Playing with kids?

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Playing with kids?

Hey guys. Sorry if this is a silly question. I don't play a lot of Madden, despite being a football junkie. My seven year old has expressed interest in getting it and was wondering if there is a way to sort of handicap it so it is a fair game between us? Thanks
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Re: Playing with kids?

There is an even teams option in play now that should help. As far as buttons and stuff goes I don't think there is a way to simplify that but I would have to look or someone here can help me help you haha.

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Re: Playing with kids?

you should play on all madden or hall of fame...let him play on rookie..thats one way
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Re: Playing with kids?

Give him a week, and likely youll be the one needing to play catch up!
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Re: Playing with kids?

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Re: Playing with kids?

I would have the child go through the drills. On a side note, I believe the thread title phrasing was poorly decided upon. Others may misconstrue those words.

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Re: Playing with kids?

Definitely can see that title being a little loaded/misguided lol. On to your point I would start with the even teams, have spend some time in skills trainer and maybe just set internal limits for yourself until he gets the hang of it. Kids can learn pretty quickly so it won't be too long until he is giving you a challenge. Just be patient with him and above all else have fun. I taught my 4 year old niece to play Mario Kart, I have more fun with her than my friends my own age.
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Re: Playing with kids?

Let him play . Don't be like my dad who thought I wouldn't be able to understand Joe Montana Sports talk 2 way back in day lol. Not only did I understand but I could have beat him if he played games. That game helped me to learn football as a 9 year old

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