VSN speaking with Josh Looman on CFM, taking questions now

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Re: VSN speaking with Josh Looman on CFM, taking questions now

Originally Posted by Big FN Deal
I seriously doubt their vision of enjoyment lines up with most here on OS because the focus of career mode seems to be all about arcade like interaction versus authentic team/player management UI. You referred to FIFA doing progression a certain way and so do other lauded sports games like The Show and NBA2k but for some odd reason, Tiburon wants to blaze some new trail with Madden.

The crazy thing is, not too long ago this same EA Tiburon was neglecting career modes because according to them, they weren't that generally popular, mainly just for the hardcore gamer but at least then, what was there, gave some semblance of authenticity. Then suddenly they proclaim career modes to be very popular among all gamers and we get CCM, that at this point seems to be about creating yet another mode to attract non football gamers.

Just to be frank, EA Tiburon is ruining traditional football gaming, in the guise of innovation. That may seem like an extreme statement but it's not considering the things they have done. On just about every level they have doubled down on inventing some hybrid game to appeal to as many demographics as possible, even outside of traditional football gamers, while failing to provide adequate options or settings to provide a more authentic experience. They have been trying this hybrid experiment with game play since 2006, imo and even though they keep admitting it doesn't work and claiming to now be going for authenticity in game play, they're again pushing the same admittedly failed concept on other areas. Chris Sanner stated it well in a recent write up; "What we have with Madden is a game which approaches the game of football from a standpoint thatís neither sim or arcade ó itís like itís own vision of the sport that mimics real-life football but also throws its own twists in." I disagree slightly with the part about mimics real life because the moment Tiburon starts adding their own twists in, they are ceasing to even attempt to mimic real life.

The only reason I refuse to just go away and stop even bothering with Madden is that they are ruining what was once my favorite vice, football video gaming and specifically Franchise mode, so speaking up is about all I can do. I don't think it matters though, Tiburon has and will continue to do whatever they want, in spite of what they claim but constructive venting (that's what I'm calling it) is somewhat therapeutic.
I didn't quite catch that the first time. Can you say that again?
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Re: VSN speaking with Josh Looman on CFM, taking questions now

Originally Posted by wordtobigbird

Also, CPU AI was questionable at best leading to a lot of unrealistic rosters. Everything being based on overall just leads to a bunch of nonsense in the depth charts. To go along with that simmed CPU stats vs my stats not realistically lining up so I'd end up with an entire offensive line in the probowl or LB tackles never being up there with the CPU.

I'm guessing that probably wont change since over the last couple weeks we've been shown the top OVR players at each position. I feel if OVR wasnt the be-all and end-all of how the AI made its decisions, they wouldnt have been showing us that stuff every day. Hope Im wrong though.
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Re: VSN speaking with Josh Looman on CFM, taking questions now

Originally Posted by drgadrh
Will they have to wait to release it until after EA reveals CFM info?
Yeah they have to wait until EA reveals CFM before they can release it
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Re: VSN speaking with Josh Looman on CFM, taking questions now

After reading through this thread, I am a little hesitant to buy this game on midnight release. I am a Franchise player and the custom draft classes are big for me. I like to have my own world of ratings run the way I want, like NBA 2K does for me.
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Re: VSN speaking with Josh Looman on CFM, taking questions now

Its probably too late but I've got some questions about franchise mode if you can still ask them:
- Is there an option to start a franchise with the Rookie Draft?
- Is there a true waiver wire for free agency or is it still just a first-come first-serve fre for all? This is always a huge hassle in online CFMs because there are so many good players just sitting in FA to start the season. A waiver wire or bidding feature during the season would be hugely appreciated.
- Is their a true draft board available where we can rank our prospects and actually have the CPU pick according to our board if we can't be online during the draft in a multiplayer CFM?
- Are assisted tackles finally counted in Play Now and Franchise?
- Have commissioners been given more control of the CFM, for example:
- the ability to reset the results of a game
- the ability to limit XP payouts/spending
- the ability to restrict position changes
- Do CPU teams finally take advantage of practice mode to gain XP? CPU teams are so behind user controlled teams in development because they don't get XP from practice.
- Can scripted videos, ie the Superbowl celebration, be recorded this year on PS4? I wanted to create a recap video of our CFM SB but certain segments can't be recorded.

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