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Madden 18 "Little Things" Thread

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Madden 18 "Little Things" Thread

Time for this yearly thread... You know how it works.

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Re: Madden 18 "Little Things" Thread

A couple of really small things for me was the return of Alex Smith's cadence and then another even smaller thing is the kerning on his number, no more huge gap in between the ones and it looks way better.
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Re: Madden 18 "Little Things" Thread

Is it just me, or are the player names on the back of the jerseys far too little? Reminds me of NFL ever from back in the day.
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Re: Madden 18 "Little Things" Thread

-The graphics look identical at first glance but after further inspection it's clear that this gen is far superior. Shading is great and the models look higher quality.

-QB throw motions are different. It's hard to explain, but throwing the ball, it feels different.

-The automatic scouting and training options are awesome. I know when I was just simming, I skipped every training and only scouted periodically, wasting points but it was a pain. Now it's way easier since it does it automatically.

-Longshot is pointless IMO. Why would I want to spend hours on a mode that isn't fully fleshed out? Because let's face it, only running up to the NFL draft isn't a marketing decision or whatever EA is trying to convince you. It's an incomplete game mode.
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Re: Madden 18 "Little Things" Thread

Reminder that this thread is for pointing out little things you notice about the game that you like, not those that you don't like. Let's keep this separate from the impressions thread please.

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Re: Madden 18 "Little Things" Thread

Love this Alford pick from cpu overthrown ball, whole play looked realistic, thing of beauty.

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Re: Madden 18 "Little Things" Thread

The amount of detail in the lighting system is amazing. The uniforms have a texture to them now, doesn't look like they're painted on. I'm really glad they switched to the Frostbite engine.

Also, like said by Hunker above me, plays feel more authentic now. Running and passing feels more natural than before. Really enjoyable.
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Re: Madden 18 "Little Things" Thread

One thing I noticed this morning when playing my final hour of Access is the way the sky looks, especially during night games. It no longer looks like a water color painting. You can actually see different cloud formations and the night sky is dark like it should be.
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