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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

Sim All Pro is BS.......straight BS. There is nothing "SIM" about it at all. Every game I played the CPU QB only had 3 to 4 incompletions for the entire game. And those were simply dropped passes, no over throws, no under throws. Game basically turns into an offensive shootout. Zones are terrible. Played against half of the mobile QBs in the game, not a single one scrambled. Play calling was bad too, teams known for passing were running the ball way too much. CPU 3rd and long conversion rate is way too high. It would be 3rd and 18 and they always manage to find a wide open WR or TE over the middle because good lord the middle of the field be wide open. OR they hold on to the ball for 20 seconds and the WRs come back towards the ball which always end up a catch.

There is no pass rush from the defensive line. That is one of the main problems right there. You could go to aggressive pass rush but the CPU will just switch to aggressive blocking or simply dump it off to the HB.

Game have so much potential but the CPU QB not scrambling and the bad zones is just terrible. Ruins the experience. Don't even know why they came out with the 3 different modes, because honestly they all play the same. Playing all 3, they feel exactly the same.

The sliders.........that is another story for another day. They are kind of majorly screwy this year and do things they shouldn't be doing. I will just leave it at that.
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That's top class!
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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

Originally Posted by bcruise
There's a lot of room to adjust penalties, even if the consensus is that there are too few on default. Just to confirm that it would still be obnoxious by maxing everything:

Plenty of variety too - I saw every call except Defensive holding and PI (and I have seen those in streams).

Adjustments play into these too - while I did see some false starts early in the game, it got REALLY crazy in the 4th quarter. Denver FS'd 5 times in a row at one point, and I can almost guarantee that was due to them using the blocking adjustment while down 3 scores (the adjustment drop-down doesn't appear for CPU only/Slow Speed sims, so I couldn't say for 100% sure).

Lots of the dumb roughing the passer calls with that up there too, but I expected that. That one won't be moving much off the default.
Whoa lol.

What are your penalty sliders set to? Also are you All Pro Default?
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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

Originally Posted by BadAssHskr
I pretty much hate to be this guy, and granted this is based off of 2 quarters of game play, but i'm not sure the retail version is playing quite like the ea access version, which i played all 10 hours.

I had strictly only played Browns vs Browns games, and like wise today, 6 min quarters default all-pro, sim.

In particular i don't think the game feels as fluid now as in ea access. Seems the running game is a bit more clunky, or even tightened up, but like i said, less fluid.

I felt the cpu was playing more aggressively on offense today, but playing playing defense, felt a bit more, well, cheap, from my standpoint.

I'm hoping we are just going to have more variation game to game wise, but after limited time, i just have the feeling the retail is less "fresh" than the ea access version.

I'm playing with a digital copy on xb1s, am by far in no position to give any sort of formal game evaluation, but this is just a feeling i was having.

Maybe someone else who spent time with the pre-release can chime in, maybe im just crazy, perhaps its placebo because i was expecting a formal day 1 patch, who knows.

Not sure if it's the version but I went from EA Access version to Retail version on PS4 plus and I feel the exact opposite. Game feels so much smoother since Access. Haven't tried full retail on XB1S yet.

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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

Originally Posted by extremeskins04
Whoa lol.

What are your penalty sliders set to? Also are you All Pro Default?
For this game I maxed all of them, as I said in the first paragraph.

Other than that and fatigue to 60, default All-Pro.

For that game I only wanted to see what would happen, how much leeway we had to work with the penalty sliders between 50 and 100. The answer is....quite a lot of it. I expected a complete mess of penalties, and wasn't disappointed
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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

Zones appear tighter by just clicking the reaction and coverage sliders up to 52. However it does appear that if the cpu QB doesn't have a receiver open right away against the zone he will get the statue sack.

Had Carr go statue on me which sucks because he scrambled for 11 yards and a first down on the previous 3rd down. So it's kind of hit and miss. There was really nowhere to scramble but a slight roll out of the pocket and a throw away is better than these cheap sacks.

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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

As 2 recent posts have stated with penalty sliders and upping man coverage to 52 it seems EA spread the sliders out this year which is great! Small adjustments you can see a big difference. Although some still need bigger tweaks from testing like CPU accuracy... But still welcome addition spreading them out... I put man coverage and reaction at 55 and was like whoa on a few passes where M. Butler broke on a comeback route and almost picked it. 53-52 seemed like a sweet spot for realistic coverage in limited time for me... But big difference from 50-53.
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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

Sacked Brady 3 times in a row all pro default to start my Chiefs Franchise. Hope there is a CPU QB patch forthcoming. It's not fun (or sim) when you are hoping you don't sack the opposing qb.
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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

Originally Posted by Brooke2011
I've played about 9 games . Played with Patriots , Seahawks , Ravens and 49ers.
Here is what I've noticed on allpro simulation .
1. Running between the tackles feels more natural . There are reach tackles and more control to maneuver from the running back.
2. Down field blocking is much much improved .
3. The QB AI is better than suggested . Mobile Qb's do scramble.
4. A lot of overthrows by both sides , especially when your feet are not planted.
5. Catching is the same as last year which is not a bad thing.
6. Td celebrations are done well. It def adds to the atmosphere of the NFL.
7. Graphics and lighting are a 10 out of 10.( esp in 4k)
8. Sidelines are the same , but players and coaches will help up players when getting knocked down.
9. Penalties are called and I have seen all of them and even off and def pass interference .
10. Have had off ball injuries and happy to say they were not serious.
11. Zones seem ok to me . The AI is def smarter than last year and the reaction to their responsible areas is def better than last year.
12. Pa bubble screens has a glitch were WR don't flare out for the screen , but go upfield for a pass.
13. Hitting sound effects sound more natural . Not as loud but more realistic.
14. Commentary is the same with new dialogue .
15. Pre game run outs are a nice touch but could done smoother.
16. Replays are better because the graphics and lighter are better, but overall the same from last year.
17 half time and post game are the same as last year.
18.target passing on all pro is hard, but it might just be that it is new as well.
19. ID the mike works well especially if you want a double team on a stud defender.
20. I would give this game a 9 out of 10........ NO , I don't work for EA😏
play now or cfm games? different experiences

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