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Re: NBA 2k - Madden falling behind

There is a place for constructive critiques of the game and hoping to push the quality of the game forward. However:
Originally Posted by X_isBringingSexyBack
Madden's issue is that it fails miserably on pretty much all of the little things to the point where I don't think its so much failure anymore as it is just outright indifference from the development, and fails miserably on many of the big things like blocking AI, defensive assignment responsibility, animations (though this has improved), awareness, basic NFL rules, collision detection, you know, things that speak to the core of what football is. And I say all of that actually enjoying the absolute hell out of Madden 16, but in general I can't pretend like it's not a broken game; it's just a broken game that manages to be fun somehow.
Originally Posted by ratedmoney
I guess my issue with Madden is it still has the same Major gameplay issues since Madden 06, and its franchise mode has less features than Madden 05 on PS2 and has been that way for 10 years.
Originally Posted by ratedmoney
You have one game where they pride themselves on pushing the envelope, then you have another where its like "we wanna do this but it might break that so lets not."
Originally Posted by yankees028
Honestly EA is lucky they bought the rights because you would see 2k clean sweep them across the boards in games. Will never forget when 2k released a better game and brand new for 19.99 lol That was when EA was like we cant do this anymore
Non-constructive and/or agenda-pushing posts like these, on top of 2K vs Madden threads not being welcome in this forum in the general case (that's exactly what this is), are why this thread is getting closed.
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