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Problems rushing!

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Re: Problems rushing!

Originally Posted by Sheba2011
With a fullback, you need one with a very high run block or he will be destroyed on every play. My drafted FB with an 81 RB has some success in picking up LB's especially on runs outside.
Yeah, nope. The most important stat for a FB is not run block, it's impact block, which controls lead blocking/blocking in space (i.e., pulling linemen and FB's).

Several times I've had FB's in the 90's with IB in the 90's and RB in the 80's, and the LEGACY ISSUE persists: power play to the outside, pulling guard and FB set up a PERFECT -- literally -- running lane for you to follow, only to bust *** back inside at the last second to leave you hung out to dry. It happens all the time.

Sure, every once in a while they actually stay in their lanes, but not as often as they bail on you. Not nearly as often.

To me, this is an immersion-killer, so I rarely call those plays. Straight dives work well, inside traps are killer, and zone runs work VERY well -- just like real football, they often don't work and get strung out for no/minimal gain, but you CAN cut upfield if a crack is there and get good yardage.

The blocking code in Madden works great so long as blockers block straight ahead. The code ****s itself when pulling and lead blocking is involved. Period.
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Re: Problems rushing!

It's the same as it ever was with madden . Offense lineman will
either block long enough for your running back to get right next to the lineman he's blocking only to have the lineman slide left or right to make the tackle in the hole. The suction tackle affect . Or worse the lineman will neglect to block anybody, many times my half back is tackled for a 2 yard loss and I have three lineman downfield 10 yards who have not blocked anybody. Offenseive blocking is worse after patch 1.03 but it's just madden, it is maddening as ever.
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Re: Problems rushing!

I used to use the OL blocking audibles until I found out that was really meant for pass blocking.

Don't do what I do and just hike the ball. The OL blocking is fixed and you just run accordingly. You can press R2 and if it highlights green, then you have a higher chance of positive yards. If it's red there's a chance you'll get stuffed.
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Re: Problems rushing!

Iím playing Offense Only Franchise and my problem is with the CPU running. Since I simulate all defensive plays, the CPU runs for over 200 yds every game and never, ever runs for less than 3 yds a carry. Iíve never seen zero, 1 or 2 yard runs...EVER! Any ideias how to fix this?
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