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Offensive Lineman Injuries

I know they don't exist for the user team, but do offensive line injuries happen to other teams as you sim their games? Has anyone come up with a way to handle offensive line "injuries"?

I was thinking of coming up with some sort of random injury system for your own team. At halftime (or after) every game, there would be a chance for one (or more) of your lineman to be hurt for a period of time. Obviously you don't want to overdo it and want to keep it as realistic as possible but it would be better than having the same 5 lineman play every snap every season.
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Re: Offensive Lineman Injuries

Only time I seen linemen get injured was recovering fumbles, when they try to gain yards

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Re: Offensive Lineman Injuries

There's a thread on here with a detailed system to randomly deal with this yourself.

For me, I always 'play the moments' the entire second quarter, and while simming I make the OL's vulnerable. I also house rule if I'm up by 28 I have to go to sim - so there's sometimes injuries there.
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Re: Offensive Lineman Injuries

I only play weeks 4, 8, 12 and sixteen. I sim the rest with injuries at 52. I am currently in week 9 and have two of my starting o line out for several weeks.
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Re: Offensive Lineman Injuries

I start another CFM that sim only. O linemen will get injured while simming. I set up the same o line as my real CFM in the sim CFM. No need to set everything up, just be sure the quarter length, fatigue, and injury slider match your real CFM.

Each week I advance the sim CFM to keep pace with the real one and note any o line injuries (ignore the others).If an o lineman was injured, I move him down the depth chart and don't use him in my real CFM until he is set to return from his injury.

At some point, your sim CFM personnel may diverge from your real CFM personnel. At that point just find a free agent o lineman with the same injury rating as the lineman in your real CFM to use as a stand in. If he gets injured, the guy he represents gets injured.

The only real draw back is that you can't IR the guy in your real CFM, but I welcome the added roster management challenge. You could always opt to cut the player and deal with those consequences if a roster spot opening is critical.

It's really very easy and takes minutes to set up and run. It gives you reason to maintain o line depth in your CFM and adds a sorely missing spark of reality to the equation. It's not perfect, but it's way better than the alternative if you're a person that likes to play vs simming your games.

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