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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

Originally Posted by jomo6619
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Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

Played one game on PS4 Pro last night. Might be the best looking sports game I've ever played. Screenshots don't do it justice. Butter smooth gameplay as well.

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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

Originally Posted by bkrich83
Played one game on PS4 Pro last night. Might be the best looking sports game I've ever played. Screenshots don't do it justice. Butter smooth gameplay as well.

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^^^^ This right here. I play on the PS4 Pro and this game looks so hot I almost tried a pick up line on it.
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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

I don't know if the patch got bundled in with the game or not but the QB pocket awareness is much better than the ea access version.

I played against the Cowboys week one with the Giants and every time I sent heat at Dal. He either got rid of it quick, or he scrambled out of the pocket. That was nice to see.

He also sliced me up a couple times when I messed up on my user with the linebacker. That was cool to see too.

I only had two sacks and both came when olivier Vernon whooped Tyron Smith on two power moves when they were matched up against each other.

I also played a quarter as the Bears against Atlanta and any semblance of pressure that came Ryan's way, he was getting that ball out quick and there was another instance where he navigated up the pocket to hit Austin Hooper over the middle one on one against a linebacker.

I had accuracy on both sides at 20. I think it's a good starting point. I saw quite a bit of misfires from Eli, Dak, Ryan, and Jameis(i traded trubisky and two first round picks lol)I also had cpu pass block at 35. I may push it to 40 but I thought it was good there.

I also have reaction time at 100 for both user and cpu. Coverage is at 75. I may up that slider. And I also used Flazkos penalty sliders and I think they may have a great impact on gameplay this year. It seemed like it to me, but I'll let the slider gurus go to work on That!

Overall, I like where this game is at, I see myself playing this year's iteration a lot longer!
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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

Originally Posted by l8knight1
I don't want to speak for others, but many of us still have a regular PS4 or XBOX One. When giving impressions with regards to graphics, please let us know if you're using the 'lesser' system or the Pro/X.

U know, I always think this is a funny debate. And, u can tell, I think some just like certain consoles better. I can tell u that I only played ea access on a normal Xbox one so far on a 4k tv. The game looks AMAZING, period. I simply can't see how the human eye could discern the difference at this point. M18 is simply the cleanest, smoothest, and most 'in focus' looking game I've seen so far. That's on the Xbox one. Lol. So, for those with alien eyes that can tell such unbelievably subtle differences, more power to u. But, for me, the game already looks fantastic. I pre-ordered a Xbox one X already simply because I've been more an Xbox guy since original halo and gears of war, and I just like the cable box functionality mixed in, now. So, I'll be curious to see if I can, personally, tell the difference from normal Xbox one to Xbox one X enhanced when I get it. But, it's just hard for me to believe the game can look any better. It's just so sharp and crisp NOW. lol.

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That's top class!
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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

So I've played two CFM games so far on COACH MODE. All Pro - Default (all at 50) except injuries at 20. 9 min quarters - No accel clock. Normal speed.

I'm also using JoshC's gameplanning settings setting my gameplan AND cpu gameplan to Red Zone Offense and Defense for better play calling.

Playing as the Browns I beat Steelers 27-23 week 1, and I beat Ravens 31-23 week 2. Not controlling any players. Letting the CPU do all the work. I also sim the special teams and FG/XP kicks.

Great game so far. I've seen Kizer do some QB scrambling without my intervention. I've seen Flacco stand there in the pocket and get pummeled.

Also the only real issue I'm seeing is in the coverages. Sometimes the corners will either "stutter" or "hesitate" for a split second and allow their WR man to beat them on routes. THAT is frustrating and is an issue. Hopefully Day 1 patch fixes this.

Overall great game so far.
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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

Any update on when the patch drops?
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Re: Madden NFL 18 Retail Impressions

The main thing I wanted to see addressed was consistency in player physics/collision detection and unfortunately it's still hit or miss. What I mean by consistency is having player physics play out 100% of the time meaning before, during & after a play. The player physics/collision detection looks good during a play for the most part (with the exception of the occasional rag doll effect on some gang tackles), it's mainly before & especially after a play is blown dead where the inconsistency kicks in. Every part of a players body needs to be respected at all times.

Too many times you have players walking through other players bodies lying on the on the field when getting up from tackles and pile ups. Players will sometimes walk through the QB's body instead of walking around him when breaking the huddle and walking to the line of scrimmage. When two players are engaged in a blocking animation you will see other players roll right through the legs of the player engaged in the block. Players limbs fuse together at times, etc...

I get that it's a video game & cynics will say that some of this player clipping is to be expected. My argument to that is the player physics/collision detection is great at times & you don't always see the excessive player clipping so it's not that it can't be done. The issues I'm mentioning don't happen all the time & there are sequences that play out with no clipping at all. That makes it all the more frustrating because it's not consistent and that's my issue. Also, to make matters worse, they had this stuff cleaned up in Madden 16! It took a step back in 17 & seems to be the same for 18 smh. If a player steps on another player then I want to see him trip up not just step through his body. If a player rolls through another players legs who is engaged in a blocking animation, I want to see that animation be able to be interrupted & have the player who got rolled into fall to the ground not just roll through his legs, etc.. Again, this doesn't happen all the time, the physics/collision detection looks legit at times. It's confusing as to why they can't get it to play out right all the time. I really wish EA would focus on cleaning this up & make it a priority. It's the only thing gameplay wise that's ruining the immersion for me. Madden is still lacking the level of polish we should expect from a triple A title. If they could clean this up in a patch that would be great. Here's a video for reference


With that out of the way, I am noticing the subtle improvements otherwise. Still seeing some bugs in the presentation with people popping in & out of the picture during cut scenes, occasional weird warps with the blocking in the trenches, sideline players still sliding all over the place (I actually saw a sideline player warp/slide about 20 yards to help a player up, hopefully this is just a bug that can be fixed) & clunky stuff happening. That stuff has to go plain & simple. It's an improvement over last year but minimal so far.

I like that you have to use stick skills for the Hit Stick this year. This is a welcomed addition that makes using the Hit Stick feel rewarding.

The blocking in the trenches seems better but still seems scripted at times & not dynamic enough.

Ball carrier moves feel more responsive, although I still want to see more of a differential between running backs. I don't like that basically all RB's can pull off the same moves. Certain moves/animations should be reserved for certain backs. Signature animation packages (ala NBA 2K) is the next hurdle for Madden. This is sorely needed to keep the game from feeling repetitive & would add a sense of depth & level of realism to the gameplay.

The sidelines are a little improved & I like that they're interactive but they're still nowhere near where they should be. EA you have to find a way to get names on the back of the sideline players jerseys. They also need their actual on field facemask & accessories. The sidelines are really holding the look of your game back & makes it look out dated. With the power of these consoles now & the push for 4K, it's not a good look to still have generic sideline player models in going into 2018. I also agree with the guy who said we need cheerleaders in the game! It might not sound important to some but like it or not cheerleaders are a HUGE part of the NFL experience. If it's in the game it's in the game right EA? Cheerleaders are long overdue. It's glaring to see the new player run outs with no cheerleaders & just an empty field ��

So those are my 1st impressions. I will update my impressions after spending more time with it. Next year (yeah I know it's always "next year" with Madden lol) all I want is for EA to focus on cleaning up player physics/collision detection making it play out consistently 100% of the time, upgrade those sidelines, improve player movement, add signature animations packages especially for RB's, keep improving the trenches, make home field advantage matter (ala NCAA football) & last but not least flush out CFM (I need in-game highlights from other games around the league ala 2K5). This is what Madden needs to take it to the next level.


After spending more time with the game I just wanted to say this game has so much potential & it's knocking on the door of greatness. I see the improvements but again, not to beat a dead horse, the game is just so unpolished that it completely sucks the enjoyment out of the game. There's entirely way too much player clipping going on mainly before & after a play. One moment I'll see a cool sequence play out only to be followed by an immersion killng eyesore with players fusing together all over the place smh. Quite frankly it's the worse I've ever seen in any Madden game. I can deal with a little player clipping here & there but it's extreme in Madden 18. EA please find a way to clean this up in a patch. I really want to enjoy the game because I see it's potential but you're killing me with all this clipping!

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