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Re: Madden 17 wishlist

Also if they want to include DLC they should have old teams like NBA2k has. (96 bulls, 00 Lakers) although I would wish they would add these free but its EA they need micro-transactions.
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Re: Madden 17 wishlist

Main things for me.

1. Forward momentum in tackling.

2. Formation specific depth charts. I want to be able to split time between 2-3 RBs with ease.

3. Add a practice squad to CFM. I hate when someone gets injured and I have to sign a FA. Have it work like the AHL in NHL games.

4. More options for relocation. NBA 2K puts Madden to shame in that department.

5. Kicking system is a bust. If I barely place the bar outside the lines my kicker kicks it 1 yd forward and 50 yds to the left.

6. Why can't I substitute a RB in as QB? But the punter is the third string QB? That makes no sense. Fix it.

7. Positions that Left and Right specific don't need to exist in game. DE, T, G, LB should just be a broad position indicator. Maybe have OLB's and ILB's designated. The fact that LE is a 76 OVR, but if I put him at RE he is an 86 is really confusing. That should not happen.

8. Blocking is sloppy. Defenders are right in front of my O line and they run past them.

9. Defensive AI needs to be smarter and learn as the game goes on.

10. Balance the game according to average NFL stats. When I play 15 min quarters I don't want every game to be a high scoring shootout. EA needs to look at stats and have them replicated in game. Surely someone in the office is a good enough mathematician to figure out an algorithm for it.
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Re: Madden 17 wishlist

It amazes me how archaic CFM is compared to 2K and The Show. EA should be absolutely embarrassed by the product they put out every year.

1) It's 2016 and we don't have coordinators in this game? Come on. We don't need every position coach, but offensive and defensive coordinator would be nice. I don't always want to fire my coach if I want to change my scheme. This also can allow you to start as a OC or DC and then get offered a job later on. This also ties into the idea of a coaching carousel. NFL head coaches have pretty high turnover, we get 3-6 new ones every year, so it should be a bigger part of the game.

2) Formation specific depth charts

3) The xp system needs some more fine tuning, but it's pretty nice. It can stay


5) The scouting system got better this year, but it's still pretty bad.

6) It would be flat out amazing if they could secure Tirico & Gruden as commentators.

7) Penalties still need a fix. I either get 0 in a game or like 15 if I adjust the sliders slightly.

8) Load times on this game are stupid slow. This game is only 15GB whereas 2K is 50 and the show is 35-40. Use the space! It's why the PS4 comes stock with a 500 GB hard drive!
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Re: Madden 17 wishlist

Injuries, especially for linemen, need to happen away from the ball.

Auto sub sliders need to work within CFM.

Players should be benched by the AI based on a bad performance at any position.

Special teams should be eventful, but not overdone. Bad snaps, blocks, and other random events that happen in a game like bad exchanges on handoffs, etc.

Don't mess up anything else in the meantime! I can work around the rest.
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Re: Madden 17 wishlist

Originally Posted by SyncereBlackout
Curious what you mean by #3
Sorry with the late response on this. Just checking out the board. By customizing injuries, I mean anything from editing in an injury to editing out one. It's something you can do in NBA 2K.
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Re: Madden 17 wishlist

1) Renovate the sliders.
2) Highlight true skill players. Make a shutdown corner truly that.
3) Give more feel to tackles.
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Old 12-19-2015, 06:18 PM   #127
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Re: Madden 17 wishlist

More in depth customization for relocation. Abbreviations, (LA instead of LOS), seating colors, field type, field design other things relating to the stadium
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Re: Madden 17 wishlist

Just a couple things:

1) I would LOVE to have ability to use legends and historic players in offline franchise mode. Even to purchase would be fine, just some way to import them into an offline franchise mode.... i would never put it down..

2) over haul the team creation and uniform creation capabilities.

3) re-add the ability to edit draft classes.
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