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Team Relocation

I fully recognize that on the grand scheme of things, this is very small potatoes. But... it is time for EA to scrap the current relocation settings. Trust me, EA, I totally understand what you were seeking to accomplish... you wanted the team name and logos to be regional. The LA Aftershocks make sense in the part of the country that has earthquakes... the London Monarchs makes sense for England.

At this point, however.... let's leave it up to the users. If someone wants to name his team the Mexico City Beats... just let them. You should strongly consider opening all the names, all the logos, all the colors to all the relocation options.

Oh yeah... I would also recommend just letting us create our own city. If a gamer wants to move is team to Juneau, Alaska... again, let him.

Again... I truly recognize this is not on my major list of things but a small thing
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Re: Team Relocation

I'm much more annoyed that when you relocate, you get 2 jerseys and that's it. Many of which only offer 1 pant color, so you have literally 2 options to choose from. It gets old seeing the same 2 things over and over.

You should have the option to choose your primary unis, and then the others are available as alternates in the options screen before games.

Or...make it more like any other game out there with relocation/expansion options and give us customization over color/patterns, etc.
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Re: Team Relocation

The lack of uniform options and lack of name control definitely limits the fun in relocation. There are ways to get around the name limitations (relocating once to the desired name location, then a second time for desired city), but you wouldn't have the combo until the 2020 season at the earliest.

Since relocation is tied into Owner mode it would be if they added the ability to 'rebrand' your team and/or expand your uniform selection. For starters, when you relocate you should at least be able to keep your original uniforms as throwbacks. Second, over time you should be able to use funds to either rebrand (change default) or invest in alternate uniforms. This would allow you to have access to the other uniforms from he relocation selection.

Not perfect, but it's a small addition that would add a little more to the uniform selection without having to expand it too much at first. Would be cool if after 5-10 years as a relocated team you 'rebrand' and then you have a selection of 'classic' (original team) and '20XX' throwbacks (first relocation uni set).

I'm all for custom uniforms though. Even if it's a simple choose from the preset designs and then use a color wheel to set custom colors.

Another option I would enjoy is that once a team is relocated the original city becomes available for relocation.
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Re: Team Relocation

At this point I'd settle for a system like the EA NHL game has where it's all templates and color choosing.

Need to be able to have 3 full uniform sets as a minimum to be able to not get bored with your uniform choices. Even if it's one helmet like the NFL requires IRL, having a primary home jersey, primary away and an alternate (color rush?) Plus a few pants options gives enough combos that it would satisfy most people.

Some of the relocation uniforms aren't bad both in colors and style, but one set of pants immediately takes those ones off the table to me which is a shame. I suspect if they put more effort into this area it would be much more highly utilized. And if they had some sort of create a team it could also be used in MUT...maybe we need to get them behind us to force a change?
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Re: Team Relocation

Yea relocation is atrocious. Uniforms are way too limited. Stadiums are not good. Ea sports running all over the stadium is worse.
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Re: Team Relocation

Madden Teambuilder, anyone?
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