Kat Bailey's Madden 19 Predictions

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Re: Kat Bailey's Madden 19 Predictions

Originally Posted by 4thQtrStre5S
The concerning part, especially since it can go many different directions, is Longshot; the article mentions how popular and well received the mode was, but I am curious how those determinations were made? Was it based on number of people who played the mode or surveys that asked if people liked the mode or were surprised it was good?

I personally played the mode - It was ok...But I am in no way purchasing Madden because of a story mode. I much rather see a Head Coach mode. Speaking of Head Coach, I miss the atmosphere from that game; the office setting with the UI connected to objects in the office was much more personal and enjoyable than this lackluster, generic UI. I get it though, the current UI is more universal so one size fits all, and its cheaper on resources, overall.
I just think Longshot has connected with a young audience and a different audience than OS. Plus, Longshot has been nominated for award/awards for storytelling in a game.
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Re: Kat Bailey's Madden 19 Predictions

16 Year Old Football Pro Pietro Pellegri Gains the Most Expensive Transfer to Monaco at £18m

Pietro Pellegriís transfer to Monaco has been dubbed the most expensive this season. This transfer has gotten a lot of attention due to the playerís age and the amount of his offer. The 16-year-old is the youngest player in Genoa which has made 10 appearances which led to 3 goals. This includes a goal which boosted Francesco Tottiís final Roma match.
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Re: Kat Bailey's Madden 19 Predictions

The thing that concerns me most is the sheer number of things they've created expectations for that are all pulling them in drastically different directions.

By all intensive purposes this was a great year for them. Longshot received praise, I'm sure MUT continued to rake in cash hand over foot and then competitive seems to be growing. None of those things are just going to get glossed over and would figure to garner even more resources this year. Then you throw in the acknowledgment of CFM's deficiencies and you've got all these different things pulling them in different directions and someone is going to lose. I'd like to be wrong but the way it usually seems is that when something eats, something else starves.

It's definitely going to be interesting how they handle all of that and then see also what happens with Arcade/Sim/Comp settings. They were supposed to be the savior but the sim setting seemed to be more of an afterthought and didn't really seem like it received much attention throughout the year. Hoping for the best though.
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