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Re: Madden Rookie Draft Guide?

Originally Posted by Greencollarbaseball
No. 35 total superstar and quick dev, not 23 superstar plus 35 quick.

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Gotcha. Your phrasing confused me. I understand you now.
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Re: Madden Rookie Draft Guide?

the only positions i tend to pick well are QBs, HBs and Cs. in one franchise i run i have 10 oline on roster, 8 of which are or were Cs. The first 2 positions are Pocket Passer and Power Back and those are no difficult to pick. i dont necessarily get SS or quick dev but they are serviceable until next draft. I do have a habit of finding LBers who convert well to FS/SS, tkl/pur are usually excessively high. i concentrate on developing their prc/awr/zcv

if only i could put them into depth chart without changing position as you could in hc09
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Re: Madden Rookie Draft Guide?

I finished year 3 of CFM and drafted 8 superstar and an additional 4 quick dev players ranging between rounds 1-5. Don't see many higher dev players go in round 6 & 7 as if they're projected 6th, the CPU will pick them late 5th.

Best pick was a 5th round LOLB, super dev, made an 88OVR SS in run stop scheme.

Worst high profile pic (there are no busts, it's too easy to avoid busts with the current scouting system) a power HB projected 1st, got him in the 3rd with high80s/low90s in SPD/ACC/AGI and 84 STR but only normal dev.

General Tips from my experience.
Draft: Strong arm or mobile QB, power HB, Cs for OLine, pass rush DTs or 3-4 OLB for 4-3 DE, man cover CBs, CBs for cover safety and LBs for run safeties and high kick power Ps & Ks (you can change P & K after draft). Highlight positive storyline players.

Avoid: West Coast QBs, speed HB, Oline left in the 6th round (rubbish physical), speed and balanced 4-3 DEs (low strength), most safeties, low kick power P & K. Avoid negative storyline players (low INJ or slow dev)
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Re: Madden Rookie Draft Guide?

if it is online with 31 other users then ensure you throw draft round projections out the window. My first online CFM draft a few months ago I was looking to nab this HB that was projected as a 6th rounder in the 3rd or 4th. Figured it was late enough to not be a big reach and early enough to get there far before anyone else. Nope. He got picked middle of the 2nd round. 90 speed power back with star development.

Learned my lesson.

for online leagues speed kills at basically every position. Nobody wants the best ovr WR in the draft if he has 83 speed.
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Re: Madden Rookie Draft Guide?

Originally Posted by Greencollarbaseball
Scouting and drafting studs is super easy this year.

Buy the scouting points package.
Scout positions you actually need, 200 points a week is more then enough to fully scout 6-10 positions.
Only draft guys that have green diamonds.
If you run out of scouted players in late rounds, take guys with higher scores in attributes in relative to their positions. I.e. Lower 40's for RB, Wr, LB, DB and more bench press reps for OL, and DL. Typically speed and strength are the most expensive to upgrade.

In 8 seasons, with an average of 7-8 picks and never more than 9 picks in a single draft, I've drafted 23 superstar and 35 quick and superstar Dev guys total using the above technique.

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can't agree with this point. some of my best players have been guys with a red diamond. just cos the game says they are not worth their projected round doesn't make is true.
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