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Originally Posted by MossMan84
Im kinda thinking that they did not touch franchise mode/CFM that much unless it was an obvious bug or something. They will probably be saying closer to release that they wanted to focus on gameplay and they will work on franchise mode in the future. My thought is: franchise mode should be beyond incredible. You can have broken gameplay but you cant really mess up franchise mode. I can live with mediocre gameplay as long as franchise mode is unreal. I know from what we have seen, that the menus look the same and are very ugly at that. Even the menus should wow you, be new and fresh every year so it gives the game an exciting new look instead of copying all the other menu systems like windows 8 ect. Hopefully I am wrong; been dying for a great franchise mode since 06!
I disagree. Gameplay is number 1 in my book. And we all know Madden's issues in that department. I want a robust dynamic CCM as much as anyone on here. But, I need that gameplay to be on point or it's all moot. The CCM and every other mode only accentuate the gameplay, IMO. The VC plaguing MYGM drives me crazy in NBA2k14, but the gameplay (minus rebounding) is butter and I cant stop playing it. I can live with (of course I want more) tweaks to CCM because the team prioritized gameplay this year. If that is the case, then I hope they continue on the path from this year. Add those DB/WR interactions and iron out whatever issues crop up this year and then blow the CCM out the water next year. Honestly, I am not expecting much to be done with CCM this year.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 Top Defensive Tackles

Good to see Casey getting in there... was curious if he was going to make the top 5. Won't matter much though b/c he will be a 3-4 end.
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