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Re: CFM Top 5 Feature Survey: Online Leagues

Editable Draft Classes (Pre-Draft) or Ability to download shared draft classes.
- Pretty self explainatory, having 2 or 3 real life draft classes would add a good amount to online CFM. Also the ability to tune drafts with a slider would be nice.

Game Creation:
If there's a D.C. Or another issue, we should be able to replicate the exact moment in the game, and start up where we left off. We should be able to choose: Score, Quarter, Time; Down and distance.

Team tendencies and scouting:
- It would be nice to be able to put together a realistic gameplay for your next opponent. It should break down their passes, targets, which area of the field, which runs, down and distance tendencies etc. As well as defensive strategies for down and distance, man/zone/blitz. Maybe even Key players to focus on.

Hidden and/or scoutable veteran ratings:
- I think when trading for a player or signing one in Free Agency, his attributes shouldn't be fully unlocked. Maybe you could assign scouts to these players, and do research before making a huge transaction. This allows for players to make a bust signing, or bust trade. Would add immersion.

Players/Team schemes and chemistry.
Bringing in players that fit your system should be key. So many players are good/bad in one scheme, and the polar opposite in another. We should have this in madden, as well as chemistry ratings to impract on the field performance.
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Re: CFM Top 5 Feature Survey: Online Leagues

I've been a league commissioner since 2011 and involved in multiple other franchises during that time as well. I really liked T4Verts' interview with John White and the idea of getting OS to come together with a comprehensive top 5.

I had a hard time choosing a top 5 though as there are so many aspects I feel need improvement or are completely missing right now. I ended up with 11 which was still hard to cut down too. I know only the top 5 will count in the survey but figured I should post the others too purely for discussion. I found a bunch of other suggestions so spot on that I copied them to my list and just built off of them.

1. Commissioner Override for User Settings
Allow commissioners to override all user settings globally for everyone. IE ball hawk, tackle assist, run assist. If its a setting for league settings there should be two options commish can pick - User choice or Locked In . This makes everyone in the league play by same settings without having to police it.

2. The ability to jump back in to a disconnected game
People's time is important, John was right. Either have game save data at end of each quarter, half quarter something to save all data (Score, time on clock, stats, injuries, ball placement, possesion , etc). It could create only 1 save file and overwrite it with each new save, maybe even do it after each play would be ideal but prob difficult. At end of completed game, it auto erases save file, less stress on servers, allow us to pick up from DC and not have to replay an hour (45 min - 1 hour is average gametime) long game, our time is valuable.

3. Online League App / Website
To manage my team fully & keep up with the league progress from my phone, Ability to Draft Via Smart Phone, Disable Injuries in App, Ability to Send & Accept trades, Sign FA, FA Bidding, Scouting, Game Prep, Resign/offer contracts to players currently on team, Spend XP, Adjust depth chart, Change Schemes, Toggle on/off Injuries. They took most of these away from us, we need them back ASAP, extremely important for online leagues. Basically everything we can do in-game except play football should be possible on a website or app so we don't have to spend that time on our consoles and can remain immersed in our league from anywhere.

4. Optional alternative non-performance-based Progression System

Gaining more XP based on stats and awards is backwards. Players should not improve because they performed well. In online leagues this leads to stat padding and widening gaps in competition as the best users gain the most XP and thus better rated teams season after season. Players should perform well because they improved. Ratings should be progressed or XP earned solely on practice focus, positional coach ratings, % of Snaps played per Season, Development rating and some random probability. Make it an option so those who like the current system can continue to use that. You can't please everyone with one system so give the consumer multiple options.

5. Full Commissioner Control
Commissioner's need more tools to control their online leagues. Ability to Undo and/or Veto Trades, Releases and Position Changes (Many leagues are ruined through rage roster edits). Ability to create Custom Divisions/Move Teams to other Divisions each year, and Flex (Pre-Season) Scheduling. Allow Commissioner to Restrict FA Anytime, Reset Game Results, Edit Injuries or Suspend Players, Edit/Reward/Subtract XP and Scouting Points (Helps players who joined a CFM late). And all features should be logged so the league knows what the Commissioners have done.


Also important but just didn't make the top 5 cut:

6. Coaches – OC's, DC's, positional coaches & Training staff
Non-performance based Progression System is the main reason OC's, DC's and positional coaches should be added. Each coach should have ratings which affect progression of their players in certain categories. Teams should be given an equal Coach's Salary Cap to spend on Staff in order to make this an even playing field.

7. Retool the FA period.
It's a huge aspect of NFL football and it has currently been destroyed by the transparent point system which just leads to last second sniping. Add promises to the equation like NCAA Football 14 had so its not always just the top bidder who wins.

8. Weekly Wrap-Up/Highlight Show
Animated Studio show with Scores and Stats from top games of the previous week. Allow Users to nominate 1-4 highlights per game which can be used in the weekly highlight show.

9. Improved Record Tracking
Keep track of previous season and total win/loss records vs. other human opponents (non-autopilot or simmed). Additionaly the following should be tracked: win/loss record total, Super Bowl History with scores, Statistical Records with Player, Franchise Year and User ID even if the user is no longer a league member, etc.

10. True Waiver Wire
A true waiver wire should be implemented so that weaker teams have first dibs on cut players. The length of the waiver period should be adjustable by the Commish (ie. 1 day, 2 days, next Advance etc.)

11. User voting for award winners/pro bowlers
Allow each user to vote for any players not on his team after the regular season. Nominations should be set by the CPU or Commish so the choices are somewhat limited. Full Stats should be shown for each nominee so users can easily vote.

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Re: CFM Top 5 Feature Survey: Online Leagues

1) The option to play with updated rosters as the come out.

2) Run league with only signed up or invited users (15 team minimum).

3) The ability to use both def. & Off. custom playbooks.

4) The ability to watch opponents play each other (4 games allowance per season).

5) Realistic looking players and coaches on sideline with correct numbers .

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Re: CFM Top 5 Feature Survey: Online Leagues

I strongly believe that coaching is responsible for 75% of a teams success in the NFL and players are only 25%. I want to see the practice/preperation completely redone. Instead of only choosing to practice for "man coverage" or "Zone blitz" which i think is unrealistic. Good coaches prepare for everything! I would like to see each position broken down to 2 or 3 different choices. You start with Safties for expample, and choose whether your going to prepare to be aggressive with "blitzing","tackling" or stay conservative with "zone coverage", "open field tackling" for the upcoming opponent. Players can still earn their xp's but i would like to see top tier coach's boosting their players ratings before a game based on the preperation. Coach's and players should fall into 4 different tiers based on their overall ratings. Tier 1 being the best, tier 4 being the worst. A tier 1 coach would have the ability to boost his players ratings by (+4) or (+5) for the ratings that accord with the preperation you have choosen. Tier 2 or 3 coaches will have ability to boost ratings by (+2) or +(3), Tier 1 (+1), etc.

Ive said this before. Their is no better way of getting the player completely immersed into his franchise than a weekly rundown show. Half the time Im not even sure whats going on in my CFM because i have to navigate through a bunch of diffeent screens and menus to find standings, injuries, playoff picture, draft stories, stats. Bring it all to me instead in a weekly rundown where i dont have to put in the effort and have to research my own league to feel immersed.

Being able to approach a player to renagotiate a contract. Incentives, front loaded, back loaded contract.

Presentation is key to a good franchise mode. If you dont have in depth presentation to counter all the info available in your league, it feels like you are putting so much effort into building a team to win it all, just to feel empty in the end if the presentation gets stale too quick or doesnt feel rewarding. EA needs to hype up the playoffs more, have some new fresh ideas to match what we see on TV, and have it tell a story as to whats going on in the league. Playoff atmosphere needs to be bigger and more intense. Fans need to be louder and more noticable. Different graphic pop ups for bigger games, etc.


If i select a high talent player with a personalitly rating of D or lower, I want that to be a "high risk" player. I want to see his ratings drop drastically if he doesnt play well or increase to his full potential if he plays well or has a top tier coach that helps his development. There needs to be more players that end up being a roller coaster with ratings. It will create more "busts" and "breakout" players.
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Re: CFM Top 5 Feature Survey: Online Leagues

i kinda feel like all 3 of these top 5 lists for the different CFM players should be pinned , if not they will get lost in the mix of second page, then farther down, and EA might look at just a few pages and think, those guys dont even care what we do.

Maybe its just me, but seems they need to be pinned to keep all eyes on it who would like to add to it, but may have missed it originally.Just a thought.
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Re: CFM Top 5 Feature Survey: Online Leagues

1) Save Points Throughout the Game - If you get disconnect you can restart the game at certain points. I'd suggest halftime, start of the 4th quarter and maybe a few others (half way through the 4th, 2 minutes warning) depending on how tough it is.

2) Shareable Draft Classes - self explanatory

3) Draft Class "Storylines" - basically what 2K does by giving you the option have ratings, attributes and injuries slightly randomized for an uploaded draft class. This will keep guys from knowing exactly what ratings are going to be for draft classes and make them have to scout. I would suggest a slider for determining how random you would like it to be.

4) New and Improved Scouting System - I prefer the system prior to Madden 16. Make people actually have to scout players again. If possible, have the current system and a more complex system and let the Commish choose which one the league goes with.

5) Real life and created coordinators with a coaching carousel each offseason - Make coaches and coordinators matter. Give them attributes and traits, let them give certain players a slight boost in ratings or XP (assuming XP is around to stay).
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Re: CFM Top 5 Feature Survey: Online Leagues

With GOAT edition out I wanted to check back in and see if any other items need added here. Will probably ask once more time a couple days after official release to give everyone a chance to provide feedback before compiling the stats.
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Re: CFM Top 5 Feature Survey: Online Leagues

Originally Posted by T4VERTS
With GOAT edition out I wanted to check back in and see if any other items need added here. Will probably ask once more a couple days after official release to give everyone a chance.

Thanks for this. I was having a tough time finding this thread.

1. Commissioner controls- universal settings for heat seeker, visual overlays and the ability to suspend individual players.

2. Revamp scouting - scouting needs depth and stages that align with real life such as pro days, individual workouts, senior bowl. What makes online CFM interesting is team building. When the draft isn't concentrated on a few players, teams can develop a style of their own.

3. Revamp free agency - not just the bidding system but the financial contractual aspect of the game. Front load , back load and incentives. Restricted free agents and tender offers.

4. Game planning - I would like to see opponents play calling YTD in the current season. Wit coach glass we can see the most recent play. I know we track the most called plays. Let us see that level. In addition to showing concepts, let me buy a trait that will tell me the most frequently called play on 3rd and short.

5. Computer AI roster building - this needs help severely.

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