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Madden 19 FRANCHISE Wishlist

Madden 19 Franchise Wishlist/ Fan Mock-Ups

I feel it is important to get this started as soon as possible, since EA probably already has plans for Madden 2020 by now. But, with the minor additions CFM saw this year, it is never too early to start a wishlist or create mock-ups now that some of us have had the game for a few days now.

In previous years, we have done a cumulative wishlist for what we want to see in the next cycle of Madden. However this year, with the lack of attention franchise mode received between 17-18, I feel it is important that we give the franchise mode its’ own wishlist to show EA how important and how much one of its’ oldest game mode means to us.

I would like to see the wishlist formatted by a title in bold, then an explanation into the feature to highlight the point, such as:

Custom/ Sharable Draft Classes: Allow us to access and fully edit and share draft classes outside of franchise mode. Then prior to the start of each season in our franchise, give us the ability to search/ download that draft class. It eliminates having to depend of updates and tweaks to draft classes

***Side note- I would love to see injuries in draft classes as well as scout for future draft classes. Such as have more than one draft class per season so you can see the future talent. You see teams reach all the time on QB’s because the next years draft class doesn’t have the “talent”

Assistant Coaches/ Coaching Carousel: Even though coaches are not a part of the coaches union, that never stopped them from adding Chad Masters (Bill Belichick). Give us generic coaches, and give us the ability to edit their appearance, name, and coaching style. I would AT LEAST like to see coordinators. But I would love position coaches. Especially recently retired players.

Easy 32 Team Control: Quite simply, I want the ability we had in Madden 12 and before. I want to run my franchise as MY TEAM. But I want to be able to play ANY game I want. If I have a franchise as the Broncos, and I miss the playoffs, I want to be able to play in the AFC Championship Game if its’ the Patriots vs the Steelers.

Historical Stat Tracking: I want commentary and in game banners for tracking my stats. If I hit a big milestone, I want to hear about it. If I break a big record, I want to be able to see that news story take up the front page of my CFM homepage. When I view my player card, I want to see career stats broken down by each year, and what team that player was on that year.

Legacy tracking/ Hall of Fame: Making the Hall of Fame is a HUGE deal. So why does Madden downplay it to just a simple Tweet in the offseason?? I want to see legacy scores tracked harder than XP and Drive Goals. We always debate, who is better? Brady or Montana? Well how cool would that be in Madden if they had the score lined up for all the NFL greats, and your individual players had to chase them?? Things that would factor into that score would be stats, awards, super bowls, records, career overall, and I am sure there are other things that can be added. But that would add to the excitement of playing past 1 season. I used to try to break Emmitt Smiths’ rushing record all the time as a kid, and I would love to see that be an achievement in Madden.

Weekly Wrap-Up Show/ Report: How nice would it be after advancing through each week, if they had a breakdown of what is going on in the league, and each games results? Something that actually meant something to the CFM. It would include
- Scores/ stats/ highlights of each game
- Standings
- Transactions
- Injury Updates
- Scouting news from college
- Power rankings
- Anything you can think of

Team/ Stadium/ Jersey Builder- Similar to what NCAA used to have, I would like to see the ability to get REALLY, REALLY in depth with team creation. This could also be flipped to MUT, or even playing online. Give the players the ability to show off their creativity by showing their stadiums, jerseys, or teams they created online. Then give us the ability to import these items into Franchise.

Thanks to DeuceDouglass and his phenomenal blue print for a great franchise, it has opened the door to a lot of great ideas Connected Franchise Mode: A Rebuild

I like most people enjoy pictures more than reading, so please feel free to share your fan made mock-ups as well. Some that i have made over the years to give you guys some ideas.

Updated player card

Mock Drafts

Hall of Fame

Updated Layout

Granted some of these are outdated, but I would love to see what the community can come up with. The more mock-ups or screen shot of things in old Maddens help out immensely, and they are fun to look at.

These are just some of the important things I would love to see in Madden 19. Please. Please. Please. Please share your ideas and thoughts, and help put Franchise Mode into the forefront of Madden once more.


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Re: Madden 19 FRANCHISE Wishlist

Toupal, I agree 100% with your fallouts. Basically, an overhaul is needed at this point.
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Re: Madden 19 FRANCHISE Wishlist

Didn't you basically start a franchise wishlist thread the other day, man?

Maybe I'm crazy or it was someone else, but I swear there was already a thread that asked for expectations and wants for Madden 19 franchise.

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Re: Madden 19 FRANCHISE Wishlist

Plain season mode
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Re: Madden 19 FRANCHISE Wishlist

Proper 32 team control so it takes 10 seconds to start up a franchise not 30 mins

be able to have the LS actually play LS, without having to spend another hour editing all players to a C or G from a TE because CFm does not allow LS to actually play their on the depth chart for some DUMB reason.

Not have players vanish from free agents, for example the LS problem because of that teams release long snappers and because they are lower rated players they vanish from the roster

Be able to create a player in franchise YES this used to be in PS2 versions of the game!! there is nothing worse then starting a franchise up and week 4 you find out one player is not in your roster you started with because they vanished or were not in the roster update. maybe let us.

and Let us edit injuries ourselves please?? so we don't have to release players from rosters just because that team has a lot of injuries
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Re: Madden 19 FRANCHISE Wishlist

Only one thing: Realistic contracts that include renegotiation, holdouts, etc.
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Re: Madden 19 FRANCHISE Wishlist

One thing I thought about when watching Madden videos is:

Commentary Improvements: They have made HUGE leaps in the last two years with Gaudin and Charles. However they can always build upon it.

I feel like a few things they can add to this is would be talking about more around what is going on in the league. Mentioning other current or retired players. I still can't watch a Packers game without hearing Favre's name come up at least once.

Additionally I feel like there needs to be more emotion of game winning/ last minute go ahead scores. I just watched one where a guy had a blocked kick get picked up by the offense and ran in for a score, and they announced it like it was just an ordinary touchdown.

I would also like to see more emotion in big games such as playoff games, clinching games, or big match-ups.
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Re: Madden 19 FRANCHISE Wishlist

Toupal, you addressed most of my wishes. I haven't done a deep dive yet but you've pretty much nailed most of mine. Thanks for the hard work.
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