Some Madden NFL 15 Connected Franchise Details Have Been Revealed

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Re: Some Madden NFL 15 Connected Franchise Details Have Been Revealed

Originally Posted by Sub_ZERO2777
Lets just hope ea with fix the drafting by the cpu for example when i was in my draft the 49ers took a qb in the second round and a punter in the 3 lol WHAT!!!!! , I also hope the fix the re-signing players in madden 15 it was close to impossible to sign back your player without go overboard .and lastly i hope the fix the ratings i never understood why someone like j.j watt would be 99 overall when i use the Texans but a 82 when i used the bengals?
That's a scheme related thing. The bengals probably have LE set as 4-3 speed rusher, if you switch your scheme/role thing it should be a higher OVR than 82
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Re: Some Madden NFL 15 Connected Franchise Details Have Been Revealed

Not really sure how to parse this without a clear explanation of how this new system works.

At least we now officially know there are new things in CFM this year.
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Re: CFM info from gamestop

Originally Posted by bcruise
I do. Gameplay and Front End are entirely different - that requires a whole different type of AI logic.

we'll lets hope they fixed it as we'll because the AI needs to be better in all area's of the game.

esp in the front office area where they dismantle teams by releasing a lot of the good players.
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Re: CFM info from gamestop

If the CPU takes advantage of the new features, great.

If not, it's just two more things I will need house rules for in order to manufacture a challenge.
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Re: Some Madden NFL 15 Connected Franchise Details Have Been Revealed

That confidence description reminds me of the motivation feature from NCAA Football 08:


Originally Posted by IGN
Before the ball is snapped, you have a chance to see how motivated a player is as they contribute to plays or make a difference during the game. If you consistently make plays with one player, you can get him into the zone, which will elevate his stats. This indication, represented by a ring of fire, will show that at that moment he's at the top of his game. As a result, you'll want to put him in the position to make a big play that can completely change the tempo of the game. For instance, get a running back into the zone, and you'll notice that their ability to break tackles and stay on their feet is dramatically heightened.

If you make a big play, the crowd won't be the only group reacting to your actions. Your teammates will receive a boost to their motivation, making them hit their blocks or their tackles even harder. This effect is known as the sphere of influence, and it will quickly radiate outwards from your athlete to his teammates, getting them into the game. What's cool about the motivation feature is that you don't have to be in control of an impact player to get into the zone or trigger a sphere of influence boost. Any player on the field can make critical plays and lead by example for their teammates; however, you may find that impact players will have much more influence on other players than a regular athlete.

Squads can also lose motivation if the opposing team manages to gain significant yardage on an offensive play or cause a loss of yardage on defense. In short, if you want to avoid your players seesawing between gaining and losing motivation, make sure that your players do their jobs as best as they possibly can.
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Re: CFM info from gamestop

Originally Posted by 24
They need to get rid of the XP system and shift towards a numbers based progression system. Either that or implement something similar to what The Show uses.

I like the idea of developing your backup QB though. Hopefully the CPU will use the feature as well.

I'm hopeful that players will have ceilings so you can't just replace Tom Brady with Tom Brady every single year. After about 3 years or less with a QB you know if you have a bust on your hands. I'm not hoping for more busts but more variety with how players develop.
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Re: Some Madden NFL 15 Connected Franchise Details Have Been Revealed

Hopefully confidence doesn't totally unbalance things/is implemented in an overpowered way for user teams.

I actually thought CFM had a decent base last year with owner mode. Hopefully the sim stat engine is tweaked and improved too.
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Whenever I hear stuff about Confidence/emotion, etc. I automatically think, "FIFA SCRIPTING!"
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