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Tampa 2

I really just want to know if you can finally play a real Tampa 2 in this years games now with all patches and everything else finally out?

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Re: Tampa 2

Well with the right personnel yeah I think you can. My experience is offline fantasy draft teams. I drafted a team I finally am in love with and the defense I use incorporates lots of different coverages.

Any way Tampa 2 can work but not as a staple because teams exploit what they know is coming. You also better have an elite edge rusher because if the qb has time they will attack the deep center. Counteract that by usering the mlb. Unless you think that’s an exploit then user the de opposite your elite side and try to crumple the pocket. Hope this helps!
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Re: Tampa 2

Not even the 2002 Bucs used Tampa 2 exclusively. They mixed up their coverages quite a bit.
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Re: Tampa 2

Originally Posted by DSonTL
I really just want to know if you can finally play a real Tampa 2 in this years games now with all patches and everything else finally out?

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Tough deal as soon and the offense puts 3 or 4 receivers on the field...

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Re: Tampa 2

See this and the rest of the M18 series: https://youtu.be/7AuYaGuuYrs.

Previous years' breakdowns of Kia's T2 scheme are also really useful.

Here's a breakdown I made in my own notebook that distills the insights of his multi-part M17 T2 series:

Preferred base fronts:
* Under: base for run situations
* Over: base for pass situations, leaves A/B gap bubbles susceptible to power run schemes

Special fronts:
* Normal: zone blitzes, yolo blitzes
* Wide 9: stretch stopper

Cover 3 Cloud:
* Hard flat to solo side

Cover 6:
* Mix of quarters and cover 2
* When ball is on the hash, places little stress on the corner in flat zone to short side
* To bracket strong receiving threat w/ corner to single side in flat zone and safety over top
* Quarter flat coverage looks good for TE corner (test)

Cover 9:
* Inverted cover 6 with flat zone corner to receiving strength/trips side
* flat corner in a soft squat not hard flat—will drop rather than jam and redirect as the cover 6 flat corner would
* better vs. trips?

Cover 2 Books:
* DAL: Every cover variation possible
* TB

Cover 3 Books:


Specific Play and Coverage Notes:

Tampa 2: Deep sideline to flat coverage, NOT flat coverage
* Cloud flat obstructs release, funnels WR inward toward S
* Vert hook matches vertical seam, rally to underneath plays second; late to rally down if no vertical threat
* Mid read by MLB
* For trips, spotlight #2 WR matched on vertical hook zone for extra depth/carry on vertical routes
* Can create trap coverages by routing flat zone CB to a deep 2 and a deep S to a hard flat (for playmaking S)
* 3rd or 4th and 10 or less

Cover 2 Sink:
* Soft squat by CB will have CB bail and not contest release; can pattern match if no other threat is present; vs. vertical will prioritize vertical route
* Longer than 3rd or 4th and 10
* Good vs. corner routes (smash)

Cover 2 Carry:
* Cloud flat CB assignment
* Traditional cover 2 w/ MLB in shallower zone than Tampa 2; 3 REC hook assignment for MLB
* MLB will match 3rd receiver on a vertical route
* 3rd and 4-5 defense
* Red zone D
* Good vs. slants, Texas, Mesh

Cover 2 Hard Flat:
* MLB has Tampa 2 run through
* Good vs. shallow crossers (mesh)

Cover 2 Drop:
* Soft squat assignment can convert to man vs. certain alignments

Overload 3, Show 2 (Dime Normal):
* Good sack/fumble inducer

DAL-Specific Formation Notes

43 Over:
* Cover 3 Match here, not in other 43 sets in DAL

Quarters 3 Deep:
* Cover 1 contain: Great for man coverage + 2 robber S for 3rd and 5, inside the red zone
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