After all the patches, how good is this Madden from a sim-gamers standpoint?

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Re: After all the patches, how good is this Madden from a sim-gamers standpoint?

Originally Posted by Thunderhorse
I was supposed to lose the conference championship in my offline franchise the other night.

It was 4th and long, literally a minute and some change left in the game. I call a cover 4 because I want underneath coverage in case of Robo QB should I fail to pressure him into a throw. I figure shading my 4 deep coverage guys to defend over the top will essentially give me the prevent look I'm trying to show.

After the quarterback snapped the ball my Cornerback proceeded to sprint towards the opposite sideline. The Wide Receiver literally ran by himself and walked into the endzone.

I cut the game off and just started over. This is why I cannot play this game online. At least when it's offline, I can just quit and start the game over when I'm seeing the AI blatantly cheat to manufacture a "close, competitive" game.

Another example is run fits. I love that they are trying to do this - but it's like it doesn't even matter. If the game wants a running play to pop, it's going to pop regradless of your playcall. I had a situation where I came out in a 4-4 against a 3WR 1RB 1TE formation because the computer was intent on giving the AI RB the ball 30 times that game. I demolished the right side of the line with my defensive end, taking up three offensive blockers, the RB still took it to the house for like 40 yards.

I go to the replay because I'm absolutely dumbfounded at how this could have happened. Then I watch a safety refuse to move after the snap, STEP INSIDE so the tight end can perfectly create an edge, and also manage to block the OLB trying to pursue simply by engaging the tight end. The safety was the guy who is supposed to at least try to set the edge and the ai wouldn't even let the guy take a step forward. The entire time he stood still, which created this manufactured, completely inorganic moment where I had no control over the outcome of the game.

The game isn't terrible. But it will lie to your eyes. If you can't get over the lack of fundamentals and animations in the game then it still isn't time to purchase.
I promise you, you'll never, well, never say never, let me say hardly ever, see crap like this w/ the OOTB version, at least on Xbox1 w/ v1.01, I haven't seen crap like that.
Were you on All-Madden? Or AP?
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