Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

Default sliders, the cpu just got unnecessary roughness penalty, hitting me out of bounds on a qb scramble.

The cpu playcalling is way to fast for my oldness. The new playcalling really has me searching, then im immediately out of time when on D.
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

Form the sounds of it, if they can fix the QB stats issue, we could have a very good game on our hands.

I'm waiting to use my hours for tomorrow and Saturday night.
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

Originally Posted by Lakers 24/7
I wasn't asking why it was moderated, I was calling bs. I haven't played Madden in years, my only point of reference is APF. Makes no sense for me to ask how it compares to Madden 25 or 13 or 12 when I never played them. I thought adults could handle discussing two video games, but you're implying they can't. np.

You are quite correct. It turns into fanboy wars. That's why we have the football-other forum. For the comparisons.
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

- the defensive line with new controls is fun to be but its not cakewalk. On all Madden I had a tough time getting to the ball carrier and quarterback. In 25 this would not have been a problem
- one time I called a 5 wr set. The cpu called timeout and changed their play
- tackling is definitely hit or miss. Nate Burleson caught a slant over the middle. We were all around (protect the sticks) but noone was in position to tackle so he ran it all the way for TD.
- the cpu always ran away from me and called draws when I ran the wrong defense.
- QB inaccuracy is definitely in.
- running to the outside isn't a money play anymore. The cpu was quick to shut that down.
- Brian Hoyer of all people was destoying me

All of was on All Madden. Never touched the sliders except for turning speed threshold to 0

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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

15's presentation is definitely the best of all the previous madden games (its still not like i want it compared to a previous game but I have to give it to tiburon this was a darn good attempt this yr)

Graphics are on point!!!!!

Gameplay does feel fresh from the 2 games I have played both have been defensive battles

I also have to get used to 2 tackle buttons lol

So far i'm digging it...seems like a very solid title

My dislikes arent many though......

Defense feels a lil too overpowered sometimes

Penalties enough said lol

Hurry up offense feels too rushed playing on defense i barely got a play out

Tackle animations im already seeing the same ones happen back to back

Lastly the playcall screen I HATE IT

I havent bought a copy of Madden since 2010..15 is actually pretty good. Definitely a step in the right direction...I might just purchase this one (preowned that is lol)

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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

Originally Posted by IUxHOOSIERS
I haven't read the impressions on here. But I'm about to give mine.

I played an online game. I like how EA has tried to at least make changes. But the play calling menu on the side is kind of annoying. I highly doubt anyone complained about the play calling menu from madden 25 so why change it just to say you changed something?

Also, it seems as though the super linebackers are back this year. I didn't think it was a problem last year. Example, Nico Johnson was covering Gronkowski and what seemed like an open Gronk turned into an unbelievable interception by Nico. He made a play that I don't think any corner could have done in real life. Also, the reaction time by the secondary seems to be overpowered. Again, I didn't think it was a huge problem last year, but Marcus Cooper was man to man with his receiver and then all of a sudden he decides to come off of him without ever looking at Tom Brady and picks off the pass. Unreal.

The players still seem to glide around the field as if it were an ice rink.

Also, hot routing is a pain. Once you do one it lags for some reason. On M25 you could hot route pretty quick without ever waiting.

The game is decent
The bolded is so dissapointing. So many of the defensive reactions in Madden aren't based on realistic awareness, but an AI that automatically reacts to the opponent's inputs. Psychic pass defenders and D-lineman who can automatically peel off their blocks when you hit the QB run input is the last thing holding the franchise back, IMO.

Thanks and keep the impressions coming!
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

OK year 2 of CFM and the Panthers drafted 3 OLB's in the 1st three rounds with 90-91 SPD 88-91 ACC and 86-88 AGI. That's some serious athleticism right there.
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

Commentary in general is improved but in some ways hasn't changed. They use the same line to introduce the season opener ("a sense of renewal is in the air") as they did in M25. They also use the same player introduction for Jake Locker.

Finally, I have also noticed that psychic AI still exists on CPU pass defense.
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