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CFM Top 5 Feature Survey: Online Leagues

In an attempt to better align the OS community on what features they are looking for in CFM I am conducting a survey to send to John White at EA. John has identified the four ways he believes a majority of players play CFM. The point of this specific thread is to determine the Top 5 most desired features for people playing CFM in an “Online League” focused way. This means that you play in a league of mostly user players (Coach or Owner) who play games as well as manage/construct teams. If you play in multiple CFMs and play them differently, or think you fit in multiple categories, please fill out a separate submission for each thread.

If this fits your style of play please reply to this thread using the below template. When naming your features be as specific as possible, saying better contracts is too vague. I will compile the lists later and group them into larger groups, but if we start with more specific responses it gives more flexibility to combine them later. Make sure the order reflects your feelings on the importance of these being in the mode in your mind.

Top 5 Features:
1. (Feature) – (Explanation not to exceed three sentences)
2. (Feature) – (Explanation not to exceed three sentences)
3. (Feature) – (Explanation not to exceed three sentences)
4. (Feature) – (Explanation not to exceed three sentences)
5. (Feature) – (Explanation not to exceed three sentences)

Please do not add any other comments, or thoughts, on other people’s responses. The idea of this is to have a central location that we can easily develop lists that will be compiled and sent to John down the road.

If you have any questions please feel free to DM me.
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Re: CFM Top 5 Feature Survey: Online Leagues

1. Commissioner override sliders

Allow commissioners to override all user settings globally for everyone. IE ball hawk, auto moves, roster filling, position changes etc.

2. The ability to jump back in to a disconnect game.

Just how it is done against cpu, or worst case and in an option to recreate a situation and play fro m there that Madden had in the past.

3. An option for a deeper scouting system.

The scouting system as is, like most other things in CFM, is way too simple. We get enough points over the course of the season to scout 75% of all the players. Go back to letting us choose what we want to scout like it was a few years ago, along with the combine results of course. Get rid of the green and red diamonds.

4. Let us pick award winners/pro bowlers

The logic here is shoddy at best, and since these awards come with big time xp, we should be able to override them.


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Re: CFM Top 5 Feature Survey: Online Leagues

Top 5 Features:
1. Editable & Shareable Draft Classes
2. Coaches – OC's, DC's & positional coaches
3. Complete Commissioner Controls - Turn on/off assists, player suspensions, etc.
4. Online League App - To manage my team fully & keep up with the league progress from my phone
5. More In depth Scouting & Better Progression & Regression
6- Off Season OTA's / Training Camp

Saw this above and would love this if even possible... Nothing worse than playing 3 quarters to get disconnected and have to start over... This would move to #1 if possible...

The ability to jump back in to a disconnected game at the point it was dropped...
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Re: CFM Top 5 Feature Survey: Online Leagues

1. Replace xp and drills with OTAs and Training Camp, the first giving points to be used on physical attributes, the latter on position attributes/awareness. Obviously this is done prior to the preseason, this way you only have to worry about it during one point in the season instead of the annoying every week crap.
2. Real NFL offensive and defensive coordinators.
3. Remove bonuses for winning MVP etc. No one gets BETTER after winning the MVP; there is in fact almost always a decline. Instead, use OTAs and training camp to get better (from part 1), because, especially in online franchise, players will pad stats to win awards to get bonuses.
4. Keep track of previous season win/loss records, scores, Super Bowls, etc.
5. Have commentary make note of part 4, i.e., "last seasons stingiest defense, the Browns only added in the off season." And DON'T have commentary about 2017 in 2022- i.e. "last year Brady won his 5th Super Bowl."
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Re: CFM Top 5 Feature Survey: Online Leagues

Top 5 Features:

Full custom draft classes. Give us option to share them as well.

Bring back real NFL offensive and defensive coordinators

3. Drop owner mode. I'd creator General Manger mode. Fans relate more to a GM, because we all think we are one.

4. All new user interface that we could customize to are liking. The current one is ok but just very outdated.

5. The off-season as a whole needs more depth. I'd creator a calendar and everyday there is something new to do. hiring coaches, contracts... scout.
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Re: CFM Top 5 Feature Survey: Online Leagues

Since john mentioned wanting info from people thats been at it a while.This is coming from someone who has been a commish since madden 12, Year round, non-stop , with over 60 seasons completed in that time frame.

Top 5 Features:

1-Upgraded APP Features -

Abilities to Send & Accept trades, Sign FA, Resign/offer contracts to players currently on team, Spend XP, Adjust depth chart, Change Schemes, Toggle on/off Injuries. They took most of these away from us, we need them back ASAP, extremely important for online leagues.

2- Commish Lock Settings Control -

Give commish tool to lock any settings in for entire league ( aka ball hawk, tackle assist, run assist). If its a setting for league settings there should be two option commish can pick - User choice , or Locked In . Real simple here, makes everyone in league play by same settings without having to police it .

3- Upgrade Opponents Tendencies -

The data shown here in game prep needs to show a more compiled list like gathering data found in Coach Glass, but compiled for the entire season of their playcalls in that CFM ONLY . Show more details like situations ( these are just a couple examples but not limited to just these)3rd n long, goalline, etc breaking down their playcalling more like a coordinator would.Give us in depth scouting of our weekly opponents playcalling .

4- Ability to restart DC game from a particular point -

Peoples time is important John was right.Either have game save data at end of each quarter, half quarter something to save all data( Score, time on clock, stats, injuries, ball placement, possesion , etc). It could create only 1 save file and overwrite it with each new save, maybe even do it after each play would be ideal but prob difficult. At end of completed game, it auto erases save file, less stress on servers, allow us to pick up from DC and not have to replay an hour ( 45 min - 1 hour is average gametime) long game ,our time is valuable.

5- Replace Scouting with Madden 15 system -

It was better in Madden 15 when people could spend points on what they wanted to based on what type attributes they looked for in players, this added more variety in who got scouted and allowed for some gems in later rounds because not everyone looking at a position saw the same info all the time. Current system is basically added back the cheat sheets so many wanted done away with and why time was spent making custom draft classes. If team 7 teams need LBs you can bet everyone knows who is the top 1-2 and will be gone round 1.
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Re: CFM Top 5 Feature Survey: Online Leagues

1. Commissioner Override- it would be nice to be able to lock out different user assists like ball hawk, heat seeker, and now possibly target passing.

2. Replaying Games- I want the ability to restart games at specific points and scores. Maybe give us the option to start at the start of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th quarters and let us set the score.

3. Ability to Watch Games- being able to watch your friends games in Madden would be an awesome addition. I know there's twitch and other streaming services, but they don't always work and I feel like just clicking on a game and watching in madden would be easier. It's better for commissioners being able to watch for any cheese and it's good for immersion watching playoff races and games.

4. Better Stat Tracking- I wrote this in the offline CFM thread too, but I can't stress how important it is. Part of the fun of doing multiple seasons in a league is looking back at your stats. Right now, your stats from previous seasons basically disappear.

5. Editable Draft Classes- these would go along way with immersion and I think giving more control options to those running leagues isn't a bad thing.
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Re: CFM Top 5 Feature Survey: Online Leagues

I would consider myself a veteran of online CFM with 30+ seasons completed in various CFM's. Here is my top 5 list:

#1 - resume game after a DC
This feature would be 100% applauded by all CFM'ers. There's nothing worse than playing an instant classic with the game coming down to a final drive and the server drops.

#1 - Retool the FA period.
It's a huge aspect of NFL football and it has currently been destroyed by the point system. You're either the lead team or you aren't. let's have it be simple: you put your bid in, your logo pops up (can be in alphabetical order), and that's all you know.

*I hope this is a patch worthy type request but not sure of the changes that can go down*

#3 - Improve the draft process.
Get rid of the immediate OVR flashing, give the rookies more variety, and give us a player potential outside of the slow/normal/fast/ss options.

#4 - Give the commish more control
As others have stated it would be great to implement consistent features for each user in the league. If we want a ball hawk free league then we should be able to have it without an honor system. The ability to suspend players would also be a great touch.

#5 - Add life to our CFM
Give us personal CFM specific commentary and make the crowd get pumped up on big plays and even boo if the home team is getting destroyed. Make the playoffs bring another level of excitement and get me nervous to play the game. Just bring the game to life through the experience so I feel the energy from the game when I play it.
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