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Re: Your First, and/or Greatest Madden Memory...

Originally Posted by TheVinylHippo
My first memory was this. Madden '99 on PS1. I used to think that "Cyber Athlete" intro was the coolest thing ever when I was an eight-year-old kid. I hated putting it down to get dressed for school, and I'd even think about playing it on my way there.

Good times.

Greatest memory was probably beating my uncle in Madden '02 for the first time. With the Rams or the Buccaneers, I think. Marshall Faulk was my favorite player in the NFL back then. Probably because there wasn't anyone worth caring about playing for the Dallas Cowboys.

Yo Madden 99 was the **** hahaha! I'm like you I used to think that intro was so cool (I was 7) I used to play it all the time when I was over my grandfather's house...that's all I would do hahaha! Watching that intro back then got me hype and watching it now got me hype and it's 9:30 am as I'm typing this hahaha. Good ol days man.

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Re: Your First, and/or Greatest Madden Memory...

First? Madden '98 on the Gameboy Color. I was addicted.

Greatest? Madden '05. Two-team franchise with my brother. Won the Super Bowl with the Packers against the Patriots (my brother). Freaking Mike McKenzie was the Super Bowl MVP with 2 picks, one for a TD.
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Re: Your First, and/or Greatest Madden Memory...

My first memory of Madden was playing on the Super Nintendo in '94 or '95. Not sure what exact version of it it was. I know it had the Jags and Panthers, but I'm not sure if that places the game after the Jags/Panthers started playing in real-life, or if Madden added them a year early because the team names and colors had already been announced. Didn't really care for that game for whatever reason. I was kind of new to football as a sport, so I might just not have understood all the rules yet.

Then I briefly moved on to an NFL game I played on the Sega. I think it had Deion Sanders (or maybe Joe Montana, I forget), on the cover. Played that and started learning football. I believe it had actual players' names, so I started learning the players in addition to learning to sport itself.

I think I tried going back to Madden. But I hated whatever version of Madden I played on Sega. I vaguely recall playing my older brother, and he would hit my guys after the play ended, and I'm pretty sure he actually injured them doing that. So it ticked me off and I moved on.

Then I got GameDay for PS1. First football game I'd played with 3-dimensional player models. I'd begun hearing good things about Madden, but I just couldn't make the switch away from GameDay until Madden upped their game and got rid of the 2-dimensional players.

I think my first memory of enjoying Madden was somewhere around 97-99. They'd gone to 3-dimensional graphics and they'd introduced the Franchise Mode. Franchise Mode is probably what kept me invested in sporting gaming in general. Before that, the only longevity those games had was by issuing yourself a personal challenge to replay the "season mode" with each team and win a title with all of them (which was a mindless, repetitive task that would only be any fun on more arcadey sports games like NBA Jam).

But my favorite Madden memories are playing against one of my best friends from high school. After graduation, we both stuck around in town and the PS2 was our excuse to get together and hang out all the time. Our favorite thing was to play snowy or rainy games against each other, and we liked to both pick NFL Europe teams (to prevent any nonsense from highly rated Randy Moss-type star players who could do everything too easily and score at will, which made the game less satisfying). We had epic games where we had to grind out yards and fight for points. Now that he and I don't live near each other anymore, I miss that time in life. We tried some online playing when we both upgraded to PS3, but it wasn't the same as sitting in front of the same TV with a case of beer between us.
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Re: Your First, and/or Greatest Madden Memory...

The best memory I have playing madden was madden 08 for the ps2. I had a pretty good record online and kept the same one throughout the entire game. I played day in day out and even did the mini games against other players a lot too.

Back to the memory I was talking about, Me and my brother entered into a madden tournament in our city at our local BestBuy in October, which was my first every video game tournament that I participated in. We both wanted to win really bad and new that if we ended up on the same bracket side of it we would end up knocking one another out and only get one prize... but that didn't happen cause while we were waiting in line to get assigned which side we were in they were doing it like. 1st person left side, 2nd person right side, 3rd person left side and so on. So we figured out that one of us should go to the bathroom and come back and stand in line where they would put us on the opposite side and that's what happened. We ended up winning the whole tournament the both of us, my brother came first but I was second place.

The Rewards for 1st Place:
- 2 Tickets to Toronto all paid for to stay for a weekend to play in the Toronto Madden Challenge.
- Stitched Jersey of any team of your choice.
- Clinched spot in the top 16 of the Toronto Challenge.
- 37Inch Flat screen TV
- Madden Challenge T-Shirt/Football

The Rewards for 2nd Place:
- - Stitched Jersey of any team of your choice.
- Clinched spot in the top 16 of the Toronto Challenge.
- 37Inch Flat screen TV
- Madden Challenge T-Shirt/Football

Since my brother won and got those tickets to Toronto he took me and I entered as a Walk In challenger at the convention Centre and I made it to 4th Place which was good enough for me cause I wasn't even expecting to win at my city's tournament. My brother placed 6th so we didn't get to advance to Los Angelas to play there but all in all it was a sick experience.

Its ****ty they don't have tournaments across canada for Madden anymore, only in Toronto. One day ill enter again but I doubt it will be madden 15.

There you have it, my favourite Madden moments lol.
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Re: Your First, and/or Greatest Madden Memory...

One more memory, 60 yard QB sneak with Vick in Madden 04 to win a game
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