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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

Only able to play one game this weekend vs. a user in a 7-minute game on all madden. I was the Rams and he was the Giants. I really like the DL/OL interactions and my superior DL kept his run game in check and constantly had Eli on the move. I had 5 sacks in the game and snagged 1 interception. I forced a lot of punts and used some good blitzes on 3rd down to get a few sacks that way but my DL provided a consistent rush.

My offense was pretty bad as I lost 10-3 as I wasted my one red zone opportunity by failing to punch one in on 2nd and goal and then having to throw the ball away on 3rd down to get the guaranteed FG. I didn't have much success running the ball and I threw 5 picks (one was an end of half desperation heave and the final one was also desperation on my final drive). The coverage was good and Sam Bradford underthrew an open Tavon Austin on my first drive and Prince recovered and snagged it. Jared Cook twice ran the wrong route that led to two picks on passes I should not have thrown but I can't fault the game. Cook is fast but consistency has always been an issue.

My impressions are that defense is beefed up, some slider changes will be needed but I like that offense is no longer super easy regardless of difficulty and when I get hurt with turnovers it was more I shouldn't have done that instead of this defender morphed over and snagged it. I need to get more games in but so far the game looks to be a challenge, in a good way.
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

Originally Posted by BreakingBad2013
So for my last few minutes of my trial I tested something out. If this year is all about IMPROVED defense, and its FUN to play D again, I made a fantasy super D.

I used a 3-4 Defense.

E. Thomas

Play Now Vs. The Giants (until half)
7 Minute QTR
Default Sliders

Eli Manning 13-15 134 yards, 2 TDs, 1 pick
(That was my first pick ever on All-Madden Eli scrambled through the pocket, and forced a terrible pass)

Rashad Jennings 10 carries 54 yards.

I simmed Offense and was down 17-0 by halftime.

-Odel Beckham got loose off of Richard Sherman twice for touchdowns (route running not speed)
-Joe Haden got beat by Victor Cruz of the press consistently
- Only sacks generated were by user control
-Eli Manning shook off Tamba Hali from a blindside hit, and threw to an open Cruz for 20 yards on 3rd and 10
- Giants OL pushed back my front 7 at will, 0 penetration.
- Patrick Willis purposely ran into blockers on a stretch play
- 3-4 scheme still doesn't DEMAND double teams on good defensive linemen. Will only draw double team if there are extra blockers, it seems as if the CPU knows how many I will rush at any play, and have blockers waiting. Instead of reacting or having open holes when Poe or Sue needs to be doubled, but doesn't demand it, almost ever. It seems like the double team is actually a GOOD thing for the offense, rather than taking away a blocker. That upset me a bit.
- Crossing routes even with the two top CBs in the game, cannot be stopped (played press and play to the inside)
- Defenders do not seem to be zone conscious, consistently leaving flats, not recognizing slants in the yellow zones.
- Feels like DL do not attempt to clog holes, allows OL to control them against the run, all day.
- LBs do not have gap control or anything, just allows OL to get to 2nd level.
- HitSticks are not devastating, even with the two best MLB in the game.
All Madden IMO is way too unbalanced.

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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

There seems to be a lot of sacks and picks. I guess we can thank the Seahawks for putting D on Maddens radar but it almost seems in proportionate at times. It is like the series went from zero defense to smothering. Little concerned that smothering also means cheating. EA are not really known for there ability to make a balanced and fair sim. Then again, if it makes cheeser fail and forces them to learn to play proper all the better.
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

After playing 6 hours of ea access, All-Pro with slight adjustments is way to go IMO. With adjustments to CPU qb acc or wr catch, pass blocking, run blocking maybe, INT always, penalty sliders always, then more testing on ST sliders needed. Anyways, game plays great out of box on AP default, just slight adjustments needed from default, IMO.
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

For those having problems with Man, are just coming out in press the whole time? I only played the six hours but man didn't seem that bad to me, I rarely pressed
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

I havent touched sliders yet, but the way i look at playing defense. I think the CPU does complete a high amount of passes on All-Pro, but I think the reason for me is because I was playing like it was MAdden 25. In Madden 25 I hardly blitz and was able to get a lot of coverage sacks. In 15, if the CPU QB has time he will pick you apart. Once I blltz on 3rd and long I was able to get pressure and either sack them or have the CPU make a poor throw. Its not all the time, but its better. I do think sldiers will have to be adjusted because its not 100% of the time and mobile QBs hurt me when I blitz.

After playing 10 games now I can also say I am getting used to playing offense as well. I am able to run ok and have cut on my INTs (check downs are important). I also feel that the CPU gives you more time to make decisions than in the past. Not every down, but I definitely feel like I have more time when Im in the pocket./
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

My concern is, are we able to sack the QB with our RDE? In past maddens LDE got almost all the sacks.

In example, last franchise with de patriots in M 25:

Chandler Jones 4 sacks
Ninkovic 15 sacks.
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

Originally Posted by Serloar
My concern is, are we able to sack the QB with our RDE? In past maddens LDE got almost all the sacks.

In example, last franchise with de patriots in M 25:

Chandler Jones 4 sacks
Ninkovic 15 sacks.
I've gotten sacks from guys. Both user and cpu controlled. I've only played 10 games but it seems pretty equal for those 2.
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