CONFIRMED: No Madden NFL 15 Demo

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CONFIRMED: No Madden NFL 15 Demo

I know people want a Demo but, correct me if I'm wrong, did Madden 25 next gen have a demo? I'm not being sarcastic. I looked at the threads I've posted in and never saw a Demo impressions thread. If there was a demo I would have played it and gave an impression for sure.

My point is if it didn't have a demo then what's the big deal? Not many games have them any more. Open beta's will probably be the only demo's not long from now.
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Part of me says, so what? This year's Madden release is the (apparently) last year of this awful generation (Xbox 360/PS3) built Maddens. Colour it a lot of different ways if you like to but Madden 14 is another in a long line of yearly release with modest incrementally different from the previous year (or 2 or 3) changes...but shiny-er helmets and new menu's.

Then the other part of me says...a group of well meaning, but self invested community gamer advisors. No more full game beta testing before gold certification. EA Sports/Tiburon are waiting another full year for a true 'next gen' built Madden release. Early release program, on the lowest selling 'next gen' console only (XB1...hey man, peeps like them some PS4 early on...don't blame me) and now no demo release?

This kids, is what happens when bean counters start running the show. It made total sense to save a million bucks in one quarter of one year while continuing to train your customers to associate disappointment with the product AND anger at the company that makes it. Brilliant business strategy! Must have taught that one in the MBA classes! SMH

Look this is a bad, small ball decesion that might look real good on the bottom line of one quarter but it's a bad idea. AAA titles release demos. Its been that way for almost 2 decades. With Madden's revenues, there's no reason for this and its a double negative on the long term for both the Madden brand and the parent EA, who makes like what, half the games we play now, or something near that?

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Re: CONFIRMED: No Madden NFL 15 Demo

I don't think I need a demo of Madden it looks and plays so similar year after year and everything I've seen so far wasn't impressive, I really thought they'd do a major overhaul of the game this year 4 PS4 & Xbox but having no competition EA can basically put out more or less the same product and it's our only option.
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Re: CONFIRMED: No Madden NFL 15 Demo

Prsonaly I don't need a demo.
From the VLOGS etc.. I see that I will enjoy the improvements they've made, especially on D.
I simply need release day to come.
Can't wait to watch some videos of those that get it on the X1 early program.
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Re: CONFIRMED: No Madden NFL 15 Demo

Originally Posted by CaliDude916
I had a feeling this was gonna be the case when they announced EA Access.
If it's because of EA Access why is NHL getting a demo?
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Re: CONFIRMED: No Madden NFL 15 Demo

I think this will increase sales for Madden this year. I've been on the fence about supporting the madden 15 direction or not supporting exclusivity.

In the end, knowing there would be no demo and best buy offering the game for $40, I decided to take the best buy deal while I could. I supported exclusivity, but if I don't like the game I can get my $40 back easily.
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no demo, no biggie....demo are just to give you a preview...we all know what madden is about at this point.
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