AI Punts Going 4 Yards

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Re: AI Punts Going 4 Yards

Originally Posted by Mike Lowe
Millennium told me the EA team is aware and it's because of the AI using sky punts.
This explains why I kicked a two-yard sky punt with maximum power the other evening.

I wasn't even mad. lol
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Re: AI Punts Going 4 Yards

I had this happen to me, I just figured it was a glitch (well, I guess it is).

I was just doing a play now game, so I just thought it was funny. It bounced off of one of my guys heads when it came straight down and another one of my guys recovered it luckily. Then I was super close, which felt kind of cheesy.

I hope it's fixed before I get into serious franchise mode games.
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Re: AI Punts Going 4 Yards

I've actually had the exact opposite problem. Every game I've played so far the CPU just destroys every punt. I'm fairly certain every game I've played they've ended the game with a mid-50's average which results in me averaging 15-20 yards every return. This could be an issue in CFM with no CPU special teams sliders.
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