Madden NFL 18 Patch 1.09 Available, Patch Notes Here

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Re: Madden NFL 18 Patch 1.09 Available, Patch Notes Here

Originally Posted by bcruise
They did acknowledge it almost a month ago.


And as Mills said here, there's nothing more for them to say unless/until they can put a fix in a patch.

I guarantee you they have video evidence now as this has happened in Millennium's stream (twice in one game even) and I have a feeling he recorded it and sent it to the devs right after cutting stream if they needed more evidence.
While I'm glad that there has been acknowledgment from Clint himself, and I do apologize for incorrectly stating that he did not acknowledge the issue. That tweet really gets me even more frustrated and, to be frank, angry about this entire issue...

First of all, he states that they are not able to replicate the issue in house...that's just totally unacceptable in my book. Do they even have devs that test User vs CPU or Franchise mode? I mean, this glitch was first discovered by a user, and captured on video, in OCTOBER! They are telling me that, not one of their devs has been able to recreate the glitch in what is now the FOURTH MONTH of the glitch's existence. That's just absurd to me. I get that not all users are experiencing the issue, but I find it mind boggling that they are in no way able to replicate the bug on any of their attempts.

I'm a casual gamer, and I probably have more intel on this issue based on my playing experience than these professional game designers do, simply because I play the game and notice the glitch consistently enough to form somewhat of a concrete hypothesis as to what causes the issue. (10 and 11 personnel don't seem to trigger the bug, but multiple tight end or running back sets will definitely set off the glitch, especially in the second half).

This glitch has been in existence over the course of multiple patches and has survived long enough that I have not been able to play the game the way that it was designed to be played for the majority of the NFL season.

I get that a game is going to be imperfect. I don't want this to come off as me bashing the devs and minimizing their work and contributions to the game as I know that they are hard working people who are true pros at what they do, but I will say that I expect the game to be absent of many if not all glitches and exploits by the first couple of patches. I don't expect the game to play perfectly, and legacy issues like pocket formation, QB accuracy, running animations, and so forth are issues that do not break the game for me.

However, glitchy pancakes which negate ratings and allow for unrealistic advantages should not have survived until February. Period.

I don't want to hear that they can't replicate it, that's ridiculous. I don't want to hear that they can't give us an update in what has been a month. I want confirmation of a patch, acknowledgement that they have narrowed down what is causing the issue, and a future commitment to eliminate issues like this much earlier in the development cycle moving forward.

I'm sorry if this comes off as rude; I have tried to be as respectful as possible. But I am beyond frustrated at this point, and I do not think that we are getting the level of importance dedicated to eliminating this glitch that we deserve as consumers. Some may disagree, but that is my perspective.
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