This happened at an EA-sponsored Madden 18 event?

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Re: This happened at an EA-sponsored Madden 18 event?

Rex said in a couple of his streams this year that he told the suits that the game simple isn't ready for e-sports play and that these kind of things would happen. So I feel like he's covered to a certain extent from blow back from his bosses when they overruled him. I know those things bother him, but do they really bother the Executives? Is there going to be any fallout from these gaffs other than some short lived Twitter outrage?

I think that Rex can leverage this stuff to get something in the form of more resources, but how much more is impossible to say.
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Re: This happened at an EA-sponsored Madden 18 event?

With stuff like this it's always going to come down to frequency. Anybody that has spent any time with the game know that animation glitches happen... What is the threshold that realistically ruins a semipro / pro tournament with paid sponsors? I don't have an answer... but I feel it won't be a problem until "Madden Tourney Glitch Compilation" videos start hitting 7 figure view counts on youtube. A single bug here or there and the player community as a whole will likely just shrug their shoulders, put on their meme sunglasses and say "deal with it" ... as we've all been there.
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