Does the CPU still always makes FG and XP?

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Does the CPU still always makes FG and XP?

I was thinking about getting an Xbox One and Madden 18.

I have Madden 16 for the Xbox 360. I like it a lot.

But something bothers me about it. In the game I play the CPU always make field goals and extra points right down the middle. Just about every single time in Connected Franchise Mode. It isn't even a case where the ball makes it just inside the left upright or just inside the right upright. There are sliders that work to fix this in Play Now games but they have no effect on CFM. I've played a ton of CFM games and I think I only saw misses in one game. I was Jacksonville and the CPU was Carolina. The CPU missed two 54 yard field goals wide right. But then made a 61 yarder, right down the middle.

In Madden 18 for the Xbox One, does the CPU miss at least once in a while, on extra points or field goals? And do some makes at least go within the left upright or right upright, instead of always down the middle? I've seen enough NFL games to know that kickers will make the 32 yard extra point most of the time, but it isn't always down the middle.
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Re: Does the CPU still always makes FG and XP?

I have seen the CPU miss multiple 50+ yd field goals (in fact, in one game, the Redskins missed so many, it was becoming a bit unrealistic that they still tried them).

At least in windy weather, I have seen a couple of misses on 30-49 yd tries as well. And, of course, you do get the occasional blocked as well. Most often, I have seen those latter two events in rivalry games, but it happens.

So yes, there is a little bit of drama in the kicking game this year.
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Re: Does the CPU still always makes FG and XP?

I don't think I've seen the CPU miss a PAT in M18, I've definitely seen them miss field goals. Just yesterday the CPU missed a potential first-drive field goal in OT against my brother in our online league, in fact.

Playing on All-Pro default, Simulation game style.
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Re: Does the CPU still always makes FG and XP?

Miss an XP? Nope. I miss them all the damn time or get them blocked though. Weather conditions really affect how often the CPU will make a real block attempt though. In really windy conditions, rain, or snow there is a good chance the CPU will get a block or two attempts in the game. Then it depends on the accuracy of your kick.

I've seen the CPU miss plenty of long kicks in windy conditions though. Or in rain. And I've also blocked a bunch of the CPU's XP attempts and FG attempts.

edit: Playing in Philly though I get a lot of windy games (outdoor stadium). Realistically Philly isn't that windy though.
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Old 12-04-2017, 03:28 AM   #5
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Re: Does the CPU still always makes FG and XP?

I've seen CPU teams miss XPs, not often but often enough for me to say that it happens. I was able to block them pretty well when I started playing M18 but now it seems like I only get viable block attempts when the stars align lol. Not sure if the blocking part was from a patch or not, but I do know that CPUs missing more often and kicking made more difficult and tricky for the player is to help push the notion that XPs and FGs aren't automatic in the real-life NFL, along with the fact of the talent gap that occurred in the kicker pool within the past few years.

The through-the-middle part, that's just all variables. Weather, player ratings, and if the snap was mishandled or not which does happen in this game I believe. I wouldn't say it goes through the middle every time but then again I don't really pay attention to where the ball goes in the upright while in-game, I only really notice if it's good or not generally.

I'd say if you want to buy the game, see if there's a trial available and play it before buying it if possible. I like it but I also have my criticisms as well so it's best to create your opinion from your own experience if you can. Hope this helps!
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Old 12-04-2017, 07:34 AM   #6
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Re: Does the CPU still always makes FG and XP?

Not unusual for me to see them get blocked. I play coach mode so it's none of my doing.
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Re: Does the CPU still always makes FG and XP?

I've not seen the CPU miss one extra point in M18. I have but only because my finger slipped and was so far off in timing .

I've seen the CPU miss a couple from high 40's and 50's but nothing inside 45 and that's with FG Accuracy at 35. I think the ones they missed from high 40's were also with a massive wind.

Special Teams is one of the weakest parts of the game. I love that they added Blocks and for me it's not overdone at all but unless you block it they are pretty much never missing on anything inside 40.
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Old 12-06-2017, 12:18 PM   #8
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Re: Does the CPU still always makes FG and XP?

There are a lot of complicated things that the programmers are tasked with....but this shouldn't be one of them. Calculating CPU kickers success rate shouldn't be that tough.

I have wondered if this is by design? Perhaps the rationale is that users are overly successful with FG's, so to try to even things out with the CPU? Basically a bandaid instead fixing the root problem.

TBH, I am not the most hard core sim guy around. So historically I have never been too bothered by having high FG success rates.....Except when a team is driving for a game winning FG. If the CPU drives to the 30, the best strategy is probably to let them score a TD to save time for a response....which just isn't realistic. And on the flip side, it is too easy to be conservative once I get into outer FG range. Over the years I have had too many great games tarnished with a wacky ending because of this.
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