the Madden forum, can be posted in the OS neighborhood forum.
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