What would prevent you from buying Madden 19?

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Old 12-11-2017, 11:27 AM   #33
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Re: What would prevent you from buying Madden 19?

Madden 18 has already done a good job of making me ( and alot others in our league and others i know of ) not want to get 19.

1- Continue lack of physics in the game. Football is a game of physics ( as well as mental things) .This game still lacks it alot. I still see guys "gliding" around on the field. No real foot planting still, no loss of speed momentums, small guys still taking down big guys ( more often than not) , warping unreal amounts of yards for animations to work out and make plays, warping thru players, etc.

2- Lack of attention to CFM. Not just tuning things ( which can be done in patches). Not just adding things for casuals . Adding actual numerous features and they work at launch. Too much to even go into detail here.

3- Not fixing blocking correctly, so quarters defense set does not stuff runs in backfield most times, and leaving in this horrible band aid of auto pancaking entire dline at snap.

4- Promising so much for CFM pre launch, then only to under deliver again .

5- Sliders that dont work correctly .

6- Attributes not actually mattering in Sim mode. Look you can say its subjective, but ive still seen too many in our online league use bum qbs and do great with them. Its not due to their opponents just sucking at defense either. Just 1 example of many. Guy had a 66 overall qb , with 80 short, 73 med, 65 deep acc, who threw 88 % completions on 25 passes. Now i dont care even if he made good reads..... those accuracy numbers , he should have missed his target more than 3 times IF attributes actually mattered ( and we have qb slider on 25 , on all pro) . Seeing guys use practically any hb or wr ,no matter their juke ratings just juke guys to the ground all day long, again where is the attributes really mattering here?Same for spin. Got wrs with 91 catch and CIT both , dropping balls left and right, not even getting hit. I could go on,but im sure someone ready to claim how much attributes matter in sim mode. Odd i ( and many others still dont see it).

I will not buy this game at launch regardless. I will wait a few weeks, to see exactly what was done and what wasn't. What works and what doesn't . Then i will decide if i will buy it, if i do it will be used and not at a retail store to ensure they do not get a penny from me. The time is now to do so before they make it a subscription service and we can no longer have an option of buying it used to avoid them getting any money from our purchase.
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Re: What would prevent you from buying Madden 19?

It coming out.

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Re: What would prevent you from buying Madden 19?

I am still playing M25 on my 360. For the last few years I have been hoping to be inspired to upgrade to the current Gen....but Madden just hasn't been able to do that. Long story short, but I am an old school offline guy and I fell out of EA's target demographic a while ago.
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Re: What would prevent you from buying Madden 19?

If they don't touch CFM again.

If CPU is still super easy on All-Pro. I shouldn't be able to win by 70 every game without paying attention, but in M18 that's how it is.
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Old 12-12-2017, 10:01 PM   #37
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Re: What would prevent you from buying Madden 19?

Have them focus on the actual game and not graphics or presentation.

Have ratings and players stats/overall actually matter
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Re: What would prevent you from buying Madden 19?

I'd be pretty hesitant to purchase if they ever got rid of sliders and the parity/threshold. So many great things have come in Madden 18 by lowering the threshold. I'm having a blast.
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Old 12-13-2017, 05:03 PM   #39
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Re: What would prevent you from buying Madden 19?

Honestly the past 2 years Madden's are preventing me from buying 19 at least pre-order and before the end of September.

Basically both years there have been things that have made me regret my purchase.

2017 was how they undid everything that was great about when the game first came out. CPU missing field goals and the improved accuracy. They patched it to the point that those things were taken away and the sliders couldn't remedy it.

2018 was absolutely the sack issue. The game plays better now but It took so long and i was so frustrated trying to overlook it I just can't in good faith pre-order.

I'll wait for at least a month because even this site tends to overlook things or not find things out right away that are problems or they make a patch that messes it up.

By the time things seems good I have already moved on from the game due to my frustration. Even this year I've played only 2 times since the patch which has made the game so much better but it took so long that I've lost my urge to play.

I'm not one of those people that says the game is unplayable or that they should be sued with a class action because they aren't delivering a playable game I think that line is BS.

Also I want to add that I am tired of hearing Clint or whomever it is on the Dev Team not understanding why some people would want certain things in the game and basically not letting us play the game the way we want. if people want to have bobbled snaps, etc and they say there isn't enough interest in features like that to warrant dev time that's fine. But they always throw in "how is that fun", "why would anyone want that"....etc. Maybe Because not everyone wants to play the game the same way and we are all different, who care if it's not how you would play the game or something you'd like to deal with. If you can make it optional make it optional The game needs more customization so people can play how they want. That is a giant flaw in the game.

IMO it's so close to being really great but they can't seem to wrap there heads around A, telling us how things work, and B allowing anyone to play how they want. It's just a video game so though my post might seem like I am all worked up , realistically I'm not.

I just won't be buying the game again until I am satisfied it's at least close to where I'd like it to be. Until then I am not buying again, next year or any year thereafter.
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Old 12-13-2017, 06:48 PM   #40
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Re: What would prevent you from buying Madden 19?

They need to really work on the bent knee issues as well as many other physics issues that have become legacy issues. Also for me, if CFM is not a priority, I will pass on this game again. To many good choices out there to devote time to a game past its prime.
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