Is Madden 15 Truly Offline Worthy?

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Is Madden 15 Truly Offline Worthy?

Although I have to admit I've enjoyed playing Madden 12 for the last 3 seasons, if I hear Chris Collinsworth say, "they've got to come up with a better blocking scheme or something or they're gonna get their guy killed" one more time, I may have to do away with myself. Why am I still playing Madden 12 you ask? Well, you see when Madden 13 was being paraded around as a brand new direction for this series, I realized it was at the direct expense of the offline player. Understandable, I suppose, since the majority of folks play the game online and EA makes more money on the game if you do. However, there are quite a few of us offline gamers who did enjoy past features that the old build offered.

I have yet to hear or see any of the following addressed; Are custom playbooks still in the game and useable in offline franchise? I see they've completely added a new playcall screen, which by the way does not look user-friendly. I also see that the user has plays suggested to him based on what the community is calling. OK, that's a nice feature for online and I hope it works well for those folks. However, what about the player who wants to think for himself and put in his own gameplan? Is the traditional playcall screen still available? What about roster editing, with regards to player name, number and position? Is that something that has finally been returned to the user or are we still at the mercy of the all-important background storylines? How about substitution packages? In Madden 12, once a user set his formation subs in-game, they would carry over from week to week. I love the addition of XP, where you have to decide where to focus on what areas you must improve. However, since practice mode has been removed, can we save our franchise team and export it to load in regular practice mode? Last, but definitely not least, is the cpu gameplay improved, along with sliders that actually work correctly? I have seen very few videos of folks playing versus the cpu.

Madden 15 looks amazing, especially when you factor in the fact that it was their first true effort with the next generation consoles. EA admitted that M25 didn't allow for the time to implement the new engine and graphics properly, but you all knew that already. Building a game with 22 players on the field at all times interacting with each other makes it the most challenging of all sports titles to construct. However, once the newness and glitter of the game starts to wear off, will the game end up being a disappointment for the offline crowd or will we keep coming back for more?
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Re: Is Madden 15 Truly Offline Worthy?


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