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Madden 17 wishlist

Hope it's not to early but figured could just put it out there.
We all know what is in M16 and what is not so here we go

I would like to see this
1. Radio broadcasting= Enough with sims and nance lets get the radio broadcast back to bring some excitement to the game, a little emotion. It would be awesome even if they could do a certain broadcaster for each division so it would always change up when you play their stadium example if your playing a home game against the packers it would be different then playing against the panthers. I think that would bring the game alive.

2.Chemistry and practice= teams get better by running plays in practice and build confidence with each other this way. Making a play successful by running it multiple times and getting it correct gains chemistry with team mates and experience. Kinda the old head coach approach the .more times you run the play the better success rate you have with it. The more a qb goes to a wr the more confidence he gains and chemistry with the qb, now if he drops 3 passes good luck getting another ball thrown your way.

3.Upgrade your stadium in franchise remember they use to have this buy you never saw your things you bought well now lets see them on the field, tents,huge big screens and so on.
4.Assistant coaches=offensive and defensive coaches with things they bring to the table, maybe even wr coaches,db coaches and so on.

5.Ratings= I honestly think if FBGs rating work as good as he says with madden then they need to get him in there to do it. If he can make animations better with his ratings and make players play like real life then lets do what it takes to get him in there. To me players in the 90's should only be HOF.

6. New O line interaction with better movement.

7.Challenge system= Still want to be able to pick what I want to challenge, although most of the time I can't even challenge a play at all

8. Make the playoffs feel like the playoffs, they are making strides with living stadiums but still needs alot to go.

9.Better AI with players running out of bounds, maybe its just me this happens to?

10. New equipment and faces for create a player.

11. Mascot interaction with fans and players, think that would be awesome
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Re: Madden 17 wishlist


1. Separate online and offline franchise and build to their individual strengths

2. Custom Draft Classes or editable rosters

3.Playable CPU vs CPU games

4. Assistant coaches/ new coaches... I'm tired of seeing coaches get passed around from team to team each year. (I'm in my 6th season of CFM and Mike McCarthy has coach for the Packers, Patriots, and Bengals)

5. More in-depth stat tracking, record tracking, have previous records and stats in the game from previous season, and make a bigger deal of records (I had no idea Peyton Manning broke the all-time passing yard record until 6 weeks after it happened)

6. Easy control over all 32 teams


1. Upgrade presentation for CFM. What I mean is, have the announcers talk standings, stats, positon battles, playoff battles, key injuries, updated scores from other games (important information I may need to know for my team)

2. Game Ticker- Just like the NFL, have a bar on the bottom of the screen that gives what I mentioned above (stats, scores, transactions...)

3. New/ upgraded announcers... I am just tired of hearing a negative Phil Simms.

4. Hall of Fame- I would like to see the NFL greats get honored.Madden is on the right path with Legacy Points, but have those mean something... The hall of fame i a huge part of the NFL, and I want to see it get it's recognition in the NFL licensed video game

5. Living worlds- I would like to see the crowds react to what is going on during the game. I want to hear the crowd take a big breath on a deep pass, I want to hear the difference in sound when I score a regular touchdown as compared to a game winning touchdown or field goal (same goes for announcers), I want to hear players names get chanted, I want home field advantage to matter like it does for the Chiefs or Seahawks.

Game Modes

1. Commissioner Mode- Essentially a franchise mode, but you have control over Everything... I am talking rosters, draft classes, team relocation's, divisions, season length, play any game, add new teams, use your imagination

2. Exhibition playoffs- When my friends are over, I want to set up a tournament. Every year for fantasy we decide the draft order by the results of playing in a madden tournament. I think this would be fun/ handy if it were implemented for the online crowd

I have never been this impressed by gameplay for a football game, but there is always room for improvement

1. Running styles... some players hit holes hard, some use their shiftiness, some use hard powering running and lower their pads... Other run top heavy, some run low to the ground. I want to see running backs have their own styles of running, and I want to see it affect their game play

2. Weather... Have weather matter. When I play in a rainy or windy game, QB's shouldn't be throwing the ball as easy as they are. Fumbles should be more prevalent in sloppy games. The wind affects the kicking game, why not the passing game? More timid movements in snow/ rain games. If it is hot out, have stamina be more of a factor.

3.Physics.... (I'm not complaining) But my 6'1 205lb QB was up-right in the pocket, and as Aldon Smith came off the edge to nail him, my QB knocked him to the ground in an Earl Campbell like way. Or Tavon Austin stiff arming linebackers like they are little kids. Bascially have size and momentum matter

This is just a start, and I know the community is full of creative ideas. Share what you have, and hopefully we can keep on building to Madden and make next years Madden that much better!
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Re: Madden 17 wishlist

Formation specific depth charts!
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Re: Madden 17 wishlist

Mine are easy!

go back to

1 button 32 team control
formation subs
depth chart lock
editable draft classes
ALL things that were in game before that were taken out!

Better commentary
Better halftime show
if you choose to relocate a team more team names and uniform options!
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Re: Madden 17 wishlist

Formation subs and i agree with you about practicing plays. It would be cool to have to practice certain plays in practice to help excecute it better in a real game.

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Re: Madden 17 wishlist

Actually use the power of Next-Gen.... why is this game only roughly 15GB? Other games like 2k are around 50GB. They can add and do so much more... but they continue to slack hardcore.

Like this years CFM problems. How did the LT/QB Regression thing go unnoticed but it literally took customers less than a day to find the bug? Franchise Mode should be their #1A and #1B focus. I guess the reason I buy the game is to play football as close to the NFL as I can get. I don't need fantasy rosters or trading "Gold, Silver" level players. I can do that in my Fantasy Football League.

Instead I feel like they invest way more time in modes that can get them more cash via "Coins, Packs, etc."
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Re: Madden 17 wishlist

Another thing I would love related to depth charts is the ability to fill a position with a rotation. Like a 60/40 split between 2 running backs, or rotating 3 DTs between 2 starting spots.

Not having to dive into the depth chart and shuffle for every series to implement this like we have to now.
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Re: Madden 17 wishlist


1. CUSTOM DRAFT CLASSES!! Just take a look at 2k and copy it nothing less nothing more.
2. 1 Click 32 team control. Heck even 3 or 4 clicks but not a 40 minute process like it is now.
3. Formation Subs. How has this not been put in yet...
4. Assistant Coaches.. How are even the coordinators not in the game? I don't want to hire some created EA coach if I fire my coach. I'd like to add a former coach or an assistant.
5. Updated version of NFL Head Coach type draft/free agency.

Really my wish list isn't a wish list... all these things should already be in.
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