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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

I don't get why this game insists on panning the crowd so much considering it's pretty much the worst-looking thing in the game.
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

FYI, dropping QB accuracy to 20 causes inaccurate throws for even the best QBs. I saw a few overthrows from Brady and Ben R. (QB controlled) when I set it that low.
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

Originally Posted by aholbert32
FYI, dropping QB accuracy to 20 causes inaccurate throws for even the best QBs. I saw a few overthrows from Brady and Ben R. (QB controlled) when I set it that low.
CPU controlled or Human.? Ive thrown some inaccurate passes on AP with Brady. Most CPU QBs are 70-80% and they arent even elite QBs. Havent touched sliders yet
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

Having played 25 a bunch last week, everything feels off for me (not bad, just haven't fully adjusted yet).

Most of the improvements are great though. Love that quarterbacks are more inaccurate (I can't, for example, place the ball exactly where I want it with Geno Smith like in years past). Love CoachStick. Love the new defensive angle and pass rush stuff. Hate the new playcalling screen with a passion, and they changed most of my presnap adjustment buttons as well (previously I used the dpad). Skills trainer is pretty good, especially when you get to the concepts stuff. Gauntlet is fun but a little too slow (should almost be WarioWare-paced). I'm sure I'll find things to pick apart the more I play the game but I'm pretty impressed at the moment.
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

Early impression, only played one game. Default All-Pro. 49ers(me) hosting the Patriots.

First thing to notice, obviously, are the graphics & presentation. All of the videos failed to do justice for just how pretty this game is. Playing it on my 55-inch LCD was jaw-dropping. Excelkent work by EA!

My only graphical gripe, so far (again, only played 1 game), is Jim Harbaugh is easily identified by his outfit - black sweater, hat, khakis - but his face is a disaster. His face looks like a bloated Dick Tracy villain cartoon character. I actually liked his face scan last year better.

Ok, on to better things...defense is a blast, but hard. Especially with the new camera options & controls. I think some time spent with the skills trainer will help that, though.

QB accuracies: Now, Brady is Brady...man doesn't go to 5 Super Bowls by being inaccurate...so he carved me up a bit. At the half, I think he was 13-17 or something like that. BUT, he overthrew Edelman on a fly pattern, when Edelman was wide open for an easy score, & threw it a good 5 yards over his head, so that was awesome! Simms even commented on it.

With Kap, at the half I was like 11-20 for 102 or something. It was very realistic, especially when you look at his averages last year.

I haven't seen the super LB's yet, but I only played 1 game so it's hard to tell. Leading your WR's works this year very well, and if your feet aren't set then passes will sometimes be off target. Curl routes were money last year, but I kept throwing the ball into the turf at their feet last night because I was throwing off my back foot before Kap got set.

Playcalling screen is terrible...I wonder if it can be patched? They put so much into the awesome presentation this year, and a lot of it gets hidden behind the giant playcall windows. Maybe there's an option to change it, I'm not sure.

Player models look pretty good. Brady finally looks like a QB, instead of Shrek in a Brady uniform, so that was great to see. Kap looked a little *too* lanky, he should be a bit bulkier up top I think. But overall, they look really nice.

Players have more weight to them, which hides a lot of the skating, but I'm okay with that. When I play, I don't see players skate anyway because I'm focused on the ball carrier or my receivers, or whatever.

I saw way too many dropped interceptions...I'll probably crank that up. If I hit Revis in the numbers because I'm a [email protected]$$ and made a bad throw, I expect him to make me pay. This isn't Top Gun, there's no volleyball here.

Brady "fumbled" the ball after his knee was down on a sack; Patriots coach calked for a challenge, and it was given back to them. Simms' comments about the knee, as well as the replay footage, were all in synch and it looked fantastic.

That's about all I've got. Again, it was only 1 game, so my sentiments are subject to change at will.
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

Originally Posted by SiNsinNatti
Played a few games and enjoyed it for the most part. I would suggest giving defense a few more seconds to make adjustments as far as subs in between huddle plays. Especially at the beginning of the drive. 10 seconds isn't enough time especially for someone like me who makes substitutions in several packages.
glad i wasn't the only one. i'm sure we'll get used to it, but man, with the new menu, i found myself with out a defensive play on several occasions, and several more times, i found myself just picking something because time was running out.

that 10 seconds goes way to fast, can it be changed with accelerated clock adjustments?

Originally Posted by fancyclaps
Offline CFM fans BEWARE
- The Bears have Tannehill, Cutler, and Roethlisberger all on their team....and their starting QB is a rookie who's a 78 OVR (The other 3 QBs are 73, 70, and 63, respectively).

- Andrew Luck is NOT on the Colts. Kirk Cousins is their starter (77 OVR)

- Christian Ponder (73 OVR) is the Cowboys starter...

- Matt Ryan is NOT on the Falcons. Ryan Mallet is their starter...73 OVR

- Luck is on the Jaguars....ahead of Bortles (Luck is 83 OVR - awr and acc down)

- Rodgers is a beast, Stafford and Kaepernick are in the 94 range. Every other QB is very average.

- None of the rookie QB's drafted this year have progressed...

This has to get fixed.

What am i missing here, isn't this just a matter of a new roster release?
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

For some reason when I am in Man the coverage seems off sometimes. Like the wrong people are matched up. For example the CPU will have trips to the left, but My safety on the right side is man up with and the left safety is maned up with the TE on the right. obviously the CPU hits the wide open WR.

Besides I am enjoying the challenge of playing the CPU.
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

Originally Posted by BadAssHskr
What am i missing here, isn't this just a matter of a new roster release?
A new roster release will not help what the CPU does as your franchise progresses from year to year. The CPU off season moves coupled with the sim stat issues, which are probably related as QBs are not progressing and in fact degrading too quickly, are going to make franchise play this year a real issue.
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