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Re: Scouting/Draft/Progression/Roster house rules

Glad I came back to this thread.

The idea of closing your eyes is a great concept, gonna be so hard not to peak though lol, or "accidentally" scroll to your drafted players in the draft menu.

I've been saying for years now that they should do exactly as what someone else mentioned, no way to see attributes after drafting a guy. You have to play him/give him time in practice to know if he's good or not. (Like the attributes would become available quicker with playing time, but still slowly reveal throughout the season if the guy is on the team but not getting much playing time).

I've also flirted with the idea of skipping weeks of scouting. Not to the extent of no scouting until the offseason, but possibly skipping the first 5/6 weeks of scouting, scouting every 3 weeks, or something along those lines
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Re: Scouting/Draft/Progression/Roster house rules

Originally Posted by ajra21
also, i'd have the following:
- immediately following the draft, no ratings for any rookie.
- every pre-season game they play, a few attribute ratings are revealed.
- this continues through the first season until all are revealed.
- during their sophomore season, randomly, some attributes get worse which would allow for players to be exposed as "more teams get film on them".
I like this... except maybe not for the obviously measurable physical attributes. These guys have insane amounts of film, they all run the combine, everybody knows if they are strong or fast or whatever. At some point, you just have to make the CPU better at this crap as opposed to intentionally blinding the users in ways that don't represent the reality you're trying to simulate.

That said, I think you could have one big mystery for all the mental aspects, which is really the only thing besides injury that makes a guy into a bust. Introduce some truly rock bottom AWR, PRC, ZCV, PUR, etc ratings into the mix that would take forever to address via progression / XP... I think that's the best way to simulate busts. Of course, you can always user that player in the game... but there isn't going to be a silver bullet.

As far as my own draft house rules. I mainly target only players that fit my system or are a glaring need. Once that is done, I'll target a handful that are projected to go in areas where I have selections. This has netted me one really great draft where I was very lucky from rounds 3-5... and two other drafts where I netted three worthwhile guys total.... so it seems to work for my purposes. I also have been playing with 60% XP slider, still gives enough to develop SS/quick guys at a decent rate... but outright mediocre normal dev guys only get slightly less mediocre.

Also, I've never had a problem with knowing the draft stories. I did take the Heisman Winner with the 2nd overall pick in my first draft of my current CFM... but after that, pretty sure almost everybody who had a decent draft story has been gone by the middle of the 2nd round... but maybe I'm not paying close enough attention to those stories.
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Re: Scouting/Draft/Progression/Roster house rules

Rather than limit myself in scouting, I will build a good team in CFM, then make my sliders AFTER I have that good team in place, that way I know in a different CFM that i may start that even tho I can't say run the ball well with this team, once I build the team thru the draft I eventually will be able to run the ball more effectively.

So essentially my sliders are favored more towards the CPU, and not for a "fair matchup" as I know I can draft better than the CPU. Makes the CPUs good players stand out much more in a game, and if the CPU team happens to have the same overall as your team, your going to have a hell of a game on your hands.

In regards to XP, I only sim training as that's the same as what the CPU can do. I also do not upgrade INJURY or TOUGHNESS, as that is something that a player is in a sense "born" with.
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Re: Scouting/Draft/Progression/Roster house rules

I play as current owners because rebuilding teams is something that holds my interest. I play til I win a Superbowl, try to repeat, then move on to another team.

Scouting: Madden is a game, and I use all the tricks that I've found here. OldManNathy's threads here helped tremendously.

Drafting: I must pick within the top 5 on my draft board, but I can only pick 1 round earlier than originally projected. If this criteria isn't met, I trade the pick. I can only trade once per round. If I've traded down and my criteria isn't met, I must pick from top 3 available. I try to stick to 1 for 1 or 1 for 2 trades, because it's too easy to acquire picks through trade.

Progression: 1st string must be at least 70 AWR (caveat is 1st -3rd round rookies, if they are able to reach 70 AWR by the end of the season.) All others must hit 65 AWR before I upgrade any other attributes. I upgrade every 4 weeks. I stick to the main attributes for each position (ex QB - THP, TAS, TAM, TAD, PA). I won't upgrade SPD, JMP, ACC, INJ, TGH, STA, or AGI. Every 4 weeks I'll upgrade up to 2 times. AWR +2 or two different attributes +1 each. IMO, you don't see MASSIVE improvements during the season, so I limit in season prog. After week 17, use as many xp as possible before FA hits. I limit this to +3 per attribute, because I feel it creates more of a real feel, than creating a potential monster player in a single year.

Roster/FA: Draft for 1st string, find depth through UFA is what I try to stick to. The only time I'll look for 1st string in UFA is if the draft is thin or dry at a position. I resign 3 or 4 players max during the season. I resign starters at real life values. (Ex. 90+ovr QB must be resigned at 17 mil per year.) Bonuses must be a minimum of 30% of the total contract value. I cap bonuses at 45%, but have read others set it at 50%.

Most of these rules I found on these forums by searching house rules. I mixed and matched as I felt worked best.
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