Who Is Your Favorite Madden Player?

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Re: Who Is Your Favorite Madden Player?

Some might not remember these guys but my three favorite all time Madden players were:

1: Wolverine Justice, from Madden 25 the storyline Ray Lewis clone. Dude was a real beast, loved him.
2. Pablo Parker, from the same story line Madden. A Barry Sanders Clone. He was a Monster who could run for 2000 yards.
3. Kris Boyce, aka "The Dream Reaper" a SS 90 Speed and 98 Hit power.

About a month ago, I found Madden 25 and copied 3 of the story line draft guys into my Madden CFM. Just the main storyline guys. I changed the Madden 18 rookies into these guys. Edited them, and they actually came out near perfect. Was fun to play with Parker, Justice, Boyce, Reed and a host of other guys.

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Re: Who Is Your Favorite Madden Player?

Bruce Smith was pretty unstoppable in Madden 92
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Re: Who Is Your Favorite Madden Player?

Mike Vick/Randy Moss....and as a raider fan gotta say Nnamdi/CWood on D

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Re: Who Is Your Favorite Madden Player?

Favorite player: WR Akia Green (Madden 13- PS3)

Despite winning a Super Bowl in my 1st year and needs on defense (LBS/CBs), I felt my nickel and dime offense needed more big plays. Rather than build a better defense to compliment my run game, I would just build on my strength. I was terrible at defense in this game anyway, so I figured best plan of attack was to outscore everyone. I had a very good good offense already. It was built around a dominate run game (CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson) and short passes to WR Stevie Johnson, TE Scott Chandler, and my talented RBs. There was just no knock out punch in my passing game. The only big plays I had were either runs or wheel routes and screens to Spiller. One reason was I had no speed in my WR group. TJ Graham was my deep threat and he was awful (64ovr). Another reason was Ryan Fitzpatrick, but I'll get to that later. I scout a WR named Akia Green. He had something like 99 release and 99 speed, and a super star development. He was projected as a 3rd round pick, but I did not want to risk it. I had planned to select a QB named Austin Duncan in the 1st and grab Green in the 2nd, but my plan fell apart when Duncan went from a late round projection to a 2nd rounder, to a 1st rounder, to a TOP 5 pick. The cost was too great to trade up for him and still be able to grab Green. I wasn't going to miss on Green. I ended up selecting him in the 1st round. Here was the problem though: Ryan Fitzpatrick. I loved Fitz, but he had low 80 throw power and I did not think he could get the best out of Green. I had already pursued Joe Flacco in free agency, but was outbid quickly because I couldn't get out of Fitz's contract without a huge cap penalty. I had struck out with Flacco and Duncan. I was going to roll with Fitzpatrick again. Luckily I ended up taking a flier a QB Danny Martens in the 5th round. I had not even scouted him, but remembered seeing him in the draft stories and figured what the heck. I don't remember what he was rated, but I remember it was somewhere in the mid 70s and he had a big arm, 90+ throw power. I instantly made him my backup, but had no thoughts of starting him. What I had ignored or did not notice was Martens had a super star development, more on that later. I skipped the preseason and wanted to get right into the regular season to use my new WR. Unfortunately, A couple games in, the results were not great. I had been trying to launch deep balls to my shiny new weapon, but my assumption was correct and Fitzpatrick was not the guy for the job. I had already equaled my losses from the season before and Fitz's stats were down across the board: Less TDs, worse completion %, and already had equaled his INT total from the year before. With interceptions and losses pilling up I turned to the rookie. I put in Danny Martens and started out conservative as his accuracy ratings in everything but deep throw were much lower than Fitz. I was running the ball really well (as usual) and winning the game. I get the ball back before the half in a 2 minute situation, I call my shot. Deep ball to Green! TD. I get a quick 3-and-out, use my time outs and get ball back with a little over a minute left in the half. I try it again, another deep ball to Green! TD. When I went to upgrade Martens after the game, I realized he had a ton of XP. I had a super star QB and did not even know it! After that game I never looked back and Green broke every record in the book (TD's, Rec Yds, etc.) with the exception of catches. He won rookie of the year, offensive player of the year and best WR award. Pretty sure only route he ran all year where I threw it to him was a streak/go route. It was the most dominate offense I've ever had in Madden. So dominate that I ended up quitting the franchise after year 2 because the game was too easy.

Honorable mention:
DE Mario Williams (Madden 15-PS4)
After the big signing IRL, I was so excited to use Mario. I could not seem to get sacks with him in Madden 13 & Madden 25, but in Madden 15 this signing finally paid off in the digital world. I broke the sack record by week 8 in one franchise with him. He won defensive player of the year every year that game. Unstoppable.

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Re: Who Is Your Favorite Madden Player?

One of my joys in playing Madden is picking up young players in my CFM and doing well with them. And then watching those players I had success with also become stars in the NFL.

Madden 13 players (2012 draft)

Alshon Jeffery - Was a staple in my M13 franchises. He didn't do much his first year or two due to injury, but he exploded and became a star receiver. Now he is a top tier WR with my own team in real life (Eagles).

Luke Kuechly - Staple in my M13 franchises. He was an absolute stud right away in real life though.

Fletcher Cox - Took him some time to develop in the NFL, but he became a stud in real life. Was a dominant force at DT in my 4-3 scheme in M13.

David DeCastro - usually had this guy somewhere on my OLine.

Andrew Luck - My franchise QB.

Bruce Irvin - This guy was an absolute stud pass rusher. Took him some time to develop in the NFL, but now he is a great real life player.

Notable busts that I often had on my M13 franchises - Trent Richardson and Mark Barron. What is with Alabama players busting in real life? Coby Fleener was usually my TE and he stinks in real life.

Madden 15 players (2014 draft)

Latavius Murray - While he was actually in the previous year's draft I couldn't pass him up. This dude was a staple in all my MUT 15 squads. He was one of those bronze players no one noticed except he had crazy high speed/acc/carry. An accurate portrayal of his real life skills. He isn't a great player in real life, but he has turned into a solid and reliable RB. He is big and fast, but doesn't move well laterally. Was a lot like that in Madden 15. If he broke a tackle or got into the secondary he was gone. He did end up getting a gold card in MUT 15 and that card was insane.

Zach Ertz - Also another player from the 2013 draft, but I had to have him in my M15 franchises because I am an Eagles fan. Stud! Took him a few years to develop in the NFL, but he is widely considered a top-3 TE right now.

Ryan Shazier - The only knock to Shazier is his height. But he had insanely high physical stats making him a user's dream LB. He could cover the entire field as a LB with his spd/acc/agi. And he also hit like a truck. Sort of like a Sean Taylor in the modern NFL. He was awesome in both MUT 15 and CFM.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix - Really fun safety to have in CFM and great real life player as well.

Pierre Desir - This was another 2014 rookie that no one really knew about and he bounced around the league quite a bit as well. But he had great measurables and with some consistent work he became one of my CFM's best CB's. There just weren't many 6'2" CB's in M15 and the draft never generated them either. Hasn't made it yet as a real life player, but I think he could still develop into a quality starter in the NFL. He was also one of those great underrated bronze CB's in MUT 15.

Anthony Barr - We saw a mix of decent play from him in his rookie season. I wasn't sure whether they were going to make him a pass rusher or coverage LB, but he ended up being a coverage LB in the NFL. And he is a great one. In my CFM I had this monster 6'5" guy as a 3-4 OLB pass rusher and he dominated.

Notable busts that I often had on my M15 franchises - Greg Robinson. Need I say more? Jordan Matthews because I am an Eagles fan. Just didn't develop into the real life talent I thought he could with his measurables. I had some franchises with Mike Evans, but didn't take them far because of my fandom for Matthews. Big mistake because Mike Evans was a monster in M15. Daniel McCullers never developed into the solid NT he was for me in M15. Cody Parkey has been a decent kicker in the NFL, but I was looking for the next Akers.

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Re: Who Is Your Favorite Madden Player?

I probably put the most time into Madden 11 and I always like picking up no names who can ball so I would always get DE Ikaika Alama-Francis, dude would be fantastic for two years then fall of, but in those two years he would get like 40 sacks, in a simmed season. Another player I would always get would be WR Brandon Banks, man could he return, still can too. Tearing it up in Hamilton. And lastly I would always pick up K Bret Swenson, he would quickly improve into one of the best kickers in the NFL.

In the modern games I always like to trade for Case Keenum and Alex Tanney for my QB room just for the shear amount of collegiate touchdowns they combine for.
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Re: Who Is Your Favorite Madden Player?

Adams the rookie nyj safety he has ss dev and in my cfm is 99 in almost everything, and he is really aware on runs he flies to the ball carrier

all time Pat Willis, he just mullahed people when he hit them

i should add last couple of maddens i like Tevin Coleman and McKinnon as rbs, really fit in my playbook
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Re: Who Is Your Favorite Madden Player?

Frank Gore and Patrick Willis
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