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****83evans rosters****

These are for play now, I like using them with the franchise52 playbooks

Basically I have a chart that spreads the 50-100 rating to 1-100. This allows big players to feel heavy and not move as fluid, it allows strong players to actually overpower weak players, it allows jump ball WRs to actually have an advantage.

Basically if you are 99 at a rating you will stay at the rating, if you are 50 or under, you drop to zero, if you are 80 you'll drop to 60 while 95 will drop to like 88-89. I do this with Strength, Acc, Agil, Jumping, Throw power, Accuracys, Throw on run, and PA pass, kickers and punters accuracy. I'll post the whole chart I use

What Im trying to do is avoid your huge DL from suddenly moving and feeling like a scat back, avoid making quick cuts with your 240 lb full back. Acceleration is more fluid and you will see a big LB pick up steam and not suddenly burst. This also allows QBs to move in the pocket and the DL has to regain himself then start after the QB instead of jolting to the QB no matter what. I also noticed that running backs move around more because there isn't set angles that the CPU is registered too.

Lets put it this way, before there was a 50 point metric, so if a player made a cut and a big DL was engaged, he'd disengage and would speed up the field for the tackle. Now that same DE will naturally regain himself and naturally accelerate, meanwhile the RB is already down field. This allows for the field to fully open up, and players to juke multiple defenders without 11 guys being at you after one juke.

For the QBs, I spread there passer accuracies and power to allow more inaccurate throws from bad QBs. You will see players overthrowing players on deep plays, meanwhile Brady is still almost the same because the only throwing attribute that decreases really is his deep ball which goes to low 80s. Its still a nightmare vs great QBs and they will make insane throws still. You will finally see a clear cut difference when playing a strong armed accurate QB, vs a QB who's sub par.

I fixed other things by using traits

I turned off throw ball away. It happens to much with it on

No scramblers. If you are pocket or balanced stay such, if you are scrambling you go to balanced

With pass traits I've noticed Paranoid has the most movement in the pocket but throws on the run a lot. As soon as a rusher is near hell run or move around and throw

trigger happy seems to always immediately go outside the pocket. As soon as there's a rush or even before he's running toward the hash

odly enough Oblivious moves around the best, seems to always move their feet and step into the pocket

ideal seems to move around a decent amount but really avoids any chance of a sack. Basically there are more situations where the player will stand his ground in the pocket than oblivious but he is always moving away from pressure

average is the most stationary. This one should be oblivious imo. The player doesn't move around a lot at all

Players who are gunslingers are Aggressive, players who are captain checkdown are Conservative, and the ones who fall in the middle and make the right reads usually are ideal

Every offensive skill position gets fight for yard (the strength being expanded will even this out), cover ball never. I noticed players are always alive when its on never. Players constantly are trying to wiggle instead of just covering up, QBs also slide more im assuming because the animation of covering up interferes with the slide animation

Every player in the game gets high motor

On offensive skill positions

Every player gets sideline catch on, drop ball off (ratings should impact this), RAC on (surprisingly this seems to keep players from running out of bounds), and all WRs get aggressive catch on. If another position has aggressive catch on turn it off

On defense

Every DL and LB has spin and swim on

Turn off big hit for everyone to avoid strange forced animations

I put strip ball on for everyone to get more fumbles, aggressive for every players play ball in air (DL will jump to knock down passes more)

Everyone's spin was turned down 30 points to avoid that stupid animation

Threshold 50
Speed fast

That's basically it

I use these sliders for CPU and User

QB accuracy- 15
Pass block- 1 (due to strength being spread and agility nattering QBs avoid sacks like crazy still
WR catch- 40
Run block- 1
Pass coverage-25
Pass reaction-100
Tackle- 30

Kick power- 70/55
Kick accuracy- 40/40
Punt power- 50/50
Punt accuracy- 50/50
Kick power- 70/60

I turned off intentional grounding.

Things that I've noticed

* RBs and skill players utilize angles a lot more and will move around the field. I've even noticed RBs change directions and hit holes. I think this is due to the CPU acknowledging the lack of ability from players so more rushing lanes open up
* QBs movement is amazing
* the pocket is beautiful. You will have plays where the QB drops back and is hit immediately due to the defender getting immediate pressure. Also even thought there is more pressure the CPU does a great job of avoiding sacks and getting the ball away
*less players running out of bounds (RAC actually helps this)
*big hits are more natural. Strength and momentum are the number one things that impact a tackle. I haven't seen any animation that didn't make sense based on momentum or size. Power and finesse players are apparent
*Kicking is more erratic. 50 yd field goals are more difficult
* players attack the ball more and are overall smarter with how they approach situations

I'll show some videos of how it plays out

I've only gotten min, ne, buf, pit, GB, and half of Ten. I'll take requests and post the updates
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Re: ****83evans rosters****

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