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Re: AI QB Scrambles

Wanted to separate this out from the main Bugs and dev tweets thread to discuss.
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Re: AI QB Scrambles

Originally Posted by fistofrage
It only takes a a few dozen simulations to see if sim stats are on and that goes pretty quick. Sim a few seasons to see if draft classes work and season total sim stats seem reasonable.

It only took me about 5 minutes to realize the fga slider was broken just like last year, etc.

After about 10 games you could verify there is an issue with the QB scrambles.

I am not saying you can catch everything, but a group of people should be able to catch the major items.

It all depends what each individual person is looking it, but some of the things are noticable right away and still make it in. Of course there is the question if it can be easily fixed.

So I'm glad that they have guys like you that they allow to test, but it is boggling how some major issues creep in, like the scrambling issue and in the last NCAA football game, the safety play was so horrid that you could go over the top whenever you needed it on 3rd and long. That only took about 5 games to realize that was a game breaker.

Yeah, some of those things got caught but not fixed in time. Everything with this process is time and resources.

Also there are times where something is fine in testing but a change to other logic affects that which was fine the day before. The point is that you shouldn't assume anything about how these games get tested just because there are bugs post release. There are bugs in everything, and it's a lot easier to find when there are millions of people playing at once than the 10 of us in a gameplay session or the 50-100 in QA.

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Re: AI QB Scrambles

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