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Old 08-20-2017, 10:41 AM   #17
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Re: Madden 18 "Little Things" Thread

They updated the scoreboard numbers in every stadium for Madden 18. This has been something nagging the series for awhile as it made the game look like it was on a last-gen console. I'm glad the graphics team finally took the time to update it.
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Re: Madden 18 "Little Things" Thread

One cool thought my I just saw. Watching the Raiders and Texans CPU-CPU and Crabtree caught a pass near the sideline new and was tackled out of bounds in front of the Texans bench. One of the Texans players on the sideline helped him up and patted him on the helmet. Never seen that before on any football game.
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Re: Madden 18 "Little Things" Thread

You can see the rough, dry skin on the backs of some players and coaces elbows.
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Re: Madden 18 "Little Things" Thread

Had a screen pass earlier where Cole Beasley planted his hand to maintain balance and move up field. I was genuinely impressed.
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Re: Madden 18 "Little Things" Thread

I called a play specifically to isolate alshon jeffrey for a end zone fade route and the commentary said something about jeffrey being isolated on the outside I thought that was pretty neat.

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Re: Madden 18 "Little Things" Thread

The jerseys are insane this year. You can see all the stitching. I understand why it takes time to add alternate uniforms. They look so good. The colors on them are incredible too.

You can see all the grass blades and the fields look so much more realistic.

In general the graphics are just flat out impressive. Look up a video of NCAA 14 and compare those graphics to these. It's unreal. This game makes that game look like it was made in 2001. Very impressive graphics leap in just a few years.

The players seem to move much more fluidly too. Tough to notice from watching videos, but when you're playing you can totally see it.

I had a challenge in a game that actually overturned the call on the field. It was a 4th and 1 and I ran up the middle with Blount and they originally called me short, but I challenged and they overturned the original call. On the negative side, it should have been automatically challenged as it was a change in possession, but I haven't seen a realistic challenge like that in years where it is actually overturned.
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Re: Madden 18 "Little Things" Thread

This is relatively small and I'm a fan of the home and away equipment feature, but there are some players that wear the same or similar equipment (I notice this mostly with gloves and occasionally sleeves) each game...whether they're black, white, primary, secondary, etc.

For example...Thomas Davis never wears white gloves (usually black and/or primary), but because of the feature, he does in away games in Madden.

I don't mind changing it myself either, but once the roster updates all of that work goes to waste.

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Re: Madden 18 "Little Things" Thread

This has probably been mentioned a few time and will probably be mentioned a few more, but so be it. The fact that engaged defenders can and will finally use a free arm/hand to make tackles, grab jerseys (even though jerseys have to textural pressense), make attempts is a welcome change to years past. I don't know if that is a direct result of frostbite or not, but more things like that added with this engine the better


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