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Re: Madden NFL 18 - 10 New Things (iMAV3RIQ)

Originally Posted by johnnyg713
I have to complain about the precision passing mechanic. You hype this brand new throwing mechanic but make it way too inconvenient to use. It's one thing if you make a mechanic hard but don't make it possibly penalize you if you chose to use it. Taking away the QB's mobility to avoid pressure. If you polled 100 madden players what stick the throwing reticule should be controlled with, I bet 99 would say RS. Use common sense, its like the team who designed it said "lets put it on the LS. What? RS? No. No too many sports games use the RS"
I think using RS for throwing would be worse because you have to hit the receiver button right after. You need to aim with the left thumb and be ready to hit the button immediately with the right thumb. Otherwise you would aim with the right thumb and somehow release it and then find the correct button. That may take a brief moment making the ball placement now incorrect.

I do understand your point about scrambling but just think RS would be even worse.

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Re: Madden NFL 18 - 10 New Things (iMAV3RIQ)

Originally Posted by johnnyg713
I'm not a game designer so of course there are reasons they mapped it to the LS. However as a player, I already know this will be an issue. Especially to competitive gamers. I don't see them using it because the mechanic is not an advantage. Right now, the way it's mapped, it's a disadvantage.

Couple ways you could still throw without moving your thumbs.

1. Holding LT activates the precision Icon, simply letting LT go triggers the pass.

2. RB or RT are both buttons that could be pass buttons. Just like NHL

Oh yeah, I could see that, actually. Letting go of LT to throw it. That could've worked for sure.

For those arguing for the difficulty of it and whatnot, for me, that's not the point. I want every/all controls possible to be accessible to me at all times. If I want to scramble and aim at the same time, that's an even bigger difficulty!!!! Lol. But, it's possible in real life, so it should be possible in the game.

I'm ok with this implementation and I can see how to use it, effectively. It will def be the type of thing used for certain down and distance, and/or certain blocking situations where u feel confident I will have a clean pocket. And, if the pocket collapses, u can start running and then simply use the WR buttons, again. So, it's got some variance. But, overall, I still think they should've programmed the ability to run and aim at the same time for just for 'realism', I guess u could say.

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