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Re: Connected Franchise Mode: A Rebuild

Yeah Duece, I just have to reiterate what everyone else is saying: Amazing post. The dynamic playbooks and injury system were particularly impressive. What's interesting is that many of these ideas have been discussed in one form or another for years but somehow EA has never gotten the memo. They really need to bring in someone with your kind of drive and vision. You've not only exposed the possibilities but have also given them a road map as to how to realize them.

They could probably never fit all the things you wrote about into the existing game but maybe that just means it's time to start a new franchise. Leave Madden to the MUT players and eSports guys and give sim fans NFL Football 2018. I'm sure I'm one of many that would happily shell out $60 for the type of game you described. Try this on for size: DueceDouglas- Lead Designer of EA Sports NFL '19.
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Re: Connected Franchise Mode: A Rebuild

You just wrote the manual on how EA fixes the Madden Franchise. Talk about handing it to them on a silver platter. I'm sure you'd work for a fraction of what they paid for the exclusive NFL License or the ESPN License they don't use. I wish I could find someone to do my job for me. EA, hire this guy NOW! If the game was like this, it wouldn't leave my console.
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Re: Connected Franchise Mode: A Rebuild

Standing ovation my man. Not only is this exactly what is needed but the manner that it was presented is EXACTLY what we need when presenting ideas to a Developer from the Community. Well done!

Will be talking about this on SimStandardRadio next week; and will be giving you credit. Bravo man!

Originally Posted by DeuceDouglas
When it comes to franchise, some of my fondest memories come from moments like contemplating for a few minutes about a fourth round draft pick between a running back and wide receiver I'd scouted, finally deciding on the running back and then hearing the crowd erupt with cheers of approval and going on to find out I'd just drafted my new offensive cornerstone. Madden has come a long way in a lot of areas but it just feels like franchise has really lost that vigor and has become something more shallow and restrictive but that's not really what I'm here to talk about. I won't be discussing what does or doesn't constitute an overhaul or much of my thoughts on the mode as whole. What I'm going to do is "rebuild" Connected Franchise into something that I wish it was or could be. I'm basically going to go through the process of a CFM season and hit on key points that I feel could use improvement and explaining how and why they can be improved as well as providing some new additions. I'll also be providing mockups of what some of these improvements could look like in-game to create a better impression of what they might entail. This is something I've done a few times before for both presentation as well as CFM so if you've seen those, this will be something that is similar.

To preface, I will be speaking from the perspective of an offline solo player and someone who wants their experience be something that is as deep, realistic and immersive as possible. I've done my best to try and provide multiple options in places where things might be overwhelming for the average user but that's something that will differ for everyone so it was a bit difficult. My main goal is to achieve a CFM experience where each type of player whether casual or hardcore can feel like they're getting the most out of their CFM experience. I'm going to shy away from talking about anything to do with gameplay as I view that as a separate entity to franchise however I will be discussing some things that would affect gameplay and, in my opinion, have a positive affect on the longevity of CFM. Just a warning, this is going to be a very lengthy post with a lot of words so if that's not your thing I apologize but there will be plenty of pictures along the way so it won't all just be one big wall of text and if you just want to go through and check those out, you'll get a decent idea of what I'm getting at as well. And with all the pictures, click for the full-size. Alright, enough with the intro, on to the goods...

Let's start with the preseason. Probably the most commonly skipped item in all of CFM and rightly so. I used to play every preseason game back in the Madden 2004 days and even into M12. The problem is that somewhere down the line, the little incentive there was to play them was lost. There isn't many ways to spice up preseason games and I'm not looking to make them anything more than they are which is exhibition games predominantly played by backups.

90-man Rosters

Off-season NFL rosters allow for 90 players while Madden currently allows for only 75. It may not seem like much adding another 15 players to the bottom of your roster but for those that want even more ability to tinker with their roster it gives them that ability while more importantly being authentic to real life. Other things that could come along with this is increased draft class pools and an increased free agent pool which would both be nice pluses.

Realistic Cut Dates

This one pretty much goes along with the expanded rosters. It wouldn't make sense to add more players for preseason if you didn't get a decent chance to play with them. The NFL has two cut downs during preseason, one to 75 after the third preseason weekend and then the final cutdown to 53 prior to the start of the regular season. I wouldn't want to completely eliminate the current option so an option maybe with a few different choices of weekly, one-stage (Week 4 only), and two-stage (Authentic) could be made.

Multi-Team Depth Charts

I don't know if this would make preseason more fun, so to speak, but I think it would definitely make it more practical and functional. The idea here is that as the user you'd be able to create unique depth charts to represent each "team" that may take the field during a preseason game. So to the example, you can see there's a first team, second team, third team, etc. To go with this, prior to each game you would choose the number of series each team would play before being subbed out. So rather than seeing your starters come out at halftime and your starting CB's and WR's in on Nickel and 4WR sets, you'd now have full control of who is playing, when they're playing and for how long they're playing during preseason. This is something that would also work well paired with Play The Moment. Say you're still not really interested in playing the preseason, you could play one series with each team while simming everything in between and still get a look at virtually your entire roster in a minimal amount of time.

Position Coach Suggestions

I'll get to the coaching staff later but this could be something that both helps the user as well as adds an additional element to who you hire as coaches. The better a position coach is, the better he is at identifying and ranking players according to their value. The green circles indicate who the position coach recommends that you make sure you keep while red X's would be players that he suggests you definitely cut.

Waiver Wire

This isn't exclusively a preseason item but this would be the first place you'd encounter it so I figured I'd put it here. This is something that in preseason could be quite overwhelming as there would be the first roster cuts that would put somewhere around 480 players available for claim. What I'd suggest for the preseason is that immediately following cuts you're presented with something similar to a View Roster screen with all the players cut from other teams all in one place and sortable by position with a checkbox so that you could easily see any players you may potentially want to claim. Same goes for final cuts as there'd be an even higher number of players as well as a more valuable pool. Also you'll again notice in the screenshot the green circle and red X signifying that your position coach is either recommending or discouraging you to claim a player.

Choosing Preseason Opponents

This was always one of my favorite things from past Madden's. It's a little thing but would be a colossal improvement over playing the exact same preseason opponents (and often division foes) for the entirety of your franchise. I always used to use this to play the SB champs, the team with the #1 overall pick, and teams that were really active in free agency. It would be another way to let users play the way they want to rather than being restricted by static opponents or even random ones.

This one is a bit harder for me because I think that I may have a different view of how I'd like regular season to play out than others. For me personally, I'd like to have the regular season focus almost strictly on the games. I'd prefer to leave the off-season roster management type stuff like re-signings to the off-season and have the regular season majorly focus on playing games as well as week-to-week team management. Now the issue with this train of thought is that the games have to make you feel like you're actually progressing through a living season and not just playing a series of consecutive Play Now games. To do this I'm going to focus mainly on playstyles, injuries and presentation.

Dynamic GamePlans

The GamePlan feature is one of the most underutilized features in all of Madden. It's original premise was to reduce play time by giving the user the ability to have a "coordinator" call plays for them based on the scenario. This turned out to not have much of an impact but the implementation ended up giving us access and control over one thing that had always been more or less a mystery and that's CPU playcalling. Now when it comes to a User v. CPU franchise this is HUGE. Simply taking the tools that are already present and modifying the existing playbooks would make teams playcalling miles better and more exciting than it currently is but the issue comes with playing over several seasons this could become stale and repetitive. I'm aiming to take the current GamePlan function a step further so that as you play more seasons you get a real sense of teams adapting and changing with their coaches and players.

If you're not familiar how GamePlan works it's essentially a star system for plays in a given scenario (1st & 10, 3rd & long, etc.) that determines which plays are called. The higher the star rating, the greater the chance that play is called in a given scenario. Most teams playbooks consist of about 20 plays per scenario and for the most part most plays are rated at two and a half out of five stars. The first issue is that the playbooks don't take nearly enough of their playbook into consideration in these scenarios. You'll see plays like Curl Flats, Slants, Corner Strike, and Four Verticals prominent in just about every teams playbooks taking up multiple spots in multiple scenarios which plays a part in teams playing so similar. So the first step to this is to make sure each team is utilizing as much of their playbook as possible for each given scenario when possible. Now, that doesn't mean making all of their running plays available in 3rd & long scenarios, it just means applying more of the playbook to scenarios where those plays fit in so as to further diversify playcalling.

Now to the dynamic part. The idea I have is attaching star boosts/reductions to certain plays/concepts within a teams playbook based on player ratings, coach tendencies, and team performance.

A few examples:
  • A QB with a high OVR raises all passes in the playbook a half/full star, alternatively a lower overall QB lowers pass plays
  • A QB with high SPD raises read options and QB runs while a pocket QB largely eliminates those from being called
  • A QB with low THP lowers stars on deep passes and plays with more routes deep down the field
  • A HB with a high OVR raises all run plays, a HB with high TRK raises all inside runs, a HB with high SPD raises all outside runs, a HB with high catch raises screens and plays where the HB has receiving responsibility

I think you probably get the gist. The main idea is to giving teams the ability to adapt their playcalling to their rosters strengths and weaknesses at any given time rather than simply relying on their base playbook. If a team like Pittsburgh loses Big Ben they shouldn't be running the same air it out offense with Landry Jones or any other scrub QB. If a team like Carolina loses Cam Newton they shouldn't be running QB Powers with someone like Derek Anderson. This could be something that has a hugely positive effect on how teams play and really give you the feeling that the teams you're playing are alive and always evolving and adapting to injuries and the moves they make in the draft and free agency.

Now, obviously player attributes shouldn't be the lone factor in determining how a team calls their plays. Every coach/coordinator has their own preference and style when it comes to playcalling as well so that should also play a role in how this works. So apply the same logic as you would with the player ratings for coaches (and coordinators but more on that later). Instead of having star boosts based on ratings, essentially create a philosophy or personality for each coach where each concept is either neutral, boosted, or reduced. So a coach like Mike Martz would have traits that call for a boost in passing plays while a coach that loves to pound the rock would have boosts for running plays. These would work together with the player ratings to create a unique star system for every team that would adapt and change over time and make teams truly feel unique over time. Another big part of this would be the ability to create unique fictional personalities that enter your CFM and provide something new and exciting to the franchise.

And for the last part of this, team performance. This is something that would more appopriately tied to the Gameplanning/Game Prep side of things but I'll talk about it here and how this is where things could become really interesting. With Gameplanning, it's said that you basically practice a play that is aimed at your opponents tendencies and in-game you'll receive an attribute boost while running those plays. I'm not a fan at all of attribute boosts but I actually like what this feature represents and it's something that I'd like to see taken further. What I'd do is similar to what is set up now except maybe expand it to two or three concepts on offense and defense and have those based on an opposing teams strengths and weaknesses. What would factor in this is ratings as well as team performance. So let's say your team is ranked in the low-20's against the run and you've been getting gashed up the middle or you have poor to average DT's. I'd like to CPU prioritize inside runs and runs in general in their gameplan to attack your weakness. The big change I would make to Gameplanning is that instead of providing an attribute boost, I'd follow the format of star increases and apply that to inside runs in this scenario so that they're called more against you so you really get a sense that teams are trying to attack your weaknesses. Alternatively, each week you'd be faced with the decision to either try and spend more time focusing on trying to attack the other teams weaknesses and strengths or spending time trying to compensate for your own weaknesses. I want there to really be a sense of teams attacking your weaknesses and playing to their strengths and having that chess match feeling while prepping and playing.

Team Chemistry/Player Morale

This is something that would replace the current Confidence. I wasn't much a fan of Confidence last year and the issues with Drive Goals pretty much sealed its fate for me. I don't like the attribute boosts or reductions as it is and especially so when they're predominantly based on wins and goals. So what I'd do is replace it with a Player Morale system similar to The Show which directly correlates to overall Team Chemistry. Each player's happiness would vary from very unhappy, unhappy, neutral, happy, and very happy. It would be based on a number of factors including contract status, player role, playing time, production, and team status. It could play a role in contract negotiations, off-season participation as well as how well a player practices thus affecting his progression.


This is the other big one when it comes to week-to-week type things. I'm glad they finally did something about injuries this year but I'm not exactly fond of how they did it. Giving XP boosts for opting to start backups and the static nature of how injuries are handled doesn't make much sense to me and isn't something I'm a fan of. A few things here:

More Injury Variety

More sprains, strains, bruises, contusions and just overall more variety. Injuries like broken collarbones are far too common and I don't feel as if there as many of those nagging and intermediate injuries as there should be. I also feel like there should be a good number of injuries available to each body part (hands, shoulders, feet, etc.) to go along with the expanded injury ratings that I'll talk about later.

Wear-and-Tear/Season Stamina Effect

This is another thing that I think would help convey a feeling of progressing through a season although maybe in a less noticeable fashion. Think something similar to Fight Night or MVP Baseball. The idea being that each player has a Season Stamina that is separate but coincides with game stamina. The goal is to create something that represents the wear and tear of an NFL season while providing an effect on gameplay based on what happens over the course of each game and throughout the season.

I'm not going to do a good job describing this but I'll try to use a running back as an example. Let's say in week one he starts at 100% and you give him 40 carries. After the game his season stamina falls to something in like the 60's or 70's and starts to regenerate based on how many days before the teams next game. By the time you reach the game he should be back to around the high 90's where as if he only had 20 carries or didn't take many hits he'd likely be back at 100%. Over the course of the season it becomes harder to get back to that 100% threshold and the max that a player can get back to begins to drop. The affect this would have is that the further the player falls in Season Stamina, the more it starts to affect certain attributes. So let's say you're going into the postseason with your workhorse running back and he's only at 80-85% maybe that takes a couple points off his injury and stamina rating so he fatigues quicker in-game and is at a little bit higher of an injury risk. The lower you go the more attributes that become affected and physical attributes start to become minorly affected as well. Also to clarify, this wouldn't be something that would mean if your player was at 85% that he would have 85% stamina when you started the game. He would have 100% per normal but he may fatigue faster than normal if the situation calls for it.

This would be something that would emulate the grind of an NFL season as well as helping represent things like short weeks for Thursday night games or teams fresh off of a bye. It would also present the user with roster management decisions when it comes to maybe resting players for the playoffs or in blowouts. For those that don't want to have to deal with or manage around this, put in an On/Off "Fatigue Effect" option to disable it.

Injury Timeline

This is the big one for me and kind of goes along with Injury Variety. Like I said before, I like that they did something with injuries but I'm not a fan of how they've done it. I don't like the idea that it's always 2 weeks before a player is scheduled to be that you have the option to play him. This isn't dynamic or realistic and takes a lot of the intrigue away from dealing with injuries. What I'd propose is starting when a player is injured in-game, you get a report on what part of the body is injured and what the severity is rather than a specific injury. In some cases where it's a very minor injury the specific injury could be mentioned along with any potential attribute reductions i.e. dislocated finger, ready to return, -4 CTH. After the game the player is re-evaluated and you're given a report on the specific injury and length of recovery and the timetable for his return. If the player returns to play in your game, he stands a higher chance of the injury being less severe but a chance still remains that he may miss a couple of weeks.

Now once the game ends you receive a full eval on the player and the injury is diagnosed and you receive the minimum number of weeks he is out. Once that number is up, the player enters the recovery portion where the player then becomes listed as either doubtful, questionable, or probable. Each of those designations comes with an attribute reduction based on the injury as well as the designation. Doubtful comes with the most severe reductions, questionable is slightly less severe and probable is the least severe and could have minimal to no reductions. One key thing here is that even for a lot of the more minor injuries, players still have to go through some sort of recovery period so even if the player gets injured and can still play, he may not be completely 100% for a few weeks. More serious, long-term injuries would likely forego the recovery process and have a more finite timetable for return to make sure the player is completely 100% when coming back. Another thing that could be done with this is choosing whether or not a player practices during a week where he is suffering from an injury creating a bit of a risk/reward scenario. Do you push to practice him and try to earn full XP while risking an injury setback? Or do you sit him, only earn half or less XP to try and put him in the best position to play that week?

Expanded Injury Ratings

One, all-encompasing injury rating is extremely antiquated and doesn't do a good job of giving players any sort of identity when it comes to their injury profile. This would look to change that. I really like what 2K does with their injury system and I think it's something that would carry over well to Madden. Assign injury ratings and possibly a Durability rating to each major body part (head, shoulders, elbows, hands, back, hips, knees, ankles and feet). You could get a bit more intricate and have INJ ratings for both left and right sides but I don't think that would be necessary. Even the first example seems like a bit much so in the example I left it to the head, arms, knees, feet, and back. This is something that would add to each players identity as well as be something that would add a little bit more intrigue to rookie scouting.

Multiple Injuries

This one goes with the last two. Allow players to accumulate more than just one injury. If they're playing through a sprained knee make it possible for them to suffer another injury like a sprained ankle or broken finger. Players suffering through multiple injuries could see ratings reductions in multiple areas because of those injuries and make a rating like Toughness play a greater role in the game. It would also make things a bit more dynamic on the injury front.


This is the area that I think is the most important when it comes to making you feel like you're part of a living world and not playing a series of Play Now games. It's one thing to make you feel like you're building a team and playing a franchise outside of the game, it's a completely separate and equally important thing to be able to do that while actually playing the games. I'll touch on a few things here, in-game and out, that I think CFM would greatly benefit from when it comes to immersion.

CFM Ticker

We finally got the in-game ticker back this year which is nice and from the looks of it, it looks to be well done by showcasing not only scores but stats as well. Something I've advocated for several years is bringing the same things that the in-game ticker brings, and more, to the main menu of CFM. One of the biggest flaws with CFM are the painfully slow menus paired with the need to sift through multiple menus to get to the information you want. The CFM ticker would aim to help aid in this.

Make use of the ticker that scrolls along the bottom when in you're in your CFM and use to scroll through things like weekly scores and stats, upcoming weekly schedule, stat leaders, team stats, awards, transactions, injuries, etc. No matter what menu or area of CFM you're in, the ticker will continously scroll relevant information from around your franchise across the bottom of the screen so you can always keep abreast of what is happening within your CFM world. Allow the user to tailor their ticker to the information that they want to see by allowing them to check/uncheck everything that is displayed on the ticker.

Another caveat to the ticker could be the ability to have everything within it available to the user at the click of a button. The idea I have is basically assigning something like the left thumbstick click to the ticker and expand whatever the ticker is currently scrolling through. A couple of examples:

Clicking while on a score would expand to show all of the scores from that given week:

Alternatively expanding when on a game from the current week it would show the week's schedule:

Expanding on a score scrolling through game stats would bring up that games box score:

Expanding on a transaction would show the latest transactions:

Multiple Broadcast Packages

This is also something I've been advocating for several years when it comes to CFM. CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, and NFL Network all have their own unique looks when it comes to your average Sunday game or the SNF, MNF, and TNF primetime games. This is something I would like to see Madden try to emulate as well. Now whenever I've thought of this, I've always thought of having several very different and unique styles and looks for each type of game and that's what you'll see here but recently I've come around more on the idea of having multiple variations of the same kind of style. The big thing is making primetime and playoff games especially feel more special than their current state.

For a more elaborate example take a stroll through this thread and you'll see different mock ups for each type of game as well as a more thorough example of each broadcast complete with intro banners, stat banners, and score tickers for each. For this I just created a couple examples of what an AFC game might look like versus an NFC game (think CBSvFOX) which is what you see above.

And a few things that could be done with this to make the broadcast feel a bit more immersive:

Always use In-Game Assets

No matter what it is. The QB intros look nice but the real video kind of kills it. Replace it with a few screenshots of the QB followed by the spotlight type video like you see above. I'd like to see even player photos based on their face scans but it's been said that isn't really an option so I'd recommend using the real photos for the real players but using face scan generated headshots for all fake rookies.

In-Game Lookbacks and Lookaheads

This is something minor but that I think would be pretty cool. I know a few years back Nantz and Simms would comment on division matchups the second time around and how the first game played out but there was no specificity to it and it was extremely canned and generic. This is something that could help with that by showing a limited box score of the previous meeting and could be used for divisional matchups as well as potential playoff rematches the next season or regular season rematches in the playoffs. Another similar overlay could be a pop-up showing the head-to-head series between two teams and the last few scores from the matchup.

The lookaheads would resemble what a TV broadcast does. For morning games they could show the games coming up in the afternoon. Afternoon games could show next weeks schedule of games. For TNF, SNF, and MNF they'd show an overlay of next week's game.

Stat Banner References

Another small thing that just adds the immersive nature of playing through a season of CFM. They've tried something similar when it comes to showing current games stats versus last weeks stats which is nice but it was a bit buggy and extremely forced when it came to commentary. I'd like to see them blow this out but have it be more of a subtle thing in regards to commentary. I think it'd be cool seeing an opponents in-game stats and then have it show that he had a big or poor game last week similar to the screenshot. You could also tune this to show compiled season stats if it's early in the game. They don't need to be limited to players and could be used to show anything team related like scoring by quarter on the season and things like that.

League Look-Ins

I like what the score ticker does and I like what NCAA was able to accomplish with their in-game updates but the one thing that neither of them do is give you a quick, complete look at your leagues action in one fell swoop. What I'd like to see is something like this where a couple times a game they take a second to show you the progress of each game in the league. You could add a little bit by highlighting the "Game of the Week" or highlighting divisional games within this so you can easily see what the whole league is doing as well as be notified of information directly relevant to your season. I'm not a huge fan of halftime shows so this could be something that pops up as well at the end of your game highlights to give you another quick update. This could also work with NCAA style gamebreaks but the one thing I'd worry about is creating too many breaks in gameplay although something like this could easily be remedied by frequency options.

Playoff Presentation

As mentioned before something that is very important is ramping up the feel and atmosphere of playoff games to be something more than the average game. If you make every game have that "rock concert" feeling that they're trying to sell then the games that actually need to have that kind of intensity lose some of their vigor. I won't really get into atmosphere but that is something that also needs a lot of attention when it comes to separating itself when it comes to playoff games. But as to the example here, I'd like to see more stat overlays that reflect season numbers as well as broadcast overlays that let you know you're in the playoffs. Throw in some things like camera angles and replays that are unique to the postseason and playoff games start to feel a bit more special.

Postseason Awards

This is another thing that gets buried within the menus that I'd like to bring to the forefront just to keep the user more in tune with what's happening around their league. The idea is that there would be a stage somewhere following the end of the regular season where the user could cycle through the yearly awards and get a look at the players stats that earned them their honors. It's a small thing but would be a nice touch to keep players aware of the big awards without them being buried in menus or limited by the newsfeed.

On to the lifeblood of any franchise mode IMO, the off-season. If that first sentence didn't tell you, the off-season is probably my favorite part of playing a franchise. There have been a few things you may have noticed that I haven't mentioned too much of yet like XP, Goals, and Scouting which have been more regular season things but I'll get to those and how I think they should be handled here.

Off-Season Hub

I talked about the menus before and one thing I'd like to see when it comes to the off-season is a centralized hub/checklist that takes you through each stage of the off-season. This is something that was done in the older Madden's and is much easier and convenient to navigate. You can see above each stage of the off-season I will be going through.


Nothing really to add here but I'd definitely change how the user is notified of retirements. They don't need to be buried or clutter up the transaction log and the news feed will never be able to keep up with them all so I'd do something similar to the way they used to be and what I suggested for the waiver wire. Just make this the first stage of the off-season and take the user to a View Roster type screen where all retirements can be seen in one place and sortable by All and by position.

Coaching Staff

This is a big one. There needs to be some kind of representation of a full coaching staff. We had coordinators over ten years ago and the fact that there has been no progress on that front is extremely disappointing from a team building standpoint. GM's are another thing I'd like to see but that goes above the basic coaching staff so I won't talk about that too much here.

Player Development

What I'd like to see is a coaching staff that consisted of OC, DC, QB, RB, WR, OL, DL, LB, DB, ST, S&C. It'd be nice if they could get all the real coaches but not completely necessary. The more real coaches the better but authentic OC's and DC's with ficitonal position coaches or just entirely fictional staffs while not ideal would be perfectly fine. The biggest key with the coaching staff is making sure that they have a tangible effect on your team as to make them worthwhile. What I'd like to see is that each position coach has some sort of XP discount on certain attributes relevant to their positions. Another factor would be some sort of development rating that is tied to each coach that plays a role in how much XP a player earns for a given task. Coaches wouldn't be the determining factor when it came to player development as player potential, player type and injuries would also play a role in how much XP is earned as well as how much it might cost to upgrade a certain attribute. The biggest thing is that they'd play a role in player development which is by far more realistic than the current goal-based system. You could have coaches progress, regress, retire, etc. as well as earn promotions from other teams adding another element of teambuilding to franchise mode.

Coach Traits

This would be something that would give each coach their personality. The traits could range from attribute discounts to development ability or aggressivenss and philosophy. There could be a certain Coach Status trait where someone like Andy Reid would have Well-Respected which would positivly affect Team Chemistry while a young coach may have the unproven trait making it harder to keep players happy through tough times. Another idea I had which I kind of mentioned earlier when talking about playstyles is a trait that determines whether a coach calls plays or defers that to a coordinator and their playbook. Little things like that just to mix things up and make things a bit more exciting and dynamic.

Coaching Trees

This is a big one when it comes to building a staff. Teams would identify coaches on the rise who have progressed well and target them for head coaching positions. If this happens to one of your coaches you can expect him to poach your staff a bit and take a couple guys with him along the way. Maybe your OC gets hired to be a HC and then he takes your QB coach as an OC and one of your defensive coaches as a DC and all of a sudden losing one coach turns into losing three or more. Also if you hire a new HC in a similar fashion he would come with a list of suggested coaches that he may want to bring with him while giving the user the opportunity to choose between them or their own handpicked staff. To add to this you could have an influx of fictional coaches from college that bring with them new staff members that you've never seen before so there is a constant plethora of coaches at every position coming and going.

Rookie Scouting

The first thing that I think of when it comes to scouting is shallow. The biggest thing I want to add is the ability to have more depth. More information, more variables, more everything. I also want to add some elements that add a bit of immersion on an outside level as well. And the single most important thing is allowing the user to tailor their experience to their preferred depth and accessibility. I don't want scouting to be this tedious process where you have to sift through and work for every bit of information if that's not something you want to do.

Coach Evaluations

I recently came across images from the Raiders 2010 Coaching Staff Draft Evaluations and going through the images and seeing how their coaches graded and scouted players was pretty cool and is something that I think would translate well to Madden especially if they were to add coaching staffs. The way I'd think of it is essentially an expanded version of the Xbox/PS2 scouting. You get some blurbs and statements about the pros and cons of the player as well as projections on where that player might fit on your current roster as well as short term and long term projections on the players overall ability.

Player Grades

The fact that we only get to scout the three best attributes is pretty absurd to me. It's not a good way to get a unique profile of a player or even allow the user to know the information they might want to know about a given player. I'd like to see this expanded to where you have the option to scout all relevant attributes to the position so you can get a more full player profile. Scouted attributes for each position would be something similar to this:


Medical Evaluation

This goes along with the expanded injury system I laid out. When scouting a player you'd receive a look at his injury profile along with an overall medical grade. The higher the grade, the more sound his health. The lower the grade and it could be a possibility of a consistently injured player or a sign of something that may potentially derail or end his career.

Projections & Mock Drafts

Now this wouldn't exactly all be a part of scouting a player, but would still be something that would show up on his scouting player card. Every year once the off-season hits the first thing you hear about is every analysts mock drafts. Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, Mike Mayock, everyone. Everyone and their mother mocks the draft and this is something I wouldn't mind seeing represented in Madden. This is something I've mocked this up before to a further extent but I don't think it needs to be as in-depth as that where I had each analyst grade players on each attribute. I think having each analyst simply have a projection as well as a first round mock would do the job. It would be mostly aesthetic but one of those cool little things to see and watch while also being somewhat relevant to what you're doing. And with this you don't necessarily need the analysts to be real NFL people like Kiper, McShay, Mayock, etc. As cool as that would be they could create their own analysts with their own "personalities" when it comes to their mock drafts and assessments which I think would be kind of cool for something like this. In addition and probably more importantly than this, you'd get projections from your position coach as part of his coach evaluation and you'd also have a scouting department or agency that would give you projections as well. So in total you'd have five different projections that could range all over the place and it is something that's a bit more expansive and mysterious than the current projection system.

College Stats

This is another kind of aesthetic thing that could add to the rookies scouting card. Even if mostly aesthetic it would be a cool thing to see a players college stats as well as potentially being used to hint at players trending upward, downward and so on.


Only thing here really is an option for non-static Combine data i.e. 4.32 40-time doesn't always equal 97 SPD and 44 reps doesn't always equal 97 STR, etc. A potential remedy for this could also be adding Pro-Days so that a player has two separate forms of data tied to him so there is a little bit more of a mystery there. This would also allow the game the emulate the scenario of players missing, skipping or not being invited to the combine limiting the amount of physical data you have on the player. The main thing is making there be a bit of mystery behind the numbers and at least having the option to make them a bit tougher to read.

Scouting Process

Like I said one of the key things I want when it comes to scouting is options. With adding more factors to scouting the important thing is to finding a way to give that information to those that don't really want to spend as much time trying to obtain it. I'm going to go through a few options of how scouting under this format could be handled so that you can make as many people happy as possible.


Auto would take all the trouble out of scouting. You'd have every piece of information on every prospect from the second your season started. You'd still have to wait until the offseason to get combine data but everything else would be available immediately.


Basic would be an expanded version of the current system. Instead of spending points you'd have an alotted amount of either players you could scout or hours you could spend scouting. So let's just say you can scout five players per week starting in the preseason through the Super Bowl so that's 125 players. When you chose to scout a player you'd get a letter grade for every attribute relevant to that players position instead of only his three best like mentioned above. You could even provide an option within this to use the old format of 3 best attributes with options for 3, 5, 7, and 9 or even allow the user the choice of their own attributes rather than just the best.


Enhanced would follow the same format as Basic where it's either something like hours or number of players but it would give you more information. In addition to the letter grades you'd also get the coach evaluations and medical and would get the full scouting report on a player.


Full would allow the user to tailor the amount of information they get on each player to their liking. Each week you'd be given an amount of hours to spend on players and each bit of information would cost an amount of hours to acquire. The more hours you spend the more information on that player you'd get until you had the full report on him. Coach Evals would require a certain amount of hours while getting letter grade hours would scale to the amount of information you wanted. So let's say you spend the least amount of time on a player for letter grades you get to choose one or two attributes to reveal and there's a few levels in between that and a full report where the hours increase. Obviously some of this would have to be scaled for positions like OL because they only have a few relevant attributes while LB's have way more.

Free Agency

This is a tough one. The biggest issue that kills free agency for me is the fact that it's so easy to get any player I want with no trouble at all. So outside of the realm of AI and CPU aggressiveness I'm not sure really how to improve free agency. The main thing I want to feel is the sense of fighting for players and it might sound strange but I think it's actually more fun when you get beat out and lose certain guys you're bidding for. Obviously you don't want signing good players to be impossible but it should be something that feels rewarding and in my opinion that's something that greatly lacks when it comes to Madden.

Restricted Free Agents

Pretty straightforward and should honestly be a necessity when it comes to an NFL franchise mode. This is something every team deals with every single year and should be properly represented, not much else to say.

Signing Free Agents

Like I said before this is tough. This isn't something that hasn't really ever been done well in my opinion and is something that's really hard to create something both fun and realistic. I liked the old system with days where as you were in the free agency screen you could offer contracts but after a certain amount of time the day would advance. I also liked the timed bidding that M12 had but the problem with both was that they could both be gamed pretty easily taking most of the fun out of it.

It's not entirely authentic but I like the idea of some kind of visit system where you're alloted one or two visits (options for more) per day and you have to prioritize and try to schedule the guys you want the most as quickly as possible to enter negotiations. Some guys might sign on a visit with their first or second team, some might take multiple visits and then mull all the offers before choosing one. It would be far from perfect but one of my biggest issues with FA is the fact that you're given so much freedom and control over everything and you never get a sense that you're at risk of losing out on someone and I think this could help with that.

Going back to the day-by-day and the timed bidding system, I think both could work well if they were expanded a bit to be more dynamic. The big problem with the day-by-day system is that CPU teams would only offer contracts and players would only sign when the day advanced. And the big problem with the bidding in M12 was that you could easily just stalk the timer and guarantee that you'd pretty much always get who you wanted. I think a combination of these two systems could work well with some tweaks. I think if you're going to have a timer it has to be turned off or have the option to be turned off to maintain some integrity. I also think that having situations where bids are accepted and bidding ends in the middle of the timer. I think not being able to see other teams offers is also a key to making things a bit more interesting. Obviously you have to have a ballpark but showing their exact contract details or letting the user know they're the leading candidate is a bit too "hand-holdy" for me.

Free agency is a really tough thing that would take a lot of tuning and honestly I don't really have a solid solution for it. I just know it's something that could definitely be improved upon to be something more exciting and rewarding for the user.

Roster Strategy

Within the current system I'd like to see some sort of roster strategy similar to what The Show has with options like Rebuilding, Win Now, etc. When it comes to free agency, a rebuilding team will look for younger players with upside while a Win Now team would be more willing to spend big bucks on a highly rated, aging veteran. This could also be something that extends to trades as teams that were rebuilding would be looking to acquire more draft picks and young players while another may be willing to part with those things. This is something that would also benefit users who simulate as they could set a path or direction for their team and have the AI act accordingly without having to worry too much.

Team Traits

This is something I'd like to see for all parts of the off-season but I'll talk about it here. Traits like Free Agency Aggressiveness, Draft Pick Strategy, Draft Trade Strategy, etc. would give teams a more uniqueness that they currently lack. You'd see teams like the Packers being extremely passive in free agency and building through the draft while other teams like the Redskins would be big spenders every year. If GM's were ever added these traits could be applied to them rather than the teams adding another element of depth to the off-season.

Free Agency Difficulty

This could be something given to the user to tailor the experience to their liking. Easy would be basic free agency without much trouble, Normal would make teams a bit more aggressive and players a bit harder to compete for, Hard would make teams very aggressive in going after their players and more willing to outbid teams for players they really wanted. The one thing I really want when it comes to free agency is for it to feel rewarding and challenging and something like this could go a long way in allowing the user to decide how easy or hard they want this part to be.

The Draft

Similar to free agency outside of AI I don't have much to really add to the actual process of drafting but the one thing I want to hit on is draft presentation. Outside of preseason games, the draft is probably the single most boring process in CFM. The NFL Draft has gone from an untelevised, 17-round marathon to a three-day, seven-round spectacle over the years. Whether it be the Eli Manning vs. the Chargers saga, Aaron Rodgers' draft day plummett, or even a gas mask bong tweet, the draft is always filled with drama and excitement. However when it comes to Madden, there is no drama. There is no excitement, no emotion, no spectacle and not much of anything in regards to the presentation as a whole. The storyline aspect was a good idea but ultimately fell hollow and didn't add nearly enough as it only applied to ten out of nearly 300 prospects and became completely inconsequential the second Trey Wingo or Adam Schefter stopped talking. What I'd like to see is something that is a mix of what we currently have, but taken a bit further, mixed with an actual NFL draft type broadcast.

Visual Presentation

The goal here would be to create a look that resembles an NFL Draft broadcast but maintains all of the same accessibitly that is needed. It would be much better if the screen both looked like what we see on TV but also allowed for everything at our fingertips in the process.

So to start, what was the CFM ticker now becomes the Draft Ticker. Just as you see on TV it would scroll through the rounds showing who's been picked as well as the upcoming order in the draft. This would work similar to what I mentioned earlier where at any point you could press a thumbstick or other button tied to the ticker and it would give you a round summary of whatever you were on in the ticker.

In addition to this there would be additional sidebars at the bottom and right side of the screen. The sidebar on the right would scroll through relevant information to the team that is on the clock. Things like past first round picks, team stats from the most recent season, free agent acquisitons and losses, team needs and roster breakdown. The bottom bar would show the teams on the clock as well as the upcoming teams and would scroll through information like analysts best available and where picks would be displayed once made, similar to a TV broadcast. When a pick was made the player card would momentarily take place of the user section of the screen showing the player just selected along with their attributes

Draft Commentary

This is something that I think would add a lot to the experience. Have a two-man crew similar to Gaudin and Davis that can come in as often as possible and continously record dialogue for the draft. One would be the host while the other would be the Kiper-esque personality that would talk about the teams and picks. I mentioned earlier when I talked about analyst mock drafts how they could use fictional personalities and that could be what they use here. This would be something I'd liken it to listening to the draft on the radio while you're playing through it and the idea is to create something to cut down on the boredom and lifelessness of the draft and make it something that is enjoyable and immersive.

So first off let's talk about what could be said in between picks. Part of what makes things immersive is when real stats and situations from your franchise are talked about and that rings true here as well.

Here's a couple examples of some banter that could take place in between picks to fill a lot of the dead space. I'm using a fictional broadcast team of Barry Moore & "EA Sports Draft Guru" Ted Harlow.

And now I'm going to give a couple examples of how pick analysis could be handled using the first two examples with the Jaguars and Broncos:

So that's probably a lot to take in and this is something that obviously would be a huge undertaking but I think it would take the draft from being one of the most boring and lifeless parts of CFM to one of the most engaging and immersive. The thing with all of the commentary I outlined above is that with the exception of mentioning teams, it is all generic statements that could be used for every single team and player which sounds bad on the surface but actually ends up working really well. Whether it be talking about a past teams performance or their needs or talking about a players skill set, it's all stuff that can be used interchangeably to create new and unique statements. I outlined in this similar post that a lot of the draft day analysis is quite generic and can even carry some storylines within that genericism. And the biggest positive to a system like this is that it has unlimited usability. You don't have to take anything out year-to-year and you can just continue building the catalog of audio on top of everything else making it better and better each year. It would be quite the task but I think it would be one of those things that once it was done, wouldn't take a lot of maintenance and would only get better with the more lines they added and if they could do something similar to the weekly updates planned with Gaudin and Davis then it would benefit this greatly.

Draft Crowd Reactions

This was something that I thought was really cool from the old Madden's that I think would fit well here. Back then when you'd draft a player you'd either get a positive reaction, negative reaction, or no reaction from the "draft crowd." It was a small thing but it kind of added a nice element to the pick you made and gave you a quick hint of whether or not you reached on a player high in the draft or hit on a player deep in the draft. It was also something that gave you a rewarding feeling when it happened and made going through the draft more enjoyable.

Post-Draft Grades

Another thing from Madden's past that is probably looked at as largely inconsequential but I really enjoyed. This is also something that could be tied into the draft analysts I've mentioned and really wrap something like that all together. This is something that showed your highest pick as well as your "best pick" and was paired with a draft grade. The grade itself was mostly irrelevant but gave you a good idea of who drafted well and who didn't and was one of those cool features that made you feel like you were immersed in a living franchise. Could also be another purpose for the analysts to contribute where you'd get three different grades on your draft.

Compensatory Picks

This is basically a full round of the draft that we miss out on. These picks are based on what you lose vs. what you sign in free agency so there is also some added element of strategy or thinking within it. The logic behind it wouldn't have to be perfect, just coherent.

Undrafted Free-Agents

Signing UDFA's is something that I wish was represented better when it comes to post draft. The idea I have is to have an expedited 10 to 15 round UDFA draft right after the actual draft. Each round would have a randomized order to select from the remaining pool and teams could either choose to pick a player or defer their selection.

Rookie Mini-Camp, OTA's and Training Camp

This would be where I'd like to see the majority of your teams progression take place. I'd like to see progression take a turn from having such a huge focus on goals to having more of a focus on player potential, coaching staffs, and the off-season programs. That doesn't mean that what you do during the regular season would be null and void, it just means that the bulk of the XP that you gained would be gained here. Each of the three phases would play out more or less the same and would vary in length of days. Basically the idea would be that each day you'd have a schedule of practice activities (Red Zone, 11-on-11's, 1-on-1's, 9-on-7's, 7-on-7's, etc.) which would be the same across the board for every team.

So my initial idea was rather than have players earn global XP available to use on anything, having them earn XP towards specific attributes. Now how this would work in terms of training camp would be that each drill would come with it's own set of attributes that earn XP for each position in a given drill. So let's take 1-on-1's, DL would have a chance to earn things like BS, PWM, and FMV while OL would have a chance to earn XP towards PBK or RBK. Conversely, a WR would have a chance to earn towards CTH, RTE, and CIT while a DB would earn XP towards AWR/PRC and MCV. The amount of XP players would earn day-to-day wouldn't be much but would add up over time. This is obviously more restrictive so it wouldn't be for everyone but I think it would be much better than the anything goes nature currently but I would definitely want to have the option there for players to be able to spend XP however they choose.

Another added element to this would be the ability to have a good or bad practice. Players with higher potential would have a better chance of having good practices which would give them additional XP earned for that day. Same goes for players with low potential, they'd be more susceptible to having bad practices and having the amount of XP they earn reduced. There would also be a normal or average practice where players would receive the base amount of XP based on their position coach and potential. This is where having a good coaching staff would be really beneficial as well as having higher rated coaches would result in better chances for their position group to have good practices. Also players near the top of your depth chart would be more likely to incur either a good or bad practice while players in the middle would be far more likely to see normal results and players near the bottom of your depth chart would be at an increased chance of having poor results to emulate limited reps. You could take this a bit further and have the ability for a player to have a good or bad portion of each practice but I think that might be a little too much.

In addition to this, each day the user would have the ability to choose a portion of practice to emphasize. I think I'd limit this to being just a training camp thing but it's something that would add some risk/reward to whole thing. The idea is that you'd choose one part of practice to emphasize every day and with that comes the ability to earn both more or less XP. If a player has a good practice then he could earn double XP for whatever is emphasized while if he has a bad practice he suffers a more severe penalty and risks even gaining no XP at all for that portion.

One final thing with this is the possibility of injuries each day. This would be something the user could turn off as a lot of people wouldn't want to likely deal with injuries during simulation. Depending on the type of practice injuries would be more or less common. Padded practices would come with greater risks of injuries while non-padded would be less of a risk. As far as serious injuries are concerned, they'd be more rare but still possible but the main injuries you would see are nagging type injuries that would keep players from being able to practice for a given number of days. If a player is unable to practice he would automatically be subject to the poor XP earnings until he returned and it would only be earned towards an attribute like AWR/PRC to emulate film/playbook study.

Users would have the option to have to camp reports either daily, at the end of each phase, or both. Daily reports would show you how each player performed for that given day while the end of phase reports would give you a summary of each player and how well they did over the course of that phase with the number of good and bad practices. This way the user could move as quickly or methodically through each phase and still be just as aware of how each player on his roster is fairing and progressing.

Rookie Mini-Camp

Immediately following the draft would be a three-day Rookie Mini-Camp. You'd need a minimum number of rookies to start this phase as they would be the only players participating. The rookies would be made up of your draft picks, UDFA's, and any additional players you choose on a try-out basis. The amount of drills for each practice would be limited and exclusive to the non-contact variety meaning that XP earnings would also be limited. At the end of this phase you'd get a report as well as potential suggestions from position coaches on try-out players possibly worth signing.


This could either be handled in three blocks of two three-day OTA's and one four-day OTA or to make things easier, one ten-day block of practices. I think if advancing through CFM were to change to a more calendar-esque system that the first option would be best. It would allow for players potentially injured during one of the portions additional days to heal up along with being a bit more realistic but the latter could work as well. Either way you're looking at 10 practices with your entire roster (this is where you could also emulate a player holding out by not attending). This would follow the same format as before of getting reports daily or at the end of each phase.

Training Camp

This is where things would amp up. Padded, full-contact practices would come with increased injury risks but this would also be the longest (21 days) and most important portion of off-season training. The whole allotment of drills would be available each day meaning more XP to be gained as well. Position coaches would identify camp battles within position groups that would be highlighted throughout. This would, ideally using the calendar system to advance days, carry into the first couple weeks of preseason adding in potential injury elements of camp injuries keeping them from playing in games and vice versa.

Top 100

This would be something that would be as pointless in your franchise as it is in real life but still something that's fun and that's the Top 100 list. It could be something that is loosely based on OVR's and is just one of those things that the news feed talks about that is kind of cool. As I've mentioned many times before, it's just another thing that adds to the immersion of playing in a living world. Every year it changes and the further you get into your franchise, the more you start to see the generated players and the players you've developed.


Expanded Player Card

This isn't something huge but expanding the player card a bit more would be nice. Having things like career stats show the teams they've played for should be something that is shown. Tracking player accomplishments as well as transactions is also something I'd like to see. Making it all more accessible and easy to find for the user is the biggest thing.

Player Ratings

Obviously these are never going to go away so asking for outright hidden ratings is pointless. However in terms of CFM I think it can be argued that doing so can be something that not only adds more of a challenge, but also makes things more realistic in it's own way. So what I'd like to see is three options of viewing player ratings: Hidden, Perceived, and Traditional.


All non-physical ratings are completely hidden. Physical ratings are represented in combine numbers or by a letter grade. I think combine numbers would do a better job at conveying a more accurate perception than a letter grade which is important. If you have a guy with 99 SPD, you want to know he's fast or strong or whatever. Letter grades can give you the perception that a player is much better or worse at something than he actually is so I'd probably keep those away from physical attributes.


All ratings are non-exact. This could be done with numbers but I think the easier way to do this would be to break down ratings into letter grades. No +/-'s, just letters. You could take this further by having your position coaches rating them and the better the coach, the more accurate depiction of ratings. Physical attributes would again be viewed as combine numbers with everything else letter grades. The key with the letter grades would be to make their ranges not only overlap but to also have the middle levels have a much wider range than the A's and the F's so that you're still able to fairly easily identify the top-tier players as well as players who aren't worth much at all. It's something that just creates an added element of strategy and challenge when it comes to progressing, cutting, signing, and drafting players and something that I think would make franchise a better experience.


Traditional, exact ratings. Everything is how it would normally look with all exact numerical ratings for every player.

The main thing with this is trying to allow as many people to play the way they want to play as possible. By creating more options you have a greater chance of covering and including more of your player base which is something that should always be considered.

Player Potential

I want to echo the same sentiments as I did for player ratings here. Player potential is absolutely something I do not ever want to see because it ruins some of the fun of building a roster and developing players. So I'd like to see the same type of option as I mentioned for player ratings for player potential.

With that, I like the idea of dynamic player potential but as with many other things, I'm not a fan of the implementation. Basing something as important as a players development trait on things like weekly and/or yearly awards doesn't make too much sense to me. I don't necessarily mind the idea of having a players potential boosted or reduced based on their performance but I think it should be one of the lowest things that affects it. What I wouldn't mind seeing is a slightly more restricted player potential but something that is still dynamic. Instead of having static Poor or Superstar type development traits I'd like to see more career oriented player potential categories. A couple of examples:
  • Flash in the Pan: A player that has average or poor bumps up to superstar potential for one or two seasons but then falls back to average or poor
  • Late Bloomer: A player that starts with Average to Poor potential but then bumps up later in his career
  • Boom or Bust: A player who's potential could be entirely based on something like a coaching staff or his performance in his first training camp
  • Fast Rise Early Demise: A player that starts with Good Potential and quickly bumps up to Superstar but loses it all
  • Journey Man: A player that constantly bumps between Good and Below Average potential. Good enough to stay in the league, not good enough to be more than an average player

Those are just a few examples but it's something that could maintain that dynamic element while following a more baseline career curve for players rather than potentially having them all over the place based on goals and performance. It's not a perfect method but it's something that I'd feel is more realistic than the current system and something that would be fun given that potential was hidden and these unexpected dips and rises would be allowed to happen organically.

And with that, you're into another season of CFM. I completely understand that a lot of this is probably stuff that doesn't appeal to a lot of people as well as that none of this is stuff that will just appear in Madden overnight and to add everything here would probably take years upon years. I'm not expecting all or any of this to be in M18 or ever end up in Madden but I wanted to lay out the type of CFM that I would enjoy playing and what I'd want it to look like. Obviously it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea but if you disagree with anything here I encourage you to post your thoughts on any areas that you'd like see fleshed out or options you'd like to have. If there's any questions about a certain section that is confusing or that you'd like me to expand on, I'll do my best to clear any confusion and lay it out in greater detial. Also, anything else that you'd like to see mocked up like I've done here just let me know and I'll try to come up with something. Like I said before, my main goal is to have CFM become something that can be enjoyed by both the most hardcore franchise player as well as the average casual gamer.

If you've made it this far I really appreciate it and hope you've enjoyed what you've read and seen. Let me know your thoughts and have a great day! Thank you for your time.
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Re: Connected Franchise Mode: A Rebuild

I think free agency would benefit from a similar system to recruiting in NCAA 14. "Free agent" points could be assigned to each player alongside a bonus for what your franchise offers them. Once you reach a certain number you can offer a contract. Example would be reigning SB champs could have such a high number they can offer a contract on week 1. But the Browns would get laughed at immediately because they can only offer disappointment and sorrow.
If you and another team both reach the "target" you can have a battle with contracts. Knowing what they offer and you offer. The player could then play you both off to get more money out of you both
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Re: Connected Franchise Mode: A Rebuild

Just imagine how much we'd all lose our minds if Rex has read this and posts "some great ideas there...", dreams...
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Re: Connected Franchise Mode: A Rebuild

Originally Posted by mrprice33

2) They've expanded how overall is calculated based on scheme and player type. I really want this blown out for the future, and am like halfway through a write up on it. Would that be something that would be of interest to people? If you could basically set the types of players you want in certain spots, and the game would recalculate the OVR based off your desires?

Yes. Yes and yes. One caveat will the player's desire/cost to resign be based on my "adjusted" overall or their raw/default overall?
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Re: Connected Franchise Mode: A Rebuild

I would love to see position battles make there way back into the game. I can't remember which versions had this but it needs to come back.
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Re: Connected Franchise Mode: A Rebuild

Originally Posted by SyncereBlackout
Yes. Yes and yes. One caveat will the player's desire/cost to resign be based on my "adjusted" overall or their raw/default overall?
It should be based on his overall as player tyoe and demand for his type at that position.
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