Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

Played my first game. I am Minnesota, playing on 10 min All Pro. I was getting TORCHED by Bradford, ended up losing 35-30. Didn't get much pressure on the QBs like everyone else keeps saying though. Dominated with Bridgewater though
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

Originally Posted by Skyboxer
Not seeing an issue with the run blocking and DL pressure.

AP ran all over me etc... in a game.

Have you made any slider changes? Just curious..

i agree about the human dline pressure i was getting tons of it in game i played like i said 6 sack's kruger was unstoppable im surprised palmer didn't go out injuried because when he wasent getting sacked he took lots of hits.

now far as run game yea tate had a huge game 139 yards on 16 carries with long of 68 u take that away and he woulda had 16 carries 71 yards which really isent bad the run game is suppose to be tough.

i may have to adjust the sliders for the cmp because it seems they can never get a running game going i don't think I've had a cmp running back break 100 yards on me in a long time.

i also agree about the no flags being called i had Austin get laided out and no flag.
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

i gotta say that this game has surpassed my expectations, i know that the game is gonna take a bit to get used to but im impressed with the game it feels like im watching a cbs game and not how bad the presentation was for 25 although the beginning of the game goes too quick but yea....i like it

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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

Played 3 games online. Play book will definitely take time to get used to. Is there anyway to see what opponents rate you after the game (whether they enjoyed game or not)?

Graphics looked great. It was nice seeing crap QBs miss off balance throws. 3-0 out the gate. See how long I can keep the streak going.
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

I was also getting trounced early. Once I got used to the different calls AND knowing my players (OL) as far as their capabilities etc...
I got better lol
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Re: Madden 15 Impressions (Impressions Only!)

Was only able to play to about the 2nd Quarter....but MAN I really liked what I played.
I liked the zoom camera for offense...but for defense I had to go back to the traditional cam (or whatever it's called).

The graphics in this game are simply amazing...the feel of the game is quite different as well...it actually feels like there's weight to the players.

I can't really give any more in depth Impressions,as I haven't played nearly enough..but for me,it feels like a winner.

Oh yea....Green Bay was winning 10-0 against my Steelers...their TD came on a fumble by Bell,and scooped by Mathews for the score. I will have some pics in the proper thread as well.

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