Madden NFL 15: Three Things To Be Excited About

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Re: Madden NFL 15: Three Things To Be Excited About

Originally Posted by The JareBear
M25 had decent gameplay but it had many legacy issues and, in the end, still failed to deliver a truly sim experience vs the CPU. Just my opinion, of course. IF someone feels it was the best game of football ever, that's totally cool. All entitled to our opinions. I think the biggest problem on OS isn't anal sim gamers but posters thinking their perception is fact and everyone else is wrong, only they are right.

I don't expect the game to ever be perfect, but the fact that we still (as of M25 next gen) have a few long-standing legacy issues in the standard

It did make steps in the right direction, and M15 seems to continue to make steps in that direction. Whether we are where the game should be at by now, we don't know yet, but even if it doesn't end up doing everything we want it to, M15 definitely looks like a good game and I can't wait to play it myself.

I totally agree with the guy I quoted,u have alot of ppl here who unfairly judge sports sim games. When I see some ppls aurguements I wonder it they've ever played\watched football before. Madden 15 is really the first actual next-gen Madden,for what they've added its a step in the right direction. Im excited about game prep,improved AI logic, random draft classes. Give the guys credit .
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I'm excited about gameplay, graphics/presentation, and online play (which they improve a bit every year, admit it or not). I hope they tell us about changes/additions to online. I like what the previous guy said about anyone can 'try to break the game'. So true, but I have had great games with friends and straight ballers. I will do CFM and am also not one who will over-analyze every tidbit. There's plenty to enjoy.
Love Madden 25 in the way I loved M2005 when it came out..
My biggest concern will be if EA takes anything already in that's good, OUT of M15.
Hope they add more body types , faces, and equipment. Legacy gear in 25 is great. How about mouthpieces already?
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Re: Madden NFL 15: Three Things To Be Excited About

I haven't really been excited about Madden since Madden 12 was coming out, but this years game is interesting to me. Like last year, I'm going to wait a few weeks to see what the general opinion is around here before buying though. Madden is a really sketchy day 1 buy every year.
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To tell you the truth, I'm not excited at all about this upcoming Madden. It isn't because I don't like Madden or I'm anti EA Sports, it's just I've been playing Madden for so long that I'm burned out on it. Even with all the advances that they make, at the end of the day it's pretty much the same game year in and year out. Maybe it's my new found passion of soccer games or I feel this game desperately needs competition to push it to new heights, or I just need a change of pace like NBA Live when I get tired of playing NBA 2K. Whatever it is, my passion for this game is just not there anymore. Sad part is at the end of the day I'm still gonna get this game but only to play against friends head to head and online.
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I still want Total Control Passing:

In Madden 13 and Madden 25 as well as previous Maddens, I could not put the ball where I wanted. It is something that has killed Madden for me.


A WR is running an out route down the sidelines. The WR has the CB beat and has good separation. The SS/FS is overtop but will not have enough time to get there. In Madden, It has been impossible (for the most part) to put the ball in that window.

Either the CB will miraculously catch up to the ball (the ball should be faster) or the SS/FS will get there in time. Also, you just cant throw over the shoulder and away from DBs.

I hate to bring up 2K, but in that game I could put the ball wherever I wanted and away from DBs. I could even throw at a guys feet if I wanted too.

All I want from Madden (as well as the other additions) is Full control over where I can put the ball.
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Re: Madden NFL 15: Three Things To Be Excited About

Originally Posted by oulzac
I'm actually not excited for Madden this year, at all. First time in a long time. I'm just not feeling it. They didn't make any of the changes that needed to be made to franchise or the actual game play itself. Its just more new fluff and its going to be the same broken game underneath. Still going to buy it, but just not excited it for it.
Makes little sense that the last few maddens had you more excited than this one, but to each their own I guess.

1. Pass inaccuracy (hopefully it works)
2. Better defense (hopefully comes with more slider options)
3. Confidence (hopefully it works)
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I am excited for this game. First time in a long time. The visuals, presentation look great. I, too, am looking forward to the AI. To be able to play a one-player experienced and be challenged without the feeling of getting cheated is long overdue.

I hope EA adds more classic uniforms, both home and away.
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Re: Madden NFL 15: Three Things To Be Excited About

The inaccurate passes, improved CFM, better presentation, and better gameplay are things that have me excited for Madden 15. I'm just hoping that the CPU is smarter all around and that includes roster management, trades, and draft logic. If that is fixed then I can see myself playing this until the next Madden comes out.
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