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Old 10-20-2017, 10:13 AM   #601
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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

I know this is a little late to the party but here are my impressions of the game.

How I Play: Pretty much franchise only. Default All-Pro except all penalties at 51.

Overall: I think the game is mostly really good with a few caveats that really hamper the enjoyment and ramp up the frustration level. I feel like the last few years have always had one thing that holds the game back from being great. It kept me from pre-ordering this year and at this point will possibly keep me from buying next year. I only bought it once during the PS3 era so it's not like I won't be able to hold off.

Running Game: I feel like this is on point this year. The best it's ever been. I can run and have some really good games but then get shut down for the most part as well. The CPU will be
effective with better runners. Even if I am having a decent game they can still break some off here and there and even take one to the house, especially if I am in a pass defense.

Passing Game: This is the first year I feel a big difference between good Quarterbacks and Bad Quarterbacks. Prescott is out and I played Dallas with Kellen Moore as the Eagles. He was awful. Played better quarterbacks and they make good throws and challenge me. Int's are a but high but most of the time it's my fault. The problem is when i throw a couple bad because of me the QB gets rattled and then I'll get the big overthrow right to the other team. Threw 5 picks in a game like this. 3 on me 2 were just wild throws right to the other team. That in turn makes me very cautious and then I start taking sacks. I definitely feel like the throw away motion takes longer this year. In previous years you'd see a lot more of the ball dropped so you'd get sacked less. If the debs could increase the speed at which the QB makes his throws it might mitigate the sack issue.

Special Teams : Overall weak. Doesn't add much to the game. The Field Goal/Extra Point tries were great in 17 when the game first came out but they scaled it back and it's still back to the old way where the CPU pretty much only misses FG's over 50 yards. For the user I can usually miss the blue zone by a lot and still make my FG's. Return games are boring. Not much seems to happen, especially for the CPU.

Defense: Biggest issues in the game as has been mentioned before. Sacks by user are out of control. Playing the Bears last night. The game is great. A Defensive struggle through 3 quarters, I am leading 9-3. I had 3 sacks which is fine. In the 4th Quarter I had 9 sacks. Through 11 games Brandon Graham has 25 sacks, Vinny Curry has 17, Fletcher Cox has 12.5. I don't really blitz maybe 4-5 times a game and usually early but that doesn't lead as much to the sacks. It seems that when I drop into deep coverage and everyone is covered the CPU won't throw the ball away or scramble. The plays don't allow outlets and the QB won't take chances. Rather have them throw it up and maybe get some picks. The whole Defense dropping picks or the CPU QB with the old duff throws when they got hit, that used to be complained about is so much better than the crazy sacks. I get sacked a decent amount too but I don't see that as much of an issue because it's generally on me. I use Wentz and he's pretty mobile so I can get away ok. Not seeing the big misses by O-Line an inordinate amount.
I think the pass coverage and run defense are fine. I know some people are complaining but too me guys get beat and they make plays, that part of the game isn't driving me crazy, I like WR/DB interaction.

Franchise: Yes a little stale, would definitely like to see more immersion into the league continuing what they started this year with the mentions of other games but they need more of it and they definitely need more of it in the menus. NCAA with the SI issues use to do it so much better. The Twitter thing is ok but it's just a big jumble to me, i have stopped pretty much even looking at, I just keep an eye on the ticker at the bottom. They really need to cut away to other game highlights or at least scores and stats at halftime and during the game to immerse you more.

Final Thoughts : Basically take away the sacks issue and I am playing this game non-stop. I am pretty much looking at getting NBA 2k18 now 2-3 months earlier than normal this year because it's that bad and even with all the good it's ruining my enjoyment of the game. I'm hoping they can clean it up at least some pretty soon or I'll be done with Madden the earliest I have been since my first version on the PS3 which stopped me buying it. It stinks because I really like the game besides that and want to play it but then it pops up.

My Grade: Take away Sack Issue: B With Sack Issue: D-
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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

Originally Posted by RogerDodger
Playing on All Madden has totally changed this game for me. For the better I should add. QB movement for a start. They're still getting sacked but they're not just standing there. I'm struggling on O and D but in a fun way, not feeling like I'm being cheated.
I've heard this from a few people. I was going to give all madden a try in my last game but changed my mind. What game speed do you plan on??

SIM is a MINDSET...Don't cheat the game and you'll get better results ~Koosa10:27~
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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

I waited to get the game until about a month after launch, as I was upset that they clearly didn't prioritize the offline franchise gamer this year. I broke down and got the game because I really like football and I wanted to see how it was for myself.

I wanted very badly to be able to post a positive impression, to say that my pre-release skepticism was ill-founded. Unfortunately, after having the game for about a month, I've already had my fill. If I knew anything about the NBA or 2K's game, I'd be playing that.

There's lots to say about why and how this game falls short for me, but the short of it is that it doesn't feel or look like NFL football to me once the game is in motion and the strategic element comes into play. In still shots, the game looks pretty: uniforms and lighting are good. But it's just not football to me.

I envy those who are into MUT. I've never played it and never will; it doesn't appeal to me. I also envy those who play in full, 32-man sim leagues; that doesn't work for my schedule or play preferences.

As an offline-only guy, there are so many issues:

QBs just don't play realistically. They take too many sacks, don't move realistically within or outside of the pocket, generally have far too much accuracy, and are generally not severely affected enough by pressure. They can't throw screens well, they can't throw verts well, they can't throw curl/flats well, and when these issues get "fixed," we get Robo QB. There's no middle ground where Madden QBs resemble real life NFL QBs.

The CPU doesn't know how to use its playbooks and doesn't adapt strategically to the talent on its team. The game plans are an absolute mess.

Customization is lacking: formation sub menus have to be interpreted using a mirror, the positional designations and sub options are overly restrictive due to the online crowd, nobody really knows what any of the sliders do, and we just don't have a reliable set of tools for fixing the things the development team botches.

The strategic aspect of the game is so minimal that it feels stale to me after a few weeks. From the playbooks to the game planning options, Madden very quickly boils down to the action on the field for me, and the action on the field isn't satisfying.

I could go on, but to make this game even close to palatable, I have to use Sabo's playbooks and live with the CPU QB being dumb enough to take 75 sacks a season in my games. And to make this strategy work, I have to live with a playbook system that's buggy, incomplete and reductive, and really complex to use in franchise mode (2 controllers, 2 profiles, 3rd string QB workaround, etc.).

At this point, I simply don't think the current team can be trusted to produce a product that meets the needs of the offline sim gamer. I don't think they're bad people and I'm not evaluating their ability to provide a fun game for online franchise types or MUT players. But for my gaming style and for my money, this game is a disaster. I really wish I didn't feel that way. I want to like the game. I just don't feel like it's a football game; I think it's a football-branded e-sports title with NFL skins on the field and players.

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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

So I caved in and bought it cheap, 4 games in and this game is really bad. During the SB rematch the first thing I notice is that Freeman doesn't have dreads (wtf) then I sack Tom Brady and he somehow throws the ball 20+ yards away while he's falling to the ground.

I play another game and same thing happens, I believe it was Aaron Rodgers this time. Later in the game, Keanu Neal gets magically placed out of bounds after ARod snaps the ball leaving no one to cover the TE on that side of the field.

The CPU AWR is ****ing awful. I had a QB run to the goalline with no one around and throw the ball away when the DB approached. In my Franchise I average about 8 sacks a game because the CPU doesn't know how to block a blitz off a play action or scramble/throw the ball away.

The difference is stark when you start playing right after NCAA 14, a game that will punish you if you leave a QB open with wide field.

I'll post video evidence of all these "gems" tomorrow.


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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

Has anyone seen bad weather in CFM recently? I'm not sure if I can recall having a rain or snow game. Hell, even an overcast game.

I tried to get back into my CFM last night and restarted my game five times and it was bright and sunny each time.
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Old 10-27-2017, 12:31 AM   #606
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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

Originally Posted by bdeezy89
then I sack Tom Brady and he somehow throws the ball 20+ yards away while he's falling to the ground.

you say that like it's not possible for brady to do that irl.
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Old 11-11-2017, 01:48 PM   #607
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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

Just get an X and you will be playing a totally different game. The X Madden is super smooth and the graphics are great. It's like buying a new Madden
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Old 11-11-2017, 02:22 PM   #608
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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

It's nice to see that just like the real NFL, Madden doesn't know what a catch is either. On 3rd down I throw an in route and catch it, take two steps, then get wrapped up and spun around and do a 360 maintaining possession the entire time before I start going to the ground where the ball pops out and it's called incomplete rather than a fumble
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