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Re: Madden 18 Franchise PSA (Shopmaster)

Originally Posted by Sphinx
If there's no logic behind the draft board it kinda makes it pointless. I mean if you have two RB's list one and two most of the time you aren't going to draft back to back RB's. It would seem like this was thrown in last minute to me, I might be wrong but I would almost rather it not be included than half baked.
Given that their excuse most of the time for not adding features is precisely that - they don't want to add something that is half baked - it really does make you wonder.
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Re: Madden 18 Franchise PSA (Shopmaster)

I feel like I'm missing something when this Longshot is used as one of the excuses for Franchise features lacking this year. They've worked on this Madden Movie for 4 years. I just re-checked, last years' front cover said Franchise had "new ways to play and deeper than ever". (Almost choked typing that misnomer.) Stamped right there in the corner. In my book, that's contradictory to claim a mode had it's biggest advance ever one year while working on Story mode, then the next year use it as an excuse for not advancing. I think they had a song once for things that make you go "hmm".

I know, I's not just Story mode. It's Story mode and Frostbite porting. And limited resources. And legacy issues. And NBA Live. And...well that's exhaustive enough, isn't it?

And whoa, wait a minute, they can work on a whole new mode from scratch with "innovations" and "authenticity" for 4 years behind the scenes, but not the same for Franchise mode which clearly needs a real overhaul? There's that song in my head again.

If they'd of said 4 years ago, that because Madden is a yearly title, they would update as best they could the old engine for 4 years while working in the background on a whole new Franchise Sim engine, I'd have applauded and made due.

My opinions are my own of course. And I could be wrong. I'll take comfort that I am at least not alone.
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Re: Madden 18 Franchise PSA (Shopmaster)

Originally Posted by NDAlum
Man in '16 I had the CPU draft me two HB's in the 1st/2nd and I had 4 HB on the roster and I absolutely did not want a HB.

Give me the draft board

At least I get a sense of control

Or just let me draft for you............

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Re: Madden 18 Franchise PSA (Shopmaster)

I've been indifferent toward NBA Live for years bc 2k has been way better, but st this point i almost want NBA Live to fail.

No matter what your stance is on madden, EA, the dev team etc you have to admit taking resources away from CFM to improve a completely different game is asinine. It's not like they said hey we could t fix CFM bc we had to fix gameplay, as they have in the past, but we couldn't fix CFM bc we had to work on something comepletely unrelated that has nothing to do with football or madden

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Re: Madden 18 Franchise PSA (Shopmaster)

I didn't realize that JW went to go work on NBA Live, which makes me not care for NBA Live even more lol.

I can definitely see how spread thin they are, and why Gameplay continues to see the progress I wish Franchise would see.

As to "not wanting to implement things halfway," it seems that's what they do with almost everything they do. This draft board seems like it'll still have the same issues that players who miss the draft have right now, with some control over who to go after first. Still going to see a lot of problems with this, especially with everyone basically seeing the same scouting report for each player.

Then there's the score ticker, which still has issues. It sounds like CPU won't be able to use ID the Mike. Year after year we hear "We got this in last year, but it wasn't how we wanted it to be, and this year it's there."

I mean, that's all perfectly fine. I think we all have a general idea on how year-to-year development calls for that sort of implementation. But it just sounds like an excuse when they say that about a feature, then two years later they put it in and it's halfway from what we want it to be anyway.
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Re: Madden 18 Franchise PSA (Shopmaster)

i blame marketing, im in marketing and unless your whole business revolves around manufacturing something or finance then marketing will rule them all. what i dont like is that nba etc when talking about madden, i thought it was a seperate team

so here is an idea; when you log on to madden 18 with tinternet connection and a linked email addy you are asked once, would you like to do a survey/questionnaire. it has to be discrete with you answers not to be disclosed, if you hold to that then you are entered into a draw when you get something super duper dependent on you country of residence.

the survey should ask all the obvious and unusual questions. then you have up to date feedback pointing the marketing rat bags like me to what will satisfy customer wants and encourage more revenue and less hate, stronger sentencing for parole violaters and world peace then can then say they encourage fan based interaction to the nfl.

ps if competitive like cfm mode why are they getting competitive? as for story mode i have already made my view on that obvious in other posts
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Re: Madden 18 Franchise PSA (Shopmaster)

Originally Posted by extremeskins04
I agree with most of what everyone is saying here but also let's not kid ourselves. People want to compare to The Show and NBA 2k, but those games have issues too.

MLB The Show's franchise mod wasn't touched at all last year and it was cause "they have a small team". Not sure if people remember that.

NBA 2k17 has the franchise mode but honestly not THAT much was done last year either, and the gameplay of NBA 2k has it's own plethora of issues. The presentation is what shines in NBA 2k.

I mean I get it people want to try to compare to other games, but each game shines in it's own way.

People want a complete rehaul of CFM in Madden and that's just not happening. Each year they will add things but people are expecting miracles. Also remember what Swami said it his video?

The features in Longshot would be amazing if they were put in CFM and the devs want people to give them feedback so they can maybe add them in.

I'm not happy about the minimal changes either but some of you are setting yourselves up to be disappointed year in year out.
People really think that? 2k17 added things like the ability import drafts and/or to edit prospects at any time during the season, dynamic rule changes between seasons, advanced rotations, etc. Plus, added new modes like Start MyLeague in the Offseason and Start Today and continued to build on things like Expansion and their online MyLeague.... all of that is on top of what was already widely considered as the best franchise experience and in my opinion it's not close. I honestly don't think Madden has added that much in the entire CFM era and 2k's team did it in one iteration. Honestly offline 2k and Madden are not even on the same playing field.

I do agree that Madden has the best online franchise experience and that is where Madden really shines. However, (imo) 2k's online MyLeague is closer to Madden's online CFM than Madden's offline CFM to an offline MyLeague. And at least you can see substantial improvements in one versus the other although that could change if there aren't many improvements in 2K18's online MyLeague.
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Re: Madden 18 Franchise PSA (Shopmaster)

Originally Posted by DeuceDouglas
The run-around with CFM is just comical. A few years back it was the fact that not many people were playing it so we have to get people playing before we see significant improvements. Which then turned into more people playing it but if it was too hard for a 12-year old to enjoy it and come in, it's not worth making features any deeper or better. And now that we've arrived to that point, tons of people are playing it and the mode has been dumbed down enough for every user to be able to understand it and.....well you see NBA Live is coming back this year so we decided to take a year off and try to get their franchise up to speed. But the fact that they'll now be under the same architecture with a game that has been successfully running itself into the ground for the last ten years is supposed to now suddenly instill confidence and faith that "big, BIG things are coming?"

And then after all that you're likely going to come back next year and tell me that if I really want the mode to get better I have to start paying?

Ill tell you the truth. CFM is good enough in that its not really hurting sales and marginally improving the mode by making it deeper/more realistic doesnt make economic sense for them.
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