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Missing PAT

Love 17 but the only problem for me is that I miss literally every PAT. Anyone else having this problem? I guess I just suck at kicking...
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Re: Missing PAT

The lag online with kicking is no joke

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Re: Missing PAT

If you're playing online don't feel too bad. Was playing a game earlier where me and my oppenent stopped kicking all together, the lag was making it impossible.

If you're having trouble offline try picking a different "aiming point" for your accuracy. You don't wanna hitX(A) when the meter is in the accuracy square but slightly before it.
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Re: Missing PAT

online can be a headache at times with the new kicking meter, but for online PAT, all I do is just put half power and I seem to have better luck making them and getting it near the sweet spot. (the black bar)

I'm pretty good from 50+ with the kicking meter. So far I'm 5 for 5 on 50+ att. for online matches.
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Re: Missing PAT

Originally Posted by spartyon6686
I guess I just suck at kicking...
Not to be a complete dick but yeah pretty much. Do you really think you'd need to make this post a week from now for instance? You'll get used to it, and after you do you'll never miss another kick again, like every other year with this game.
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Re: Missing PAT

I've had zero lag online SO FAR... but that was pre-release.
I have missed FG's and 1 XP so far.. Which I'll take over automatic kicking

Don't know if true or not but:

Originally Posted by TheBleedingRed21
The kicking is supposedly user side so there should be no lag. This was done to prevent lag causing misses.
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Re: Missing PAT

I just missed one today and it was kinda refreshing lol
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Re: Missing PAT

Kicking actually takes focus this year and I actually like it. I'm gonna miss punting and sending my opponent at the 1 yard line this year but I believe it is going in the right direction. I've been very consistent with most of my fgs, most of my misses come from the game failing to recognize my button press to set the power due to lightly tapping the button. I just had one game send me into overtime due to me missing a long fg and hitting the pole directly but I remember mistakenly setting the arch direction to early and having to compensate by setting the accuracy part thinking I had it only to hit the pole but it just made the game for me even more enjoyable.

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