Do you think Madden "picks" winners of games??

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Re: Do you think Madden "picks" winners of games??

Originally Posted by Aestis
I'd call this confirmation bias. ALL the time, and I watch a lot of games as the league commish, I see momentum shifts, where everything goes one direction for a while, then the other team catches some breaks. The teams who give up when they see "it is going to be one of those games" in the first quarter don't tend to get those momentum shifts. This isn't a coincidence.

Sure, sometimes in a game luck is tilted heavily toward one team. It happens. But you can't tell in the first quarter what's going to happen in the second half, and the idea it's predetermined is ludicrous.

Just like the moon landing, there's going to be a group that has their mind made up regardless of any evidence. So be it, can't change that mind. But for the folks reading this who are reading to see if there's any rational basis for this belief: it's tin foil hat territory.
You would do well to read my other replies before digging for your own theories in one of my posts. I've said about 3 times in this thread that it can be overcome and that a WINNER is not chosen, however one team sometimes IS given the handicap advantage out of the gate. Momentum can shift sure but it is an uphill battle when you start out with the disadvantage.

Comparing me saying this to moon landing theory is ludicrous. Are you an EA developer, do you know the code by heart and understand it thoroughly? If so then please explain to me EVERYTHING that adds a multiplier and divider to dice rolls, that would be extremely helpful if not your experience is subjective like the rest of us.

There has been coding in the past that dealt with handing momentum to one side at the beginning of the game such as hot and cold streaks, when traits were first introduced it added elements that effected the game from the start. I don't agree that a winner is chosen but if even after I have won a game I can certainly feel like the game cheated one of the players (and yes I have even had games where really ridiculous things happen in my favor and I can admit that the other player was getting cheated by the game). Call it confirmation bias but unless you can explain every mitigating factor that effects momentum and dice rolls your experience is just as biased as mine.

With that said, now that I have been accused of my thoughts on this subject being in line with conspiracy theory, I am done with this thread. You all have fun.

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