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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

I think my favorite part of this game is being able to making coaching adjustments on the fly out of type play call menu. It helps keep every game fresh and I can easily adjust to whatever situation I find myself in; whether it be trying to force a needed turnover late in the game to trying to protect the ball and eat up time of possession. This was a long overdue addition.

I have noticed that I have to manually cover the middle of the field with either my linebacker or either safety because the medium to deep middle of the field throws are extremely wide open for the CPU.
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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

The other thing about pass coverage and the AI QB is I never feel like a "good enough" job is enough of a margin on a play because all QB's read all of their progressions and coverage so well.

I don't feel like I ever get the sense of, "phew thank goodness they have that young QB in there—he totally didn't see that open man on the right."

I don't feel like the awareness stat models QB "unintelligence" (to borrow an AI concept from NBA 2k) realistically enough.

Inaccuracy and awareness help a bit because some QB's can't make all the tough throws consistently, but I'd like to see a bit more "unintelligence" from the AI.

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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

First CFM game and the bloom is off the rose. It's a fantasy draft, my line consists of Suh Watt and Mario Williams who get zero pressure. Eli went 11-12 in the first half with Witten catching 7 because TEs are still always open. This has pushed me into online which is probably the point but I'm done with perfect reading robo QBs and unguardable TEs plaguing every game I play
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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

That animation from the CB is very odd. It almost looks as if someone is "clicking onto the player" and his momentum is interrupted. I wonder if this has something to do with the new gameplay mechanics added for team play. Rex said he wanted to make sure users could control receivers and corners effectively so I'm wondering if they programmed something in for that, that ended up causing this issue. Wild speculation perhaps but that is really bad and a gamebreaker for me.

Playing on sim, with the ratings you've clearly shown, that just shouldn't happen and I've seen a number of videos on You Tube showing the same thing as you've demonstrated here. Thanks for all your hard work and reviews.
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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

Originally Posted by Grandview2015
This is why we can't get the right stuff patched. People complain about stuff they should leave alone
I know i was thinking the same thing..and plus they provide a slider and it is very responsive ...takes about 10 seconds to change it

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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

The FIFA guys should visit Tiburon and show them the tech that makes FIFA so great. The fluid animations, the fact that players are always moving (Madden still has players running routes but stopping and literally just standing at the end of it), crowd reactions, etc. There are so many things that FIFA does better than Madden.

Also noticed how the post-play tap on the helmet audio that you could hear in Madden 17 isn't audible in 18. Just a small thing I noticed.
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Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

Broke down and bought it digitally after saying I was holding out. Color me impressed so far. I like the feel of the controls and like many have said you can feel the players weight.
I enjoy the hit stick as a running back and trucking over some DBs. I also have seen some good solid hits from safety's flying downhill. In the superbowl rematch game I had Brady dancing in the pocket and I saw him throwing on the run, very nice.
Even though this is more Madden 17.5, the move to frostbite has helped and will lead to a better Madden in the future. They must get mouthpieces, more signature animations and assistant coaches in the future. This will really bring more immersion in future generations.

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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

Input my Madden 17 CFM sliders and played a great game against the Cowboys. Lost 27-23 but it honestly felt great and better than everything I've been playing on All-Pro recently. It's crazy to me that user defense actually seems significantly better on All-Madden than All-Pro.

I very well should have won but wasted and choked away my opportunities which has been a common theme for me on All-Madden. Zeke was good but nothing out of control, finished with 168 yards on 32 carries. My running game was good for All-Madden as well and I had 97 yards with Ware. I only got two sacks on Dak, one was a great blitz and the other was on quick pressure. Didn't see the statue AND he actually scrambled twice!

Second one I would have liked to see him slide but you can't win them all and it was good to see none the less. Games like this make me want to never put the game down but they've been very few and far between for me thus far.
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