CFM 'Online Must Haves', IMO

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CFM 'Online Must Haves', IMO

I'm cautiously optimistic with the whole CFM this year. Most often, they really don't do much with it -- especially from an online league standpoint -- so until I actually see change, I have no reason to believe that anything innovative will surface. It seems like the focus is for the guy who always likes to play offline by himself vs a large population who love to play 'online' with human opponents/friends, etc.

All that considered, I'm still hopeful and interested in the following:

1. The ability to modify scores in the CFM ONLINE* ... They MUST give admin's more control as so often things come up when playing online against human opponents.

2. Custom schedules* ... Not every league will contain 32 human owners, it's just a fact. Further, a league that chooses to run with 24 owners, should have the ability to accommodate said number of teams by way of custom schedules. Not force 3 owners in each division to play CPU games throughout the season - which most hate playing in the first place.

3. Flex Schedules* ... This would obviously allow control by way of the admin to let guys play ahead and or catch up .. when schedules conflict or guys' real life schedules become too hectic.

4. Trading within the CFM Issue* ... Back in '09, Madden had what would be considered a scrim league INSIDE the CFM. Basically, you could make a trade inside the franchise and right after - go scrim with your CFM team that included the newly traded/acquired player to see how and where he fits best in your system. After the '09 version came and left, we never saw or had this ability again. It makes 0 sense that you would not have the ability to practice with your newly acquired player/s via trades inside the CFM. 'They don't trade for a player in the NFL ... then just throw him out there on game day!' I've been watching NFL games for nearly 40 years and have yet to see this happen ... So, why wouldn't this gam allow this to happen INSIDE the CFM?

The '09 version created so much league interest for our community because you could practice and scheme with your newly acquired player/s immediately. The only thing you can do now is make a trade and play with him on game day 'hoping for the best'. IMHO, you MUST get the reps in with these players to ensure you're getting the best out of them in your system. Not having this ability - completely takes away from the alleged, 'sim experience'.

I'm sure there will be those that say .. "Just create your team offline and practice with your traded players that way." I'm here to tell you, it's not the same. First of all, you can't get all your players on your team due to the cap .. which means, you're messing with the actual chemistry of your team vs the CFM team ... and further, your team in the CFM will always act differently than a created version offline everyday of the week and twice on Thursday's!


... and Finally, what is most interesting, is that all the aforementioned features were a staple with 2K Football .. 9 YEARS AGO!!! ... Clearly showing, they were light years ahead of the game and competition. Being that the CFM has an online feature to it .. why aren't these basic and most vital pieces a part of it? It seems like a no brainer to have on board. *OPTIONS*


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Re: CFM 'Online Must Haves', IMO


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