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Madden on Nintendo Switch

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Re: Madden on Nintendo Switch

Nothing announced by Nintendo at their conference today. As expected. EA just sucks.
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Re: Madden on Nintendo Switch

I wouldn't blame EA for not making madden for switch. I would blame Nintendo for putting out a console that is inferior to the xbox one and PS4. For the record I own a switch and love their first party titles.

Seems like for madden to go over to switch, it would need to be on the ignite engine like fifa. Not sure if the Switch has the same power to run frostbite like the xbox one and PS4 do. Heck madden is already advertising Xbox one X and PS4 pro.

I'm not saying madden shouldn't be on switch however the reality is that it wouldn't be on par with EA's vision. Not to mention it would take development time away from Frostbite madden and we all know that wouldn't be good.
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Re: Madden on Nintendo Switch

Weren't going to see it this year. EA probably wanted to wait til they were sure Switch was going to sell well (which it has) and FIFA is their litmus test. On the FIFA front, from what I saw it looks pretty solid, and plenty good for a portable console.

One thing to keep in mind is that Rex Dickson is a fan of portables (Vita, 3DS), and though he doesn't make the decisions like that, I'm sure he'd be someone lobbying to get Madden on the Switch.

If it does come to the switch, I'd definitely buy, so long as it had a Franchise Mode. And, I think it would be cool to put a new team on building Franchise Mode for that game. A different take on the mode that's a bit more experimental, while keeping the base of the mode. Sort of like how they did with the Wii versions.
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Re: Madden on Nintendo Switch

I'd love to see it come back to Vita, but would by a Switch if the announced Madden.

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Re: Madden on Nintendo Switch

If Madden were to appear on the Switch, I'd like to see it take advantage of the Switch's unique portability and local multiplayer capabilities.

Again, that'd require a control scheme change if four players are playing with split joy-cons, and Madden has a ton of controller commands to remap if they do this, but it might be doable? Maybe? Regardless I don't think requiring the Pro controller is the way to go and I can't imagine that'd get through Nintendo first-party approval anyway.

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Re: Madden on Nintendo Switch

Yeah I stopped buying Madden on consoles.

I would buy on Switch.

Been a long time since I even turned on my PS4.
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Old 06-16-2017, 07:51 PM   #23
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Re: Madden on Nintendo Switch

Ewww Madden 18 will use same old engine is IGNITE on Switch version.. IGNITE engine suck
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Re: Madden on Nintendo Switch

This is the only way to get me to buy Madden again. I lost my appetite for this game a long time ago, but I would buy on Switch in a heartbeat.

Imagine having a franchise you could take with you and then play on the tv at home.

If the gameplay is pretty good, imagine a portable 2 player Madden machine. it would be a flipping goldmine. Barbershops, bars, etc.
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