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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

Well my 6 hours have completed. I got to play 4 CFM games while trying to develop a slider set. By the 4th game I think I found a good base to start tweaking.

Pass Game - Got my completion % in the low 60's with Brady. Seeing an inaccurate pass here and there. Only one game over 300 yards, the rest in the mid-200s. Curls aren't automatic...had a few that got jumped for a pick 6.

Run Game - Wasn't able to achieve over 100 yards in a game or over 4 ypc. This run game this year will be tough.

Defense Pass Game - Having trouble getting the CPU to have a lower completion %. Working on lowering accuracy and getting my defense tighter. I'm also playing around with Intentional Grounding to see if it will make the QB throw the ball under pressure instead of holding it.

Defense Run Game - I think I found the sweet spot in getting the CPU to get some ground yards. AP will play like AP, CJ2k will play like Chris Johnson, and Stevan Ridley will be Ridley-esque. Definitely excited for this.

I can definitely say this game is a decent upgrade from M25. I can't wait for Tuesday so I can truck through these sliders and put out a good set for you all!

Madden 15 Sliders: Realistic Game Stat Sliders for Madden 15

Madden 15 Dynasty: The NFL Reborn...
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

CFM Created Player:

Created a CB for the Browns. D cam is nice, but flips around at odd times, other than that it makes being a defensive player worth it. The mode itself is unchanged, although a few things like watching punts has been fixed.

The progression tasks are very limited, it's either easy tackle drills or ballhawking drills which I'll probably end up delegating after a few weeks.

The super-zoomed replays and cut scenes are unbearable, and I'm not a fan of the new play calling screens but those just need getting used to.

Mechanics are comparable to 25, and I really love the tackling cone/system this year, vastly improved it feels. My main issue now is seeing 2nd and 3rd string QBs going 9/9 and 12/13 on all pro with QB accuracy at 10. I think even taking it to 0 is pointless, but hopefully a good slider set will resolve that. Week 1 vs the Steelers we lost 17-3, Johnny was 16-38 151 yards and Big Ben went 26/28 with a 158 passer rating, and no, I didn't give up any big plays :/
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

My impressions from a few games online:

1) Hot routes are frustratingly slow to set up - Not sure if it's server-side delay or what, but if I go to fast calling hot routes, I end up accidentally audibling to another play. A lot of times I had barely enough time to call an out and then set it to a smart route.

2) No defensive audible for QB contain? - This could be a disaster against people who spam glitchy option plays. There are a few QB contain plays in the playbook I've been messing with, but they're dollar or quarter cover 3/4 zone plays.

3) The playcalling screen is an atrocity - I hate not being able to see the list of sets as I'm scrolling through a formation. I'm sure I'll get in time, but the whole navigation of playcalling is needlessly complicated and clunky.

4) MUT, however, is way, way better organized.
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

Originally Posted by N51_rob
You are not new to OS. Asking for a comparison of a 2K game in a Madden thread is the clearest way to derail the entire thread. That is why your post was deleted. In the future you want to ask why something was moderated use the PM system. Thanks.
Now Rob, not trying to derail your point cause I agree. Now with that said, it might be my imagination but from the videos I've seen there is a heavy APF influence. I'm not trying to bring this down any other road than I see this as a good thing and a sign maybe madden is making the corner back to being a top notch sports title!
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

First some context. I have not loved a Madden game in so long I can't even remember the last one I would recommend. The last few years of EA NFL have been "ok" for me but the game always went back to Gamestop in such a short time that I would get 25-30 bucks credit. I have not played more than two consecutive franchise seasons in years.

Today I waited for the full game to load because I immediately wanted to get into a franchise and see if they had improved the one mode I play.

Yes, the folks here are not exaggerating- the graphics are KILLER.
I religiously play FIFA on xbox one and I own a ps4 just for the Show and the new Madden beats both of them in graphics.
I really like the new playcalling system. Its fun, informative,and is easy. I played the first two regular season games for my Giants and it was very enjoyable and pretty realistic for out of the box sliders.

The halftime show was pretty darn good too and the presentation is much better than last year. But I am a stickler for showing out of town scores during gameplay but once again Madden does not do that. It is immersive to me and very important.
Having said that, so far that is my only disappointment in the game. I'll play more tomorrow night after the wife and kids go to bed but that's my 2 cents for now.
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

Originally Posted by N51_rob
You are not new to OS. Asking for a comparison of a 2K game in a Madden thread is the clearest way to derail the entire thread. That is why your post was deleted. In the future you want to ask why something was moderated use the PM system. Thanks.
I wasn't asking why it was moderated, I was calling bs. I haven't played Madden in years, my only point of reference is APF. Makes no sense for me to ask how it compares to Madden 25 or 13 or 12 when I never played them. I thought adults could handle discussing two video games, but you're implying they can't. np.
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

I haven't read the impressions on here. But I'm about to give mine.

I played an online game. I like how EA has tried to at least make changes. But the play calling menu on the side is kind of annoying. I highly doubt anyone complained about the play calling menu from madden 25 so why change it just to say you changed something?

Also, it seems as though the super linebackers are back this year. I didn't think it was a problem last year. Example, Nico Johnson was covering Gronkowski and what seemed like an open Gronk turned into an unbelievable interception by Nico. He made a play that I don't think any corner could have done in real life. Also, the reaction time by the secondary seems to be overpowered. Again, I didn't think it was a huge problem last year, but Marcus Cooper was man to man with his receiver and then all of a sudden he decides to come off of him without ever looking at Tom Brady and picks off the pass. Unreal.

The players still seem to glide around the field as if it were an ice rink.

Also, hot routing is a pain. Once you do one it lags for some reason. On M25 you could hot route pretty quick without ever waiting.

The game is decent

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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)


Looks like the skill players in the generated draft classes are much better this year relative to skill players having physical attributes that compliment their positions. No more WR/CB/S with 75 SPD 77 AGI and 60 ACC. based on one sim to through the draft it looked like most skill position had high 80's to high 90'ss within each of those physical attributes inline with each other.
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