CONFIRMED: No Madden NFL 15 Demo

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Re: CONFIRMED: No Madden NFL 15 Demo

I'm surprised by this really. It feels like Madden has always had a demo. I always liked playing it a bit early, just to get a feel for it, but I do admit I kind of like the idea of getting it this year on release and having that be the first momment. Honestly, it looks like enough has been upgraded, and added from visuals, to defense, to presentation, to CFM that it's worth it to me. I do have EA Access for the month, so I will get a trial with it, but I would prefer a demo rather than a potentially time limited trial.

Just a bit surprised because they've always had a demo it seems, but really in the grand scheme of things theres so many games that get released yearly that don't have demo's anymore.
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Re: CONFIRMED: No Madden NFL 15 Demo

Almost certainly means EA Access will be available to all Xbox One users before 8/21 then too I'd think.
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Re: CONFIRMED: No Madden NFL 15 Demo

Folks, a reminder that the Zero Tolerance policy took effect today. Please compose yourself and think before hitting the 'Submit Post' button.

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Have to rely on early access XBOX folks for some good early impressions.
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EA becoming more and more closed re demos/editing options... as the industry becomes more and more open.
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Re: CONFIRMED: No Madden NFL 15 Demo

Wow. Color me disappointed. Was looking forward to trying it on PS4 and X1 to see which I enjoyed more from a controller standpoint, plus wanted to see if the AI was truly up to par based on what they were saying.

Counting on you OSers with the EA Access, early retail and such to provide us some clarity on all the above!
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Re: CONFIRMED: No Madden NFL 15 Demo

So confirmed.. I will get it early through EA access but im a bit suprised. That means not even a demo for 360/PS3 too. They have been getting madden demos since 2007 I think?
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Re: Looks Like No Madden NFL 15 Demo?

Originally Posted by Gorilla Glass
Haha - I knew it.

EA more than likely canned the Demo in anticipation of its new Access service and from a business standpoint, it's a smart move.

On the other hand, customers may see it as herding.
Why would it be herding?

The consumer has a responsibility in this situation as well. If you don't want to pay $5 for a month of EA Access to test out Madden before you buy it (which is better than the rental store fee you'll pay on August 26th, if they have a copy waiting for you when you show up) then it's up to you. EA isn't making anyone buy the EA Access.

But another thing that many don't realize is that the demo is rarely the gold-build of the game. It's usually a late-beta without every tweak that has been implemented (see past Maddens and how changes from demo to retail have been noticeable); because getting a demo in and approved by MS/Sony is a time consuming process as well.
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